You are never too old for a party

The human body is not resistant to time. How we get old, we are more sleepy, tired and with lack of energy. Our will could be stronger, but our physical ability is out of battery. If you are not doing any sports activities, you will face it with struggle, how to stay in the race.

Imagine a group of people who wish to go out for the weekend. They have plans, but what is with realization? What is suitable for their ages, and what is in their brains?

The first group is young people, from 16-24 years.

Usually, they will go to nightclubs. They will dance and drink whole night. Some of them will stay also on after parties. Tomorrow, they will repeat this, because party never ends.

The second group is adult people, from 25-30 years.

They are already working weekly so they will think about how long to stay in clubs, especially if it is Sunday. If that deal is on Friday, some of them are maybe tired. So they will skip Friday to get rest, and they will meet on Saturday.

The third group is people from 31-40 years.

Are you still interesting to go in clubs? Or, you think there are kids? Maybe you prefer concert with classical music, or you simply want to go in nature, to get some fresh air. If you decide for nightclubs, wear something fashionable, squeeze your teeth if there is a crowd, and go to take VIP seats. Cinema is also the not bad choice.

The fourth group is people from 41-50 years.

You think you don’t have friends anymore, who wants to get out tonight? Now is time to select your team. If your friends are rich, they will know the way how to have fun. If you have some saved money, go on a journey. You saw already all in your country and in your city, so this is time to travel the world.

The fifth group is people from 51-60 years.

You wish to finish your knitting? Or, finally, you will read the book at peace? Don’t worry, the spa is also the good choice. You can swim in the warm swimming pool with the cocktail in your hands and go to wellness later.

In general, you can have fun in every age, even not in the same way. It is never too late to break some rules or to make a surprise for other people, who think that you are written off. What is important, is your feeling inside.

One interesting thing is: ordinary people are always topic for judgment. Nobody will get surprised if Joan Collins is going at the party, or if Silvio Berlusconi is dating with the girl who can be his granddaughter. They are famous and their limits are crossed a long time ago. What is with the ordinary woman in middle ages, or in the fifties? Society will mock her, especially if she is in some night bar alone, without the husband.

Unfortunately, we can’t erase some labels, and we can’t avoid judgmental people.
Just for comfort, people who are used to observe others are usually without own life. If your neighbor is constantly watching you and if her face is on window every time when you go out in new clothes, she is just lonely and curious. Maybe she is frustrated, and maybe her life is indeed boring. If you can hear conversations of some people, the main event in their lives happened when their cat broke the expensive vase. But this was from Ming dynasty, so what a waste! Wow, naughty cat and that happened this weekend.

When I asked my previous officemate what she will do this weekend, she said: “I will ironing. I have no weekend. ”

Everyone has weekend time. Some are dancing with themselves because they have no company. Others are slaves in the service of others. The happiest people are those with the choice. Yesterday I was freezing with my boyfriend in open cinema, but it was cool, and I did not complain. I will drink some hot tea and continue today. Party never ends.


2 thoughts on “You are never too old for a party

  1. I am beyond 60, and therefore, in the view of some, beyond hope. What do I do on weekends?- Friday night is either drum circle or some dinner with friends, somewhere. Saturday mornings at Farmers’ Market, afternoon at this or that gathering, evening maybe a musical event or a movie. Sunday morning, breakfast with friends,then get the laundry done and enjoy some time in nature. M-F, three more years of working in a school, so summers are off-time.

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