Guys without shirts

I was always impressed with men who try to gain attention in clubs by their way of clothing or dancing. That was not impression in good meaning, it was more something what gave smirk on my face.  Guy who tries to show break dance, which was popular during eighties. Guy who wears shirt with titles […]

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Fairy tale about drunk lady

In ancient fairy tale Cinderella is sober girl who came to dance with king,  dressed as queen.  When midnight come, she will lost shoe . As it is predictable, king will try to find awesome girl who lost shoe because she captured his heart. Good girls never get drunk, as moralists say, so she left […]

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Despair is unattractive

When I visit a nightclub in my city, I see always two guys in the corner. One is drinking juice, I suppose he is the driver. Other is drinking wine or beer. They change roles with time, so the one who drives took a shorter straw because night will be more boring without alcohol. Another […]

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After party syndrome

Holidays are favorite part of the year because we can relax and forget about control. Sing, dance and smile, that are only orders. No more boring bosses, annoying teachers and parents, now is all allowed. We can be clumsy, crazy and out of our mind. If you can’t relax on holiday, you must be dead […]

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Dancing with myself

Human body is not resistant on time. How we get old, we are more sleepy, tired and with lack of energy. Our will could be stronger, but our physical ability is out of battery. If you are not doing any sport activities, you will face it with struggle, how to stay in the race.  Imagine […]

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Madonna and a swan’s song

  Imagine how would you feel that you have a chance to be young again, to start whole life from the beginning. If you are a woman in middle ages, maybe you look at your pictures in the album from youth and regret because you did not use your time properly. If you are rich […]

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A coin for your smile

It is Saturday night and your boyfriend still talks about his job. He is under stress and he can’t relax even for a weekend. You said that you are tired from stories in office, it comes out on your ears. Everybody around you wants to escape. One bad day is not the end of the […]

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