Do you fit in a social register?

  We talk about free human rights at every opportunity, but society is made in the matrix. Even someone wants to fit in, standing out will be a better solution if you follow your instinct. At first sight is cool to fit between your friends or colleagues, but if you feel ridiculous or uncomfortable, this […]

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When people show true colors

  When will people show true colors, when masks fall down? Everything is great until you have harmony in relations, no matter is this love or friendship. Until you support and confirm other opinions, until you stay away from discussions, you are peaceful. On this way you feed another ego, you are not a competition […]

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Who is a disposable man?

  You see that bitch with your beloved man. Do you wish to strangle her? Feeling so familiar, isn’t it? No matter how much one woman is pretty, smart or well mannered, we are the same when someone involves in our relation. As cats, women will fight for their territory, with all kind of tools. […]

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Are you a supportive friend?

  A grumpy person is not a desirable friend. It is normal to be moody, but people who are constantly sad, angry or depressed are not welcome. If you pass a hard time, you will wish to be in company with someone who can make you smile. A cheerful friend will lift you up, and […]

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Did you date an addict?

Life in the cloud is beautiful in fantasies, but hard in a reality. Imagine that you are focused only on one thing, instead of many duties and obligations you should do the next day. That one thing is your addiction. Ask yourself, did you ever forget to eat because in your mind was only a […]

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Do you overrate yourself?

A drowning man catches at straws. Even when it looks like everything is over, still we wish bonus match. Some life situations are hard to handle but even harder to let it go. We wish to ask one more chance. A failed marriage, a lost job, exam we did not pass, ex-boyfriend or a girlfriend, […]

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