When he thinks that you are undesirable chick

It is big humiliation for woman when guys take an advantage of her. Any woman doesn’t like to be used as piece of flesh. Imagine that you love someone so much, and all what you got is trade of fluids. So if you are man, and you ask woman : “Do you want to have sex with me?”, think about who is she and what she means to you.
As much any woman despise to be a number in big chain of sexual partners, there is something worse. If woman feels that guy doesn’t desire her, she will be frustrated too.
So now guys are in confusion, what women really want?
This is a story about Helen. When she was young, all guys from her city were crazy for her. Blonde, blue eyed and tall woman was their Barbie girl and she changed many sexual partners. She was hungry for men and they were thrilled by this. Later she got married and had two daughters. Years and life ruined her good look, she got diabetes and her body changed. Suddenly she was too skinny, too wrinkled and her blue eyes got dark shine, and bags were visible from the far. Her husband lost interest for her and she caught herself hungry for hot love. She tried to find a lover, but it was not simple as she taught. Men were looking at her young daughters, because Helen was over 50. The other men, who wanted her, were too old or not on her taste. Also, she was married women and nobody wanted problems. So one day Helen got idea to make profile at internet. She posted her photos from youth, and bunch of young guys followed her.
Helen had success in cyber sex and she changed many partners. But soon she got bored to everyone. It was not easy, because guys wanted to see younger women. Helen fall in trap and fall in love in guy who was 15 years younger than she. Barry was sweet guy from Scotland. He accepted her as friend and he even had funny time with her, because Helen still had this young spirit. But soon she became obsessive and Barry got mad. When she opened camera, he was definitely disappointed. He saw older woman in untidy clothes, too skinny and with bad teeth. She reminded him on his granny. So he said to her to leave his virtual life. She disturbed to his other friends too. Finally, he blocked her page and she learnt lesson on harder way.
How horny woman feels when she can’t get man in her bed?
She is nervous and jealous on her competition.
She will spread her negative energy at work. Not without reason, some women often make jokes about female bosses. They say: “For sure she did not shag too long.”
She will quick try to find partner, just to improve her attraction. 
She will make her standards lower. Now she will give chances to someone who was not her choice before.

Meaning of sex is different for women. 

We give part of us to special man, we share our private secrets. Rejection is kick for ego and for heart. Woman will stand in front of mirror and think what is wrong with her, especially if she is in certain ages. Suddenly, she will feel ugly. She will hate young girls who can chose anyone.

In this situation, every woman should have dignity. If you go out with young cousin or younger friend, be ready that men will compete for her attention, not for yours. If you try to push yourself in center or if you insult your friend, this is wrong step.  As sport tournaments have competitors, you are now in senior race. You can do your best and ask for your match.
Smart woman will never stay without her admirers. You know where is your place, that you will not catch Leonardo di Caprio , but it is not end of the world, for sure it is not worthy to sacrifice your pride. There is no bigger fool than old woman who is catching young guy. As in movie “Bel ami”, where Robert Pattinson rejects Kristin Scott Thomas , with explanation : “I was sick when i touched you. “, and she is crying for his young lover even she is married a long time ago.

The most desirable women are mysterious. 

They don’t offer body to everyone and in every opportunity. They smile, give hint and go to save their time. They will say word with double meaning, and if guy doesn’t understand, he is a moron. And, who wants to make love with moron?

Your fatal friend for benefit


It is hard to make definition of love with one sentence. Physical contact, understanding, loyalty, respect, appreciation, all these are elements of love. If you have only sex and silence after, it is pretty clear that is not love.

Well, what happens when you start relation as friends with benefits which turn into something more? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis started their relation on such way, and nowadays they are married.

Sometimes, life will make joke with you. It will happen something which you did not planned or you wanted to avoid this. Your energy will motivate space to give you exactly this you runaway from. You wanted friendship with benefits, because you don’t want to commit, you run from obligations and you are not good in showing feelings? Maybe past scarves make emotional monster from you, or you just think you are too young, too messy, to immature for serious relation, so you chose just sweating between four walls?


Whatever reason is, this signs will show you that your hot adventure became more:

You can’t handle 24 hours without contact with your sex mate.

You ask her opinion about everything.

You want to share your daily events with her.

You want to drag your sex mate with conflict with other people, to have her support.

You are interested what she is doing when she is not with you.

You are jealous on every man in her life.

You are sad and empty if she did not reply on your messages.

There is no immunity toward love, and if you feel good with your fuck buddy, if you smile in her presence, if you want to poke nose in every part of her life, you are busted.

That happens when girl is not crazy for you, or at least she did not show this.

She did not reply on your message after sex?

She went out with girls after day in your room? She is kind with you, but she is not melting?

This things will make guys to fall in love, because even girl was sleeping with you, she is not easy as you thought.

She gave you an opposite opinion about something you thought she will stand by your side?


This is power of an opposite psychology. She did not run for you, she let you to do what you wanted, she did not bother you, and now she woke up your curiosity. You want to keep your fatal friend for benefit, before she slips from your hands. Maybe another girls cried for you, called you and declare love for you, but you only want to see where is your fatal fuckbuddy. Now you are staring at your mobile and wait for her message.

Mistress by recommendation

Relation is sharing of responsibility. Some men are not ready for relations, but they can’t admit this to himself. They are searching, exploring and hurting women . Then, they will regret when is too late. What kind of expert advices should be given to immature men? Find a mistress, not girlfriend. Find woman who is married and who asks for a lover.
If you make a poll between women, they will not hide facts about lovers. If you wish to avoid egg in your face, don’t ask married woman about secret affairs. Answer will be : “I am loyal and pure woman. Who, me? I would never do that. ” An opposite, if you ask men, they will compete. Men in midlife crises, business men, playboys, they will brag about their mistresses, because that is symbol of power. When prince Charles had affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, he proudly said that he would like to be her tampon. When princess Diana had lovers, publicity judged her, as woman under moral question. In history time, empress Sissi was unhappy in marriage and she even accepted that her husband Franz Joseph had mistress, Katherina von Schratt, famous actress in theater. History knows roumors about her love affairs, but  it was unappropriate to declare, even she was not innocent lady.
So, let skip moral values to see story from another angle. Imagine man who is not responsible , not serious and without job and money. Perhaps he is too young or he is not monogamous. He is perfect target for married woman.
In affair with mistress who is married, rules are changing.
No responsibility. You can get out from that relation when you wish, and she has no right to blame you for broken heart.
No guarancy. Future doesn’t belong to lovers. That is present moment, now or never.
No guilty. You can’t take burden on your lover. You are the one who cheats husband.
No surprises. He left you? You are revealed? This results should be expected.
Wise married woman will pick single man. Triangle is painful, but square is more complicated. If he has kids, even worse. He should not be father in this case. He should be good in keeping secrets. Also, he should have sense for reality, not to expect that she will escape with him, from her safe marriage.
What kind of women are candidates for danger zone?
Men, never pick these kind of women:
Woman in marriage with violent husband. 
If he beats her, you are next.
Woman in marriage with ill husband.
He could have cancer, PTSP, paralyse. You will feel as monster, if his wife is your mistress.
Too old woman.
Your mistress is 15 or 20 years older than you? It will be hard to get rid of her.You are her source of youth.
Your boss.
Don’t mix job and privacy. If you work for her, you could be fired after breakup.
Your neighbor.
You wish to feel as in battle zone every day? Are you sure that her husband doesn’t know? You will see when your car will be damaged.
Who would be ideal mistress then?
Woman who separate reality from illusion. She knows her limits and her expectations are with deadline.
Woman which husband travells a lot. She is often alone . Be careful just when husband is back home.
Woman who accepts your choices. You can find girlfriend and she must be ready for that.
Woman from another country. Maybe you have only virtual relation with her, but at least she can’t knock at your door to ruin your life if she is mad.
Escort lady. If you are enough rich to effort this.
This world is place for hypocrites. Famous and powerful people will hide their secret life behind eyes of publicity, and yet they will judge those who are revealed or caught in the action. Some men are hunters, and they like to brag about their mistresses in front of their friends. More beautiful woman is more desirable trophy. It is easier to admit : “I had mistress” than ” i was not able for healthy relation. ” Word “mistress” is secret code, for desires, freedom, lack of emotional control or discipline. All is fair in love and war, until you get caught.

You are not his toy

Men should respect women even they can’t fall in love in every of them. No matter is that woman fat, old, skinny, ugly or pretty, she deserves respect because she is human. In other hand, woman should give something to man, as reason to respect her. She doesn’t have to be noble lady or rich business woman, but from her words and act man should assume that she is worthy of respect.
If man spend night with unknown woman, he will rate her as easy. They never met before, they had no opportunity to talk, and she surrender herself to him. Unless they did not agree about rules of the game, woman would probably be hurt. Everyone of us can experience this kind of situation. You never know when will hot guy reach stars for you and you could be fooled by his fake charm. There is no age limit for this, if he touched your weak spot, trap is ready.
What can woman do when  man ignore her after sex ?
Sit and wait for phone call.
Cry and accept that she was just a number.
Start to argue with him, to yell and prove her value.
Ignore him in publicity.
Find another man.
Try to talk calm and ask for explanation.
Make sweet revenge.
Men could play cruel games and you would not be surprised if he calls your best friend instead of you. He can laugh to you in front of his friends if he is immature. He can avoid you and block your number or internet page. Also, he can be harsh, to ask you to go out of his life.
Aida was in very unpleasent situation with her lover Jim. They spent night together and the other night she saw him in the club. He was talking and drinking alcohol with another woman. She approached to them and said to woman that he is bad lover. So she caused mess, but it was sweet taste of revenge.
Men are not always fair in their judgements. They can rate you as slut and they will rate other women as decent. It comes from their education, character or simply they are under influence of society where they raised. What you can do, is sweet rebellion. Give him something to remember you. He will not love you, but he will watch out next time before he use someone.
When Keira spent night with Austin, he did not call her after. She was invited on the same wedding party as he. She appeared in red dress, with new guy , Paul. They came together on that celebration, as love birds. She was glowing and Austin was mad. He did not get her serious, and his ego got hard kick. She did not even greet him.
If you let your feelings to rule with you, you will lose game.
Forget that he is cute, sexy guy. Remember how he treated you. Now is your turn, let he taste his own medicine. Men like that situation where woman is crying for them, because he abandoned her. Well, we are not all little girls. Some of us will stand up and show teeth to such idiot. He was maybe amazing in bed, but you can screw his brain.

Are you heartless woman?


Feelings are not automatic buttons that we can press right ones to act as we wish in this moment. It would be good to press delete or shut down in some opportunities, because it would spare us from pain. Modern woman will say : “I can make love with man and after this i will leave him if he is not what i wanted”, but that is part of theory. In practice, things are different, because if you are not porno star or prostitute, your feelings will be involved.
Some women will try to copy men, for revenge. Just, men are not built from the same materials as women. Man can enjoy in sex and after this he will not date with woman, because it was part of his pleasure, and she is not in his heart. Women are more sensitive, and this planet is full of women who cried because they did not learn difference between sex and making love.
Black widow is a spider. She will eat her man after reproduction. That is good role model for dissapointed women who wish to swallow partners after pleasure. Pain is sometimes so hard feeling that is not enough to cry or yell. You wish to destroy someone in a way to forward him your pain.
Here are some stories about women , how they acted after painful breakups.
“I pick guy when i was hitchhiking. We had sex and after this i did not ask for his number.”
“I went to his flat even i did not know guy as well. After this, i told him that i wanted only sex.”
” I used his friend for sex, and he bragged about me as bitch later. “
If you wish to act like black widow, remember this rules:
1. Look at his eyes and remember he is here for purpose, to give you pleasure.
2. Don’t call him later, because your feelings will involve.
3. Don’t get jealous because he is not your love.
4. Smile if you see him, say hello or thanks, but don’t get into deeper conversation.
5, Don’t talk around about him, because that story can turn against you.
Some women are rational and flegmatic, and they can control their feelings when they need this. If you are too sensitive woman, if you could not kill even mosquito, this kind of business is not for you. Playing role of vixen is for strong lady, who is aware of consequences.
Keira was romantic woman, and when her boyfriend Malcolm left her in tears, she asked for advise from her best friend Helen. So, Helen suggested her to make love with Malcolm , but just for revenge. It was killer plan, because after sex the main task of Keira was to get out from flat in early morning , until Malcolm is sleeping. Later, in the case that Malcolm ask for her, she would just wrote him SMS to fuck of from her forever. Keira did first part of this plan, she made love with Malcolm, because he still wanted her, but he already had another girlfriend. In early morning Keira started to cry and asked for a hug. But Malcolm got up from bed and said to her that it was last time and that he is in love in new girlfriend. Keira got double kick in the ass.
If you are not player, don’t participate in the game.
Yes, you watched Linda Fiorentino and Sharon Stone in role of fatal seductresses, but maybe you are not hot fatal woman. If you can’t swallow part of your heart, you will not swallow and spit your ex partner. Even worse, you will hurt yourself. Don’t blame yourself because you are not black widow. You have feelings and it makes you wonderful woman, because someone will accept your romantic nature as gift.

How to seduce playgirl?


Women talk about players. Those are guys who are educated to break your heart. If you see another angle of this story, some women are also players. As much they afraid of playboy, men should be careful with playgirls. Do you think that new age brings us this news? No, women are players from the beginning of history. Cleopatra, empress Sissi, Anne Boleyn, they were players. They knew old skills, how to play with men when you wish to accomplish your aim, or if you want revenge. 

Where are roots of woman’s game? 

Helen was born as good girl. Her father was the best person in this world. Gentle, kind and emotional father, role model for every daughter. Helen raised with beliefs that every man is like her father. She entered in man world totally unready. Her first love was from high school, but he never noticed her. She needed experience so she started relation with first guy who fall in love in her, He grabbed her as trophy, She believed that is love, but later she did not liked him anymore. That moment she felt some bitterness, because she was with guy who was only comfort, for another she could not get. In next stage, few years later, she wanted to lose virginity with guy from college. He was not good lover and she was disappointed. Instead of him, she lost her innocence with another guy. Helen did not had normal relations. She wanted stars and she collected dust. She was loser in the eyes of playboys, but winner in the eyes of desperate, lonely guys. Helen spent collection of her feelings in this games. She did not know what is passion, what is love, and what is habit. She became player until she met her future husband. He gave her hand and drag her out from this hell. When Helen got married, she found another passion. Her husband was busy manager and she needed company. She opened internet profile and started to play with guys in virtual space. Here we go again, her past was here, just in computer. New faces, but with the same background. This parallel world was repeating of her emotional past. Why that happened? Because Helen was prisoner of past, bullied by black devil called temptation. As long Helen could not face with her problem, she will play. She loves her husband but she loves the game too. At least, she did not touch anyone. She pick guys who lives in another countries and she uses fake name. She is unreachable and covered by her secret. 

Men are intrigated by playgirls. Some men hate playgirls because this is man right to fuck and leave. This is not natural that woman leave guy after sex . This guy must be a pussy, who can let this happens. In the name of masculinity, men will not spare playgirls of their cruelty. They will gossip playgirls, beat them even physically and try to break them. What is worst, another women will gather against playgirl, to destroy her. She is shame for all women.

If you think that playgirl is a hoe, that she looks like Sharon Stone in “Basic instinct” and that she is too stupid to think, you are wrong. This kind of woman is very smart. She is doing regulary job, she looks normal even without makeup and she is very respectful. She separates her passion and her duties. She is cold minded. Such woman can steal your man if she wish. 

Every man has fantasy about naughty girl. Men will not make fantasies about polite, shy woman. They will dream about woman who will make them slave. This is only dream, because in reality nobody would let woman to make him servant. 

How to seduce playgirl?

Yes, she has her weak spots.

Listen her because her ego is very big. 

It means not only listen what she is talking, comment this with knowledge. If she loves football, read about football. Otherwise she will think about you as pussy.

Don’t be aggressive.

She will dominate and she will give first sign if she wants you.

If she rejects you, run . 

She can’t stand persistant men.

Be her friend at first. 

She is the one who uses men and she doesn’t need someone who will make love with her first night, if she decided to change herself.

Don’t show jealousy.

Playgirl is popular. She is friend of many men. Try not to notice this, be cold toward his rivals and make a victory.

Make her laugh.

She needs guy with sense for humour. She likes to have fun.

Are you sure that you wish to spend life with playgirl? If you imagined that your wife will just confirm your words and cook meals in silence, playgirl is not for you. You must be phlegmatic, but smart man who will find out how to control her. You know what Helen’s husband said when she confessed her games on internet? He said that he will leave her and play around, too. It was iced warning which made her without reply. 

Do you understand body language?

Chemistry is something what you can’t fake. Sparks are visible from the plane, and vibrations travel free, without control. Body language is universal language of humans. Wrong translation can get you into problems.
If someone make a quiz, to guess which people are indeed couples, you can guess it by some marks. 
They look each other in the eyes, and touch randomly, without plan. 
They smile a lot, because of mutual impression.
They are arguing about small things. 
They did not notice how much time they spent on the same place.
They are cleaning each other. You will move bread crumbs from his shirt, he will wipe small glitch of chocolate from your lips.
When people try to hide relation, or problematic past relation, they will control their reactions. This is an opposite effect, because all what you would do in contact with this person is now contrary. For example, you would say hello and shake hands on the street, but now you will turn on your head and walk faster, because you don’t want to remind yourself on former relationship.
Angela had painful relation with guy who cheated her. After some time, she found new boyfriend Darren.  They visited local event. There was Pete, her ex boyfriend. She was in panic. She wanted to leave, but Darren asked for a reason. Angela wanted to sit more far, and Darren noticed that she is nervous. Pete was looking in her direction, and Angela was looking at him too, with grumpy expression at face. Darren got the point, he asked her about Pete. Men are available to feel when someone is in mind of their girlfriends. They feel hunter’s instinct, and you can be silent and cold outside, but they will feel what is wrong. Their pride and masculinity will make simple equation. It means , their relation is attacked from outside.
If you feel something for someone who doesn’t know this, or you wish forgiveness from ex love, words are not enough and effective in every case. Actions and body language will show you way.
Some ideas:
Make a smile, move on when she is passing and offer her free chair.
If she is waiting in the line, tell her she can wait in front of you. You have time and she is in rush.
If she is mocked by other girls or guys, be brave and tell her that she has right. Or she is amazing and misunderstood.
Use internet. Make a post with something what she likes. Her favorite song, lyric, movie. 
Direct approach is not always desirable. You can lose potential girlfriend if you are too pushy, too persistent or you  suffocate her. She needs choice. How she might choose if she can’t breath?
As quote says :

How virtual world kills people?


Words can’t kill you, but their effect could be suicidal. You don’t believe this? Little girl from north-western Croatia, small city Lobor, 15 year old,  was found dead after threats and insults at her internet profile. One of her “friends” wrote under photo : “You are ugly, you better to kill yourself.” Reason of this insults was fatal guy, so group of girls notified her about possible revenge, because she stole guy who was already taken. She disappeared at first and her body was founded after, under suspicion that she committed suicide.

In Italy, girl in same ages made suicide because her photo was published at facebook page. In this photo she was vomit in toilet , after party where she was drunk.

In Bosnia, guy published porno video with his ex girlfriend, where they made love. Girl reported him and he got punishment about 3 years of jail.

This cases made one question: How much strong is human character?

How much we can handle, when pressure on our nerves system is too high? What to do when everyone turns against us, even when our “sins” are published at internet?

I can tell about my experience, about message i got in my inbox, when i denied friend request. Guy wrote: “Bitch, who do you think you are? Fuck your mother. Bitchhhhhhhh. “

For sure, this is not pleasant when someone is threating you public. If you read between lines, you will realize that person who insults you without reason in fact talk about himself. This message talks about his education, character and maturity. He can’t handle rejection and he doesn’t approve other choices. Maybe his parents are divorced or he never had parents. For sure, he is single and he had no luck with women.

Social networks are kind of prison, where only the strongest survive. People associate in gangs to fight together or to hang someone in public. If you stand on someone’s feet, you can expect everything. Sensitive and young people will often fail in this test, because they spend hours and hours at internet and it takes them personaly. For some people, it is the same as whole neighborhood made conspiracy against them.

What to recommend to their parents , teachers or any person who care about possible victims?

See how much time this person spend on internet. Take her on fresh air, in cinema, anywhere to relax and rest her mind.

Tell her don’t take this personaly, because some people are frustrated and jealous. 

This person must surround herself with people who love her, to raise her selfconfidence.

She must ignore or reply on higher level. Virtual bullies are the most unhappy when they see that victim is on higher level.

Smile and show happiness, because positive attitude is as cold shower for abusers.


Nobody will shot at you behind camera, you are safe if you don’t meet with person alive. Just, some people will try to kill you slow, with cold weapon. Look around yourself, on which way you lived before, did you need keyboard to be happy? Is it important because avatar insults you? How much damage can do ugly disclaimer to your personality?

When you let abusers to drag you into their dirty circle, you make damage to yourself. Social networks have rules , but people must protect themselves at first.  Internet is not battle field, you can’t return boyfriend who doesn’t want you anymore but you can embarrass yourself. You can’t get magic stick to make your life better but you can learn how to survive and focus on things which are really important, far away from ecran and keyboard.

What is asexuality indeed?

Did you ever imagine world without sex? Did you imagine world without love and romance, touch and kiss, fast heartbeats? 1% people are asexual and they live in exactly this world, protected from love troubles and tears, but also without flame and passion for soul.
Asexuality is the lack of social attraction to anyone, or low or absent interest in sexual activity.
There are 4 types:
Person is not interested for romance, but person owes sexual instinct.
Person is not interested for sex, but person feels romantic attraction.
Person feels both, but not connected to each other.
Person feels nothing of that.
Also, there are differences, person could be born asexual or this is result of some past trauma. I see asexual person as transparent angel who will vanish if you touch him.  On some way i admire to asexual people , on other hand i pity of them.
Once i was jealous on my neighbor X who is asexual person. He was spared of broken heart. In that time, when i was very unhappy, when i passed through five breakups, i wished that i had no heart. Simply, if i could sell my emotions then for something practical to get rich, i would sign deal with the devil. So, while i was crying and waiting my ex who was cheating me, my neighbor was happy as usual. He would woke up and drive his car, enjoy in his job and reading many books. He would discuss with all of us and smile how we are just ordinary animals addicted to something dirty as sex. First we all thought that he is gay. But, he never shown any aspirations toward men. Also, while other guys commented women with good legs and big breasts, he found it very cheap. He liked Britney Spears, but in a way like kid loves his toys. He was clean and pure as blonde angel, and the day Britney failed in depression and made scandals was the day of her end in his fantasies. So, X is today unmarried, he lives in big, very tidy flat and he alone washes dishes and clean and cook. Every woman in my city wanted to date with him before 10 years, because he was handsome and ambitious. Today, also he can get many woman, but he is not interested. He respects women, but he doesn’t show any intentions to kiss or hug any woman, to call her on date. Simply, he thinks that his life is enough beautiful without partners. Neither women, neither men.
He did not change, but i changed my opinion. Even his world looks very safe, i would not be happy there. I was stupid and my behavior was sometimes on the boundaries of insanity. I was begging for love, i was abandoned and broken. But this made me what i am now. Also, all that unhappy love stories had bright side, that i threw out all my emotions. I was happy after tears and calm after anger. Today, i can love pure and i love my partner without chains, without doubts. I see sometimes X and he is the same cool guy, ready to talk with every girl , but never in the clouds of love. Sometimes me and my partner talk with X, and we still can’t believe that women are around him, but he doesn’t show reactions.
We are still not sure, does he belong to this 1% population who is asexual? Or he is hidden gay? Or he is silent lover who hides his mistresses? Maybe he will die with his secret and bring it into his grave, or he will find enough patient woman to change him. One thing is sure, his face is always cool and happy , as he won in lottery just this moment.

Sacrifice lust for the sake of love

Two man fight for affection of one woman, sounds as feed for ego? I bet every woman dream at least once that men will fight for her, as knights in the past, and that better will win. In this situation, every woman must be aware that one man will lose and someone will be hurt.

This is not rarity, you can fall in love in two men. It happens, and feelings are not equal, you might love someone and to be affected with another one, but your heart is divided on two parts and this is poison for soul. How to choose one, or will you lose both indeed, because you look as manipulative bitch?

Sally was in that situation when she got married. She got married for love of his life and this marriage started good, she and husband were travelling a lot and dating as young teenagers. Suddenly, her husband became grumpy, he lost sense for humor, money debts and problems at work prevailed his mind. He was cold in sex and also suspicious about Sally, because she has many friends at her social networks. 

Soon Sally started to exchange messages with Daniel , hot guy who worked as security guard. They opened video cameras and fall in love in each other. After some time, Daniel asked Sally to visit him, or he will come to visit her. Sally was crucified between her desires and devotion toward husband. Then, something helped her to decide. Daniel was womanizer and he did not hide her nature, by posting around compliments and sharing gifts with many women. The worst of all was, that he prefer older women, even over 50 years. He was 36 years old and it was indeed strange because he was surrounded with this kind of women. Sally chilled out from him, she did not want to be part of this game. Also, she start to miss all little things she had with her husband, common breakfast, watching movies together, making jokes which only they understand. She deleted Daniel from her social page. He is still sending her messages and try to get back her affection, Sally is not cold but she decided to finish this game. 

When two men wants one woman, she is at first fascinated, her ego grows, she feels as queen, especially if both men are handsome, quality men and if they are desirable. After some time, she will feel conscience guilt, like she is destroying two lives by this uncertainty . One day she will make decision and break some heart. One day one will suffer.

In this case, Sally hurt man who had no pure intentions. He wanted to make sex and probably this relation would not last. Sally shown also high level of empathy by sacrifice her feelings for the sake of her husband.

People could judge, but who did not think about other person, at least once? We might think that we have sinned by thoughts, acceptance or even words, but this is all human. We have turbulence in our relations, and if relations survive, it means love is stronger than passion or lust. Real love includes forgiveness, sacrifice and respect. Real love can’t survive without responsibility. 

If you are responsible, you will cut of every treat to your love.