The one you wish to forget

Real love never causes pains. Discarded love, passion and drama are factors of pain. If you wish to live life as in soap opera, for sure there is the amount of sadness and despair for you. You had sad experience, relation to someone who was never yours indeed? Relax, this is part of life. When […]

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How time heals wounds on soul?

There is saying that time is the best doctor. Every open wound will heal with time, but it doesn’t mean that we will forget what happened. We will learn how to handle this scar and how to accept our loss. If we talk about love, everyone of us had some unhappy love stories or discarded […]

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What is asexuality indeed?

Did you ever imagine a world without sex? Did you imagine a world without love and romance, touch and kiss, fast heartbeats? 1% people are asexual and they live in exactly this world, protected from love troubles and tears, but also without flame and passion for the soul. Asexuality is the lack of social attraction […]

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    Carpe diem, enjoy until you can, use you time in complete way. Live with full lungs. Saturday night came and Kate is going out. She will drink and have sex with her boyfriend. After that she will eat pizza. Sounds like heaven for hedonists. Her plans went wrong. She was sick from too […]

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