Who is a girl for one night?


On first sight one-night stand looks ideal. No obligations, no promises, no tears. If both, man and woman decide about sex for one night, there is no complain later. Everyone should walk forward, without regrets.

The human heart is a fragile thing and it is not always so simple. Maybe we can promise to follow the rules of this game, but shall we hold this promise after it happens? Our mind had a plan, but the heart doesn’t follow that tips.


Here are some females reactions:


He did not greet me at the street.

– He did not call me, but he said he will call me.

– I saw him with another girl.

– He said that he is not ready for serious relation now.

– He said that I was just his comfort to get over an ex-girlfriend.

All is good when you are in the moment of passion, he kisses you like nobody before, you have so much pleasure, he whispers soft words in your ears, and you feel like his queen, like in a dream. Then you woke up and fail on the ground. What a jerk, he has no feelings, he is an animal, moron and so on. But did not you deal with him? That is the worst part when you promise something that you cannot hold on. That is in women brain, to make promises and to hope things will be different.

List of woman’s illusions:


1. I will be his best lover, after night with me he will leave his girlfriend

2. he just need a time for adjustment, I will wait for him

3. he has some problems and he can’t be with me now, but after he solve that problem, we will be together for a sure

4. he is too busy, I will have patience until he finds time for me

That is part of the game of being easy or being hard. If someone dates with you because of sex, sex will also be a reason to break up when he pleases to his wishes. That is the point of a one-night stand, he will not listen to your problems, because you are here to enjoy with him, not to discuss with him.


That is why flirts and relations are not the same. In flirt, sex is the main part, but in real relations sex is one of elements. 


So if you accept one-night stand, this is a risk and you must be ready that you will never see that awesome person again. You can’t blame him or judge him because he disappeared. There were signs you did not want to see, and he was not obligated to stay. Mature women with experience will easier handle one night stand because life taught them that hot moment doesn’t mean eternal love. If a girl is a virgin, and without experience, it will be harder to believe that awesome guy is not a prince on white horse.
He got what he wanted and he doesn’t need you anymore. You can dream about him or forget. Use it as a lesson next time when someone tries to repeat this adventure with you. There is a golden rule: you can’t keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.


5 thoughts on “Who is a girl for one night?

  1. What if you both like and respect each other… but have different ideas of relationship and the potential relationship itself has its own ideas?

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      1. Relationship as understood by all civilizations involves 3 spirits. Theologically that is. Otherwise with 2 mortals the balance cannot harmonize and it is more political which is power. Theology is love.
        Hence why a lot of people have no reaction to exploitative pornography. It uses sex for power and has little to do with love or sex.
        In workplaces as I have listened to other parties I have often observed their assumptions start to railroad… as an analogy
        Great topic and should be thoroughly discussed. Thanks for presenting it

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      2. I am not at all claiming to have the answers. Am definitely learning from what you are bringing up. Thanks again. Definitely thinking about it more.
        Hope everything else is going well for you Kristina

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