Is his compliment real?


Many women fall on flattering. Even the coldest woman will blush when someone hit her weak spot. It is good when a handsome man praises you, isn’t it?

Well, women like to compete with each other. In this race is a mix of jealousy, envy or just food for the ego. He looks at me, not at her. He wants me, not her. He chooses me in a front of many women. I am special.

When the rain of compliments starts to fall from a man’s mouth, you must ask yourself, how real are this compliments?

Men could flatter you for many reasons.

They do it formally because you are his neighbor, a colleague, maybe a boss. Oh, nice haircut. Well, lovely skirt. You look good today.

They do it to drag you in the bed. This chick is a piece of candy, I wish to have sex with her. Nice smile. Sexy legs. If this compliment considers sexy, beware. If you are not already close with him, maybe he wants to step further.

They do it to every woman, to practice their seduction skills. He said to me that I have eyes like the ocean. Well, he said to me that he could lose in my eyes.

They want your money. Why not, in this age of gold digging, a material man is not a rarity. He wants your money. He wants to be promoted in the workplace. Maybe you have this influence and he smells it like a shark.

They want to make other women jealous on you. Maybe he broke up with a girlfriend and he is in the market again, but he is still hurt. He practices his skills or wants to make his ex mad.

How you will know that he thinks serious and that a compliment comes from the heart?

He will not use phrases. Baby, sexy, honey, sweetie. All that is corny. He will try to be original.

He will listen to what you are talking about. Professional hunters never listen to women. They pretend and play their games.

He will act accord his words. If he said that you are amazing, he will do all that you feel amazing.

He will talk with you about many topics to show his respect. What you think about the current political situation, what kind of music you listen, what you think about the football championship and so on.

He will make you feel special in front of other women. A man can respect all women, but make special just the only one.

Here is an example, when few women try to prove that the guy is interested just for one of them.

I am his type. He likes blondes.

No, I am his target. He invited me to date.

He invited me too, to the cinema to watch my favorite movie. 

Guys could play a double game, and a compliment is just a tool. If you see a man who is surrounded with many women, and they are so close with hugging and kissing, be sure he is a player.

Don’t fall so easy on compliments, because every fool can flatter you. Compliments are just a start, try to provoke him to see how serious is his interest. A real man will not give up because you did not nod or smile on his praising.


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