Why she doesn’t reply to your message?



I know that many guys ask love on the internet. Also, these guys are confused when women ignore them. They expect too much without knowing the real reasons behind a woman’s ignorance.

To entertain you and to make you look different on this story I am offering you a key in a woman’s brain.

These are the reasons:

She is already taken. Guys will not give up always when a woman is married. Just have on your mind that her husband is a maybe dangerous guy.

She is busy. If a woman is a business lady or very popular you will lose in the mist. Who are you that she needs to reply?

She wants her peace and privacy. Listen. Maybe she had a bad day or she is full of obligations or problems so she doesn’t need the immature pest who will annoy her.

She is talking with someone else. Yes, what you have in your mind? She already chose a guy and this is not you.

Now dear guys, when I illuminated you don’t force a conversation with a woman who did not answer you. If she ignores you once,  try again but be polite. If she ignores you twice you have no chance?

Well if you try the third time be sure she will insult you.

So try better to message other women before you lose a dignity. I am protecting your ego. 😁


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