Are you in a relationship with a robot?



Painful experiences are our teachers, but also executioners. After someone broke your heart, you cry in the silence of your room and then your mother or friends will tell you “I warned you.” You will say that nobody has the label on the forehead with title “Bad guy”, but if you know to read between lines, some signs will tell you what kind of person is the boy you fall in love.  Even you believe that nobody can’t be cruel if you show love to him, the progress of technology makes people different, and your beloved guy is maybe the emotional robot.

The main problem of every teenage girl is how to make difference between guys who want to take an advantage and guys who take care of you. Even it looks so fine on first sight, suddenly moron broke you into pieces, and you did not recognize him.

Here is the small guide for beginners, how to recognize emotional robots.

He will know his rights, but never his obligations. So, he will ask sex from you, but if you want to introduce him to parents, he will suddenly find a million reasons not to do it.

He will not call you every day. He wants you sometimes, not always. 

When he wants you, and you reject him because you have no time, he will be furious. Then you will be guilty of everything because you don’t run on his call.

He has a lot of female friends, with every one of them he will exchange kisses, hugs, compliments, and if you show jealousy, you are the idiot.

He will talk about your private details to his friends. Beware of this, because nowadays he can use your internet photos or videos against you.

Search his internet profile. If he has many naked or half-naked girls, he is a hunter. You are not his exception, you are his number. 

If you are the sensitive person, if you think with the heart and not with the mind, you are in big trouble. Rational girls always have better results. If you are a person who doesn’t fall so easy, you will be the desirable target but you will know how to deal with this because your priorities are different. You have friends, hobbies, work, and if your guy doesn’t fit, you will simply erase him from your life.

We can compare love stories nowadays and from the past. As technology is progressing, as we are surrounded by cell phones, tablets, laptops and all that miracles, with cable or wireless, we are getting colder and colder. Look at some couples when you visit coffee bars. He will write SMS, and she will change statuses on her social network. After half hours they will remember that they came together to drink coffee.

In past, women had dance list of partners, men were singing under windows and they got many love letters. France poet Cyrano de Bergerac wrote love letters for fiance of his friend because that friend wanted to impress her. If you ask the modern guy to write you some sweet words, he will ask google or laugh, because that is to turn off.

Modern technology has the influence on feelings, so people will act like robots. It is so easy to fall in love on the internet and to delete person after you flirt with her. You can block her and you will spare yourself of tears.

New bad guys are not those who will hit you immediately or insult you on first sight.

Their methods are more complicated and sophisticated. They are emotional robots. That guy will send you virtual flowers and then you will see that he did the same to many women. You will get forwarded message about his flirting or some nasty woman will send you his message about you. Remember, that guys grew up in a way that they played video games. They are interested to reach the higher level, and you could be their victim.

How to fit emotions in a new age?

Be careful who is your virtual friend, don’t get close before you check him.

Remember, this is just computer and if you don’t meet him alive, you are safe from bad lessons.

Be silent if you know what kind of guy is he. Show poker face, he will not know what is behind your mask.

Modern guys don’t sing in front of your window, they don’t write love letters and they search google to learn how to declare love.

Your mother probably used to say before: “Beware of guys who paid your drink, beware of those who want to slap your butt. “Nowadays mothers will say: “Take care of guys in internet space if they send you request and you never hear from them. ”


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