How strong is your libido?

Do you feel excited today? If you feel hot, horny and you want only one thing with a special person, your libido is at the top and you are ready for the action. Even in 21th-century people are sometimes ashamed to say that they are horny because it could be wrongly understood. When the man […]

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How people lie at the Internet ?

  One of the biggest cheaters in a virtual world is fake profiles. Imagine that you share your problems, dreams and daily routine with a charming stranger and you found out that person is fake. You would not believe what kind of creeps are hiding under avatars and what are people able to do on […]

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How success spoils people?

  Imagine that your life suddenly changes overnight. You might get rich. Nothing makes a person so poisoned and cocky as a success. Drink this sweet champagne and enjoy in a taste, you are a privileged person. Yesterday you were poor, today you are rich, and how to be flexible with this change?   The […]

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Do you understand body’s language?

Chemistry is something that you can’t fake. Sparks are visible from the plane, and vibrations travel free, without control. Body’s language is the universal language of humans. A wrong translation can get you into problems. If someone makes a quiz, to guess which people are indeed couples, you can guess it by some marks.    […]

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