What is Instagram for?


At the start, Instagram was a mobile application for rich and famous people. Many celebrities use this platform to brag about their brand clothes, expensive cars, and their circle. If your husband is famous you might post your half-naked photos to feed your vanity. For example, miss Pitana, a wife of a football referee uses her Instagram to show her naked body for her fans. In the past, it would be a form of prostitution but nowadays is a marketing.

What is interesting on Instagram is a big competition and a collective hunger for success. Haters and fans and attention whoring is the main description.

In the age of capitalism, everyone sees the opportunity to get rich. That is the proof that employment sucks. Who wishes to spend 8 hours in the office when your boobs can open the door to a better world?

Like many people I use Instagram to post photos from journeys and parties, to promote my blog and meet interesting people. I was always a fan of foreign people. Why add my neighbor or colleague when I see them every day? I love to spread my insight.

I saw many messages in my inbox as flirt invitations and I did not reply either one. Come on people, we are not in the high school. I don’t need an escort for a prom night. All that hearts, hello greetings and words as hmm, salam, babe are just a proof that a loser is around me.

When a guy asked me: “Why you accept my follow when you don’t want a chat?”, I knew with whom I am dealing. He suffers from the illusion. I am not obligated on anything.

What is your experience on Instagram? How does it work when you post a personal photo?

I was always a fan of a discussion, not a stupid chat. Nowadays some people act like their vocabulary is so poor so they have no other way than to spam the inbox with disclaimers. Who accepts such a communication form?


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