Your approach attracts your destiny


Open your window to see the view. Spring is coming, birds are singing and this is a new chapter of your life. Let’s see life from different angles.

Ian is an optimist. He said: “I feel like I am flying. I will get this new job, I know it. I will earn a lot of money.”

Margot is the pessimist. ” I feel I will get drown. This life has no sense. I can’t find love, I lost my job and for sure the car will hit me when I will cross the street.”

Deborah is the realist. “I stand firmly on the ground. At the moment I don’t feel like the luckiest person, but things are changing day by day. Maybe in this life basket is something for me.”

The pessimist will be recognized by black thoughts, the optimist will have an eternal smile on face, and realist is the person with Libra. 

What are the good sides of every view?

The pessimist can’t be disappointed. He expected the worst, and when this situation happens, he will say “yes I knew this shit will find a way. ” 

An optimist is a person with life energy. His feeling is on six sense level.  He will say “I had this feeling inside that life is beautiful.” 

The realist can’t be surprised. He hoped for the best and expected the worst.

If we look on another way, every view has also negative sides.

The pessimist will lose internal joy. He just can’t let that good thing happen. 

Optimist has too big wings. Once he can hit into the ground and break his legs.

Realist can live in boredom. There are no disappointment and surprises. 

Everything is predictable accord his thoughts.

The beauty of this life is in unpredictable situations. Open your view wide to fill all surprises and to deal with all troubles. It is not so important to win every game, the important thing is that you still compete for the award. If you are a persistent person, with time you will have a bulletproof weapon against all unpleasant situations.

Don’t let life pass over you like you never lived. Open your eyes to accept good news and squeeze your teeth to deal with problems. Remember how you solved your past problems? If you touch the bottom already, let it be a reminder that you can win as you did it before. 

Life is a simple formula. If you take all good values from pessimism and optimism, you will see realism as a good solution. Act like a realist, ready for unexpected surprises. When you fly, take a self-belt and think about the ground to land safely.


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