Fairy tale about drunk lady


In ancient fairy tale Cinderella is sober girl who came to dance with king,  dressed as queen.  When midnight come, she will lost shoe . As it is predictable, king will try to find awesome girl who lost shoe because she captured his heart. Good girls never get drunk, as moralists say, so she left this place with sober mind.

Nowadays Cinderellas would like to capture man’s heart, but it takes courage and liquor could help to kill shame and to make them braver. Let’s approach him drunk, all chains will fall.

Being woman has an advantage. When my friend celebrated birthday in night club, he was undressed. During party he did striptease on half way, so i broke glass, in the moment of excitement. Really it was nice to see all that pieces of glass on the floor, and i was nervous because of crowd. Other drunk people didn’t want to move from my way, so i broke glass. Bodyguard saw my friend and warned him to wear the shirt. He did not say nothing to me, even i smashed glass. I had only innocent smile and confused face.



Reasons for being drunk are various:
More self confidence, 

more sex appeal, 

more courage to do things you would not 

or you even dance better with influence of liquor.


As in story about Cinderella, when midnight gone, she is again poor ordinary girl. And all that glamorous things went away, just vanish in front of her eyes. And what if she get drunk in this fairy tale? Prince would get sex before marriage and she would be declared as easy girl. It would be story for adult, not for kids without life experiences.


The only reminder on previous drunk night is headache. Oh yes terrible headache, and toilet is the best friend. You will only recognize bottle of water near bed, because you will be very thirsty after alcohol kills all vitamins.


You will make just one promise “Do not do it again.” Now guy is not important. What is important where is your money, why your clothes is full of stains and did you maybe fall somewhere because you have scratches. If tomorrow is your working day, you will need bunch of coffee to stay awake.


How our addictions rule with us?


Look around and you will see cloud of smoke and person with cigarette, man who gamble, people with glasses filled with vodka , wine or beer, and bunch of other people busy with computers. All this are addictions. Life is hard and we need someone or something to lean on, to make our own mislead that all will be alright, in the moments when we don’t know where we are going.

Someone will say that gambling, smoking, drinking or playing video games are things for weak people without character. Someone will describe such people as losers without friends and real life. But can we judge someone without looking ourselves inside?

Of course, there are just some steps from casual smoking until addiction crises, from current gambling until dangerous game with roulette where your money can burn and you will be in financial trouble, and also here is familiar story about kid who died thirsty and hungry because he spent 2 days in front of computer by playing video games. That are cases for community where only professional help can make results.

If we are talking about absolutely discipline and purity, there is only small number of persons who are not attempted by any vices.

Here are some addictions , as substitutes for something what miss in real life:


1. watching soap opera – in the time of Santa Barbara, many lunches burnt

2. sending messages from cell phone – when cell phones appeared, it was popular addiction

3. eating chocolate and other candies – Oprah would say that we are eating our feelings

4. collecting bunch of unknown people in internet as friends – for lonely people who want to be surrounded by many virtual supporters

5. watching movies for adults – as substitute for real partner

We may laugh, we can feel pity or we can judge. We can find ourselves at least in one moment when we needed something of this, just to escape from daily problems. After all, we are only humans with weaknesses and sins.

Call me when you are sober


Look at the bottom of your glass and you will see your feelings . No matter did you cry, yell or smile when you are drunk, that emotions are exaggerated. If you wish to say something important to your beloved people, better delay this for sober time.

Your emotions are not clear during drinking . If you like someone, you will say i love you. If you can’t stand person, you will say i hate you. If you wanted to say something in four eyes, you will say this in front of audience and this will be very unpleasant.

Promises and excuses are not real in drunk condition. You can promise space ship under the influence of alcohol, and next day you will not remember or your memory will be filled by regret. Why did you say this and how to deny? Blame your glass of vodka, wine or beer, because fluid talks in many nasty ways.

Top list of things you should not do or say drunk:

1. promise to get marry with someone

2. making love until you are drunk

3. say someone i love you or i miss you if that is not true

4. admit your private secret that you cheated partner or anything similar

5. say someone that you want him just because you are drunk and your libido is high

6. make a deal for date even you don’t want this

7. call someone, send sms or update status about your relation

There are jokes about beauty, so every person will be beautiful in the curtain of alcohol. Your misty mind and blurry eyes will make love with siren, and in reality you don’t even like that girl. Disappointment comes out in sober time. So, you slept with him? You gave your phone number to stranger and now you can’t get rid of him? How to clear consequences of your act? How to explain that you did not mean serious?

Other side could be hurt. Now this girl thinks that you love her, because you said what she wanted to hear. This guy thinks that you will be in relation with him, but you just wanted to be nice and kind.

Shirley and Ben met in the night club until she was drunk, and place had weak electric current. He was fascinated my her, and she let him to kiss her. Other day she went on date. The light of day discovered secret, Ben was without few teeth, and his face was full of pimples. She found excuses to reject his next offers for dating. Indeed she felt sickness, how could she kiss him? Too much booze, and he was prince, but next day she met with frog. Ben was sad and disappointed because he felt like he won at lottery, and then cold shower washed him in few minutes, when she said she must go home.

When you make a toast, when you are celebrating , you can say what you feel, without involving anyone in sweet traps of promises. That promises are not yours, they escaped from your mouth together with drops of alcohol.

Drunk in love

07.03.16 - 1
Any choice you make, do it sober. When you pick partner during one drunk night, dawn will be painful. Imagine lights in night club, or walking in the beach under influence of alcohol, he whispers you sweet words into your ears, and you are hypnotized by liquor from your glass. If he is handsome, he will be magic man. If he is ugly, he will be handsome. Your mind will give wrong judgment , just because you are drunk.
Alan met Celia in the club, when he was sad and drunk. They were kissing, but other day he noticed her small mustaches . He was shocked, i mean woman with hairy mouth? He made excuse not to see her again. This kind of examples are mirror of wrong perception and twisted mind.
Helen had other kind of story. She was in the car with Gary and she was drinking whisky and cola, to relax before sex. When she was already half naked, she felt pressure at bladder. “Oh i need to pee. ” She was running half naked between cars to find her place for toilet. And it happened 5 times so Gary gave up. Later he talked that he never saw such drunk girl as Helen was.
What will go wrong, when you wish to have sex drunk?
Your resistance is smaller. 
If that was not idea while you were sober, now it will be perfect solution.
You re more open minded. 
Maybe you are shy girl, but now you are ready to move limits.
Your control doesn’t work out.
So, you don’t worry about protection and possible pregnancy. Let God helps you, that is your thinking.
You are more sensitive , even obsessive.
What you said to him while you were drunk? Maybe you gave kinky confession. Maybe you said “i love you” and you wanted to wait with this.
Your memory is erased.
Wake up next morning in the bed with total stranger or with someone you did not like. Awful feeling.
Some girls make basic mistakes to drink in intention to impress guys. Oh, i will be more cool, brave or more sexy. That is wrong. He doesn’t expect fatal seductress as in movies, he wants natural girl. With alcohol, you are more spontaneous, but also aggressive, clumsy and with distorted balance.
What kind of impression you wish to give? 
Do you want to wake up with eye bags, bad breath and nuisance ? Then, few weeks later, you wish to look at your calendar and try to remember date when this happens because your period skipped regular days?
One more thing, drunk girl is the most easier target. When guy saw drunk girl who is dancing, his eyes will see opportunity. He doesn’t need much efforts to win trophy. The problem is, girl will not cooperate much because she doesn’t know what is happening.
If you make love drunk, this is blur movie. Just much clothes around and spinning room. All what you will remember is big headache after.