What to do if your prince is still a virgin?

If you ask men when they lost virginity, they will say : “I was 16. I was 18. I was 22. ” Some will even say : “I was 14. ” And some will say with reserve : “I was 25 but i was so picky. ” Rare man will admit that he had 30 or 35 years when he first time made love with woman.
Brazilian footballer Kaka wanted to save his innocence for marriage, so he was virgin until he got married. Or it was good marketing? In general, men doesn’t want to talk about lack of experience, because it makes them bitter feeling, especially if their woman expects certain skills in bed.
Tell man that you are virgin, he will not judge you. Unless you are over 30, he will ask you what you did until know. Your reasons could be religious nature or you just wanted to be in marriage to make love. Man will understand you , if he is conservative, he will even be proud, because he is your first lover.
Well, tell woman that you never made love, it will be problem. Man who is 30 years old, and who doesn’t know what to do with woman’s body is not so desirable partner.
I will tell you some reasons why women avoid male virgins.
She doesn’t want to be his teacher.
She doesn’t want to risk that she goes to someone else after her, once when she learnt him.
She wants to feel as woman. If she teach someone, she will be a man. 
She doesn’t want to tell her friends that she is with virgin. They might laugh to her.
That sounds pretty discouraging, isn’t it? Man is handsome, smart, educated, good person, but he is a virgin, and he already reached some ages, when virginity is embarrassing fact. This could be lethal for his possible relations.
If you are man without experience, and you wish to make love with woman, be ready that she might rejects you.
Make a plan, as own advertising, what makes you a good man, even you are not big fucker.
Don’t tell her at first sight that you never touched woman.
Tell her that you had some experience, but that you never went to the end.
Tell her that you are picky and that you did not want to make sex, just to make love. 
Tell her that you are alergic on cheap, easy women. You can’t relax with them.
Make yourself unavailable at first sight. Don’t jump when your woman moves little finger.
One virgin has different view about love. He is a bit naive. It is easy to fool him, especially if you are woman with experience. Virgin looks at woman as gentle creatures , he will buy the flowers and say sweet words, he will give her kiss in neck, walk slowly at moonlight and watch romantic movie. If she leaves him, he will be devastated.
These are traps where every virgin might fall:
Women on internet.
Women with fake photos on internet will mislead virgins. Real man would never fall on fake photo.
Older women.
Young innocent guy is good target for older women.
Promiscuous women.
Women with lot affairs will get rest in company of young virgin.
If you think that male virgin is good, untouched soul, you are wrong. He might be example of judgment. Male virginity is often connected with traditional, religious values, and if he meets woman with open mind, she will be considered as dirty, cheap and easy in his eyes. He will hardly accept her, because she is not sweet princess.
If you have no patience, he is not for you. He is as child who learns to walk. First step, second step and he falls. He might sees you as woman with disease if you had more partners. He will be afraid that he cannot satisfy you, or that you will cheat him. Your world and his world will crush if you don’t want to make compromise.
This man is a prince, but his kingdoom is closed. Choose do you want to ask him a key.

The one you wish to forget

Real love never causes pains. Discarded love, passion and drama are factors of pain. If you wish to live life as in soap opera, for sure there is amount of sadness and despair for you. You had sad experience, relation with someone who was never yours indeed? Relax, this is part of life.
When Cupid arrows hit you, you might be blind and deaf. You can fall in love in person who is not for you at all. This is unfair game of heart, it is big possibility to fall in love in someone who will not give love back. It doesn’t mean that you will not get something for return. You will get someone for sex, fun and someone who will call you when everyone else will runaway from him.
I am sure many of you faced with situation when you wish to forget someone who is just obstacle to your happiness. You want him, but he causes you headache, you lost your smile and all you want is to cry and smash plates when he is around you?
Anger is follower of love. As long you are angry on someone , this is just another shape of passion, just in form of pride, to protect you.
Just, anger is not way to kick someone from your heart.
There are few steps how to forget someone who is not for you:
Meet new people. 
As much you will be busy with new friends, you will have less time for past memories.
Think about him, can you place him in your life. 
Where you see two of you? Do you see him as father of your kids, as your husband, as someone who helps you to wash dishes after dinner? You might surprise, but be honest to yourself. You will see someone who breaks dishes, someone who can leave you pregnant or someone who cheats you.
Imagine two of you in trouble times.
You are broke with money, someone attacks you, you are sad. What your “beloved ” man is doing for you? You will see him how he runs from problems and blame you for this situation.
Let go out your tears. Cry.
It sounds pathetic, but how much we feel better if we can cry sometimes. Sadness is not always position for losers. Cry when nobody see you, when you are alone . Then, wipe your tears and go on fresh air. Find your doze of oxygen.
Make jokes from your situation. 
Maybe is not funny now, but later, believe me, it will be funny. When i saw my ex boyfriend , bald and with fat belly, i laughed. When i saw his fat girlfriend, i laughed more. Life sometimes rewards you.
Pay attention on critical days for love. Valentine day, your birthday, Christmas. Do you think of him anyway?
Dear, this guy will not remember you. He will sit somewhere with his girlfriend to celebrate important dates with her. Anniversaries are for couple who decided together to be in relation. Cupid is cruel fellow. He closes his eyes and hit into spots which should be forbidden for him. Yet, you will fall in love in wrong one, but you don’t need to stay in this feeling forever.

Status “not single” – “not taken”

Did you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere , even you date with someone? Hank is one of guys who stuck in long relation. He feels unhappy because this relation doesn’t fill his needs, but he has no strength to get out from this. When his best friend Linda asked him why he can’t be alone, he replied : “I need someone to hold on.” Fear from loss and loneliness are basic elements of ruined relations, because people will stay in them even they look like abandoned houses. These are type of relations which doesn’t exist indeed, they are only walls for protection.
If we talk about love statuses, we can find interesting informations about people who are neither single, neither taken. This is kind of vacuum between love and hate, where two partners hold on each other, even they are aware that things will not work out.
Here are some stories which i heard randomly, and it can be related to “not single – not taken” statuses.
I have neighbor, he is handsome and busy, and i like him. He comes to me at dinner , i care about him when he is drunk and sometimes we have sex. But we are not in relation.”
“Me and my ex wife live in the same house. Officially, we are divorced, but we can’t deal about property. So until court solve this issue, we live together, even i did not touch her for a year.”
” I am in virtual marriage. Yes, you can laugh to me. Indeed i have wife and children, they are grow up, but they all don’t care about me. So i find young girl at social network, we are together every day at skype and whatsapp and i feel happy with her. So we decided to get marry on internet.”
” I live with my mother but i spend every day in house of my girlfriend. We will not get marry , my mother is cooking and washing my laundry, and my girlfriend is here to make me smile. I don’t want to be alone.”
What real relation needs?
Obligation. Some people are irresponsible, so they don’t want commitment.
Fidelity. You need to focus on one person. If that person can’t fill your whole heart, you will hard decide about relation.
Division. Relation is deal. What is yours, that is mine and opposite. If you can’t share anything with other person, you don’t want to be in relation.
Stability. You can’t change opinion every day, about your future. You must be sure about your feelings.
When you are in the middle of romance, you are someone who is half hungry. You will taste cake, but you will not eat all. You don’t want to stay hungry, but you are not ready for big bite.
Vacuum romances are stories on half way. What is the purpose? You will realise what you need and what you don’t need. This person is maybe your experimental rabbit, someone who will take you into the main road, but the rest you will do alone.
You can ask yourself questions to test your real feelings. Can i live without her? If he leave, can i handle this or he will terribly miss me?
Method of elimination will give the best answers. Maybe you don’t know what you want, but if you eliminate unnecessary things you will get answer what is really important to you.

How time heals wounds on soul?

There is saying that time is the best doctor. Every open wound will heal with time, but it doesn’t mean that we will forget what happened. We will learn how to handle this scar and how to accept our loss. If we talk about love, everyone of us had some unhappy love stories or discarded love which never happened. If you remember this as your personal failure, your self confidence is damaged and you feel frozen.

Remember your past breakups, tears and nightmares. Remember your broken heart.

How Doctor Time really works?

Your pain will fade with time.

It means, you don’t have to force yourself to forget. One day you will have blank memories on this sad event.

You will see person who hurt you with real eyes.

Often, when we fall in love, we see our beloved with eyes of love. You have no ability to see that your prince charming is jerk or idiot, because you love him. When your feelings are not so strong, then you will see his real face.

You will start to love yourself.

Maybe you hated yourself in the past, maybe you thought that you deserve such pain. Now, you will realize that you deserve the best.

You will make space for new joy in your life.

Time is not waiting. Day by day, you will meet new people, new opportunities will knock at your door. Someone will capture your eye, and then your heart will open slowly. 

You will look back with regret, not because someone hurt you.

You will regret for wasted moments. This time, which you spent in tears, you should use in other purposes, but you can’t get it back now.

When Patricia and Laurent broke up, she was devastated person. She was not able to learn for exams, she visited shrink and her room was locked for visitors. Her parents were so worried but they could not help her. She was listening Joy Division “Love will tears apart” and it was only sign that she is still alive. Then she had last deadline for exam, it could cost her a year at college. She squeezed teeth and passed this exam. Again, she started to believe in herself. After six month, when she met Laurent in the street, she was able to talk with him. He was passenger as everybody else. Even she told him that she is in rush. It was closed chapter in her life and she throw away big burden from her heart.

Time doesn’t allow compromises. You will stay frozen or you will move on. There is no middle solution, and good news are that you can choose.

What is asexuality indeed?

Did you ever imagine world without sex? Did you imagine world without love and romance, touch and kiss, fast heartbeats? 1% people are asexual and they live in exactly this world, protected from love troubles and tears, but also without flame and passion for soul.
Asexuality is the lack of social attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in sexual activity.
There are 4 types:
Person is not interested for romance, but person owes sexual instinct.
Person is not interested for sex, but person feels romantic attraction.
Person feels both, but not connected to each other.
Person feels nothing of that.
Also, there are differences, person could be born asexual or this is result of some past trauma. I see asexual person as transparent angel who will vanish if you touch him.  On some way i admire to asexual people , on other hand i pity of them.
Once i was jealous on my neighbor X who is asexual person. He was spared of broken heart. In that time, when i was very unhappy, when i passed through five breakups, i wished that i had no heart. Simply, if i could sell my emotions then for something practical to get rich, i would sign deal with the devil. So, while i was crying and waiting my ex who was cheating me, my neighbor was happy as usual. He would woke up and drive his car, enjoy in his job and reading many books. He would discuss with all of us and smile how we are just ordinary animals addicted to something dirty as sex. First we all thought that he is gay. But, he never shown any aspirations toward men. Also, while other guys commented women with good legs and big breasts, he found it very cheap. He liked Britney Spears, but in a way like kid loves his toys. He was clean and pure as blonde angel, and the day Britney failed in depression and made scandals was the day of her end in his fantasies. So, X is today unmarried, he lives in big, very tidy flat and he alone washes dishes and clean and cook. Every woman in my city wanted to date with him before 10 years, because he was handsome and ambitious. Today, also he can get many woman, but he is not interested. He respects women, but he doesn’t show any intentions to kiss or hug any woman, to call her on date. Simply, he thinks that his life is enough beautiful without partners. Neither women, neither men.
He did not change, but i changed my opinion. Even his world looks very safe, i would not be happy there. I was stupid and my behavior was sometimes on the boundaries of insanity. I was begging for love, i was abandoned and broken. But this made me what i am now. Also, all that unhappy love stories had bright side, that i threw out all my emotions. I was happy after tears and calm after anger. Today, i can love pure and i love my partner without chains, without doubts. I see sometimes X and he is the same cool guy, ready to talk with every girl , but never in the clouds of love. Sometimes me and my partner talk with X, and we still can’t believe that women are around him, but he doesn’t show reactions.
We are still not sure, does he belong to this 1% population who is asexual? Or he is hidden gay? Or he is silent lover who hides his mistresses? Maybe he will die with his secret and bring it into his grave, or he will find enough patient woman to change him. One thing is sure, his face is always cool and happy , as he won in lottery just this moment.





Carpe diem, enjoy until you can, use you time in complete way. Live with full lungs. Saturday night came and Kate is going out. She will drink and have sex with her boyfriend. After that she will eat pizza. Sounds like heaven for hedonists.
Her plans went wrong. She was sick from too much vodka with tonic. Two hours later she was sitting  on toilet and puke all this fluid. Her boyfriend helped her to get into bed, but he could not get even kiss from her. Pizza got cold because Kate could not stand even smell of her favorite food. She ruined whole night and big part of next day.
She started to think about herself as an animal without control. Then she decided about abstinence from alcohol. She managed to do it about one month. This was cleaning period and she felt pure, she was drinking lot of water and headache was not her problem anymore in early Sunday morning.
Why people decide for abstinence?

Reasons can be various.

If you don’t want sex before marriage, you are maybe religious, traditional and you will restraint from your desires.

Maybe you passed through bad experience, as Kate.

You want to test yourself, are you so weak that you can’t deny alcohol, drugs or even sex or you can live without it.

Health problems can be another reason.
Your doctor can recommend you abstinence from some kind of food and you will go to diet.
We are testing our limits.
How far we can go without things we thought we can’t live until now?

Abstinence can also be kind of punishment.
You refuse  sex with your partner because he hurt you.

You want to prove yourself that you are master in this game. 

It is good to be free from something what makes damage. If purpose of abstinence is that we should feel better and stronger, that is right thing. But, if abstinence is just kind of self punishment, this will not last long period. We will break sooner or later. This chains will not be good solution.
If you are curious how would your life look without some things, try abstinence. Maybe you will have spiritual experience and you will look at life from other perspective.