Only love can’t save a marriage

  Money can’t buy love and happiness, that is clear. Also, people can’t live without money, and everyone who believes that only love will save their marriage or relation is in big mislead. Many marriages split because of financial problems. When your children are hungry, when your partner can’t find a job, love can’t help […]

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The point of a blog interaction

  The blogging is not a blind alley. This is not one-sided communication, either. The beauty of blogging is trading of opinions and when I see comment on my blog which is connected with a topic, I am happy. Sometimes other bloggers inspire me to open topic, they remind me on a different point of […]

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Are you the outsider?

  Accept me as I am. I don’t wish to pretend, I am the bad actor. I am not perfect, but i hope you will love mine imperfections. That are wishes of many people, to be accepted without change. Now here is another wish, in opposition to your personality. You wish to fit in society […]

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Modesty is a value or not?

Be a good and modest person and everybody will love you. That is kind of attitude to avoid conflicts, judgments or to be accepted in society as a good member. That is a small line of resistant, don’t fight, don’t argue and you will live a peaceful life. Modesty has good sides, so modest person […]

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