White lies can’t hurt?

Some lies cannot hurt others, and at the same time, it can help us to protect what is important to us. Truth is a wonderful thing, but sometimes we must go on a side track to realize our wishes. Truth is naked and simple, there is only one truth and everything else is connected with […]

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A girl who changed her mind

Have you ever liked someone at the beginning but later you put a wall, cause something happened? A woman’s nature is not simple. We might like a guy, but it is not the final decision in a way “happily ever after. ” Between like and love is a long way, so some acts and words […]

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How real are your promises?

So much talk, fewer deeds, and actions – this is the golden rule in every relation. People who make many promises cannot realize all, and instead of a realization, you will get excuses. Arthur was never a man of too many words. He said to his wife Lena “I love you too” and the rest […]

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How karma works overtime?

Do you believe in karma? When something bad happens to the person you did not like, do you feel like you got an award? Many people afraid to confess that they thought bad about someone when something unexpectable happens, cause it is not nice to wish bad things to anyone. Just, some energy exists in […]

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Women are not weak as they look

Where is a fight, there is love. Since childhood opposite genders tease each other, make conflicts and argue, just to compare their mental strength. Men are strong gender by nature, but many of them underestimate woman’s will and character. Some judgments define a woman as fragile, sensitive creature, and a man who is educated in […]

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