Are you in a relationship with the brat?


Responsibility is a follower of maturity. If you are responsible, you know everything about obligations and how to deal with this. Your immaturity will hurt people even without your intentions because they expected something from you.
Love doesn’t know about numbers and years, but heart feels immature actions. This clumsy guy left a mark on your heart because he doesn’t know how to deal with responsibility, he was immature. Problem is, women are often more mature than men. That is why an older woman will have problems in relationships with younger men, they are on different levels. So when women complain that their heart is bleeding, often the man is not bad, he is immature. There is a quote, if you lay in bed with the kiddo, he will pee in your sheets.
So that is why we can say that immature actions are childish, without responsibility, even without thinking about consequences.
Which are signs that you are in relation to the brat?
He did not come on a date, even you had a deal.
He got late on a date, more than 15 minutes.
He talks about his previous sexual experiences, you know every dirty detail about him and his ex.
He is with you, but every time he is watching other women, and even comment without shame how sexy they are.
He talks about sex with you in front of his friends.
His friends don’t like you, so he wants to hide you to avoid fights with them.
He doesn’t want to introduce you to your parents.
He said he is not ready for serious relation.
He said that you are fat or old, without thinking that will hurt you.
He said that skirt doesn’t fit you or that you are dressed like a whore.
He is yelling at you in publicity, he said to you to shut up in front of people or he doesn’t allow you to express your opinion about some topics.
He expects that you will pay his drinks, he forgot your birthday and never bought you gifts.
Some things will come later. Boy will learn about behavior through many relations with other girls. The first girlfriend will be an as experimental rabbit, and possible errors will affect her. Melisa and Raul were dating in high school. They were hitchhiking together because he was not the driver, and he had no car. Nothing was hard for Melissa, he loved him, even he was 2 years older. Later, when they broke up, Raul was 21 and Melisa 23. He started to drive a car and his new girlfriend Elsa was with him at the moment when Melisa was on the bus station, waited for a bus. They saw her and they passed by the road with a laugh. Elsa was so nasty that she showed her middle finger to Melissa. Melissa was hurt but indeed it was a childish act.

When you are in relation with an immature person, you are passing a period of adjustment. 

It’s up to you will you wait for him until he grows up or you will leave. He simply doesn’t know that something can hurt you, no matter is this lack of attention, inability to listen to your problems or something bigger. A woman must be patient in such relationships and also very flexible. After the breakup, women will say that they don’t want to be nannies anymore or that they were wearing trousers in this relation. Older woman and younger man are in relation mother-son if the age difference is too big. She is working already, and he is still a student. She wants kids, and he wishes to go to parties with friends. That are huge differences. This is a situation when you are dancing, and he stands on your feet because he is clumsy.

If such couple is enough strong and patient, and if they really love each other, they must work on the relation, they will have mutual progress together. This relation will develop over years or they will split. In any way, a relation without responsibility is an artificial flower. It looks like a flower, but the smell is not here.

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