Do you crave for forbidden things?



Modesty is one of the important values. It is connected with a respect to others, that we should not touch something that is not ours. Don’t steal, don’t desire other’s partners, don’t be greedy. You are satisfied with your life, your car and even if you are not, don’t blame others.

Some people will say that is never enough. They will run over corpses, they will push you during their race, all until the day when they will regret it. It is alright to be ambitious and to desire more.

Now, here is the question, how to make harmony between modesty and your wishes to get more?

Do your best effort but don’t force anything.

If you want a spot which is already taken, be ready for a fight.

Avoid a backstabbing.

If you are not chosen, don’t insist. 


When you enter into other’s space, this is like in a football match. You try to get your score, but someone can throw you and hit you very hard. Life is a rough game. If you think that you can humiliate others, don’t expect that you will not get a paycheck. Don’t justify your acts with ambitious wishes.

The world is a big place.

Is it necessary to ruin other’s happiness because you want more?

You don’t have to steal another job or position at work to be happy. 

You don’t have to seduce other’s husbands to please your wishes. 

If you grab in other’s property, you can stay without a hand and lose everything. 

How would you feel that someone kiss your husband or to gossip you in front of your boss, just to sit on your chair at the workplace?


I don’t want what is not mine, but also I protect what is mine. Once when someone starts the unfair game, there are no rules. All is allowed in the name of justice, and that kind of intruders will get what they deserve.


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