What happens in undefined relation?


“I don’t know what i feel. ” “My feelings are mixed. ”  This kind of answers you will get when you fall in love with a guy who is not into you. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, he is just not at the same level as you expected.

When you crush in someone, your heart will give you wrong view, because everything he said or do you can understand as a sign. He touched your shoulder and you think he wants you. He was kind to you and you think he cares about you. Unfortunately, love is not always fair, and sometimes we will fall in love with someone who is not able to give love back because he simply doesn’t feel the same.

What kind of options can you expect in this situation?

He doesn’t like you at all, but he will reject you in a gentle way.


He likes you but friend.


He wants to make love to you, but he doesn’t want relation.

I know women very well, and we all want to change men, to be the last love of some men. We believe that our situation can change if we play well. So if he calls you friend, this is indeed something, because many friendships turn into love. For example, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith started as friends, they were longtime friends and later their relation became love.

Here you must be an expert lady and if you ask golden piece in this bunch of stones, act slowly.

Some signs will help you to see do you have a chance for something more than friendship.

He has no girlfriend, and every his relation broke, but you are still here as a friend.

He spent much time in your company, and ask your opinion about everything.

He said some compliments about your clothes, body or face.

He is jealous of your male friends.

He asks you about your past and he is jealous of former boyfriends.

You have arguments with him, you both insulted each other, but he is still talking with you even you give him hard time.

If you see some of these signs, go into action, seduce him, because love is not fair game and this is a lottery, but worthy of the risk. You can lose a friend, but if you love him and he doesn’t want to be with you, the loss is here anyway. For sure you will not feel better if he doesn’t know about your feelings and suddenly some girl takes your place.

Another part of this story is different. Some men are not fair players. They will not define their feelings, or they will call you friend, but with the first opportunity, they will ask sex from you.

Here, don’t let him cross this line.

If you are in undefined relation, make some rules and remind him that he wanted this kind of game.

Don’t make love with him.

You can spend time with other guys, without asking his permission.

Don’t sacrifice your free time and favorite activities to listen to his problems. He doesn’t deserve that.

If you are still not sure what is undefined relations, my male friend said to me this: “I found a girl and we are not declared relation yet. We are dating three times a week, and meanwhile, i got numbers from other girls. I am not ready yet.” Who can blame him, for the game takes two?

Girls, if you doubt in nature of your friend/boyfriend, ask some confident male friend what he thinks about this. Men know the best other men and sometimes you will hear the cruel truth from their mouth because women are too romantic and sensitive to see things clearly.


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