Who watch your back?

Sometimes we can’t handle problems alone. Even the strongest person will need a shoulder for the cry or just a hug, as a sign that everything will be better. If you are a woman, you will need a double dose. We are sensitive creatures and even we don’t want to admit it, sometimes we need […]

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How is to feel like uglier half?

Do you know the meaning of word DUFF? That is Designated fat ugly friend, by urban dictionary. So, now you expect creature about 100 kilograms weight, with thick glasses or pimples on face, who wish to be in your company? Or, maybe you wish to find someone similar, to pull more attention on yourself, because […]

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Do we underestimate bullying?

When Paula had a 13th birthday, she went to school with concern. Some guys in her class did not like her, and the teacher had no understanding of her problems. She was a victim of bullying and all that she could do is to wait 2 years until she finishes elementary school. Then she will […]

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How a virtual world kills people?

  Words can’t kill you, but their effect could be suicidal. Don’t you believe this? The little girl from north-western Croatia, small city Labor, 15-year-old,  was found dead after threats and insults at her internet profile. One of her “friends” wrote under photo: “You are ugly, you better to kill yourself.” The reason for this […]

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Don’t be copy paste follower

  Even bad original is better than excellent copy. If we are just blank print of someone else, we lose our identity. Look at for example Marilyn Monroe. She had and she has million copies. Girls now days try to copy her, her style, her makeup, her clothes. Indeed when i look at some folk […]

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