Why is wrong to be happy with small things?


Do you know the statement “be happy with small things if you can’t get big things”? Someone who was not ambitious made this quote like comfort for all frustrations and unfilled wishes.

The modest person will say that you need to be happy:

Because you are alive.

Because you have no health problems.

Because you have a meal and a warm shelter.

I agree with this because everyone starts with a basic thing, and we should appreciate what we have. Just, appreciation doesn’t mean that you don’t have to go further. If that satisfaction with small things stops you from progress, this statement is wrong and indeed your obstacle to success.

If you live in your safe cage and never travel out of your city you are happy but you will always wonder: “What if?”

Imagine that you got the opportunity to change your life, but this means a risk, step forward from your comfort zone and maybe a danger?

If you are not ambitious and aware of the risk, you will stay safe but your full potential will be undefined.

Once my father’s friend said to my father: “Your daughter is smart, why she should not reach her full potential?”

What will make you believe, that small things are not good enough for you?

Your competition lives better than you because they had guts.

You refuse to see the bad side of your comfort zone and live in the illusion.

You are afraid that of other’s disapproval.

You think that people will label you like a pretentious person who is never satisfied.

If you ask successful people about their story it will not be a beautiful fairytale. It will be a rough story about tears, anger, frustrations and much wasted time. The end of this story will be “this is why I am here now, it was worthy.”

Do you think that you could live better or you enjoy in your comfort zone?


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