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Guys without shirts


I was always impressed with men who try to gain attention in clubs by their way of clothing or dancing. That was not impression in good meaning, it was more something what gave smirk on my face.  Guy who tries to show break dance, which was popular during eighties. Guy who wears shirt with titles ” I am not gynecologist but i can check every vagina. “ Guy who wears trousers with so many holes that you can see his pants through this.

What impressed me the most were guys who love to go in night clubs without shirts, to show their torso in hope that they will get lucky. This summer i was with my husband in night club with dress code, where is not allowed to enter without shirt despite of summer temperatures. They like to keep their rating, so many security guards around watched visitors to make their rules safe.

In the middle of the party i saw guards around guy who undressed himself . He shown his torso with muscles (not bad view) and jump on the wall, that everyone can see him. Guards surrounded him and ordered to get dress. He rejected this and negotiations started. When he saw that he will be kicked out, he took his shirt ( he had elegant white shirt), but he was so drunk that he could not deal with buttons. It was very funny scene, guy was buttoning his shirt (probably he saw double or triple amounts of buttons) and his hands were shaking from nervous breakdown. All the time security guard was standing near him, to be sure that he will finish his work. Finally, guy was dressed and he could back to the party.


I wonder here, what is the point of guys who like striptease in clubs?

They hope to get laid.

Sure, all women will jump on guy without shirt. We can’t wait.

They hope that someone will notice them so they will become famous.

Instagram is not enough, maybe someone can see you and you will earn as model. Yeah, sure.

They try to show how they jump out from crowd.

Hard work in gyms, it has to be exposed. Let everyone see my muscles, i was working hard.

What can happen is far from fairy tale.

Women will think that you are jerk who only wish sex. Really, which girl want to drink with half naked guy ? His intentions are visible from space.

Guards can throw you out. Mostly, clubs which are not purposed as places for half naked people will care for their rating. Also, guards see problems there, who can took out shirt will be ready for fight too.

You can be injured. Someone hits you in naked back , burn cigarette on naked skin, it will not be funny. 

Another part of this story are guys which bodies are not so perfect. There is nothing worse for us woman to see old drunker with fat hanging belly without shirt. Red in face and walking with hairy chests around, that is not how woman imagine prince charming. Before all, women run from such men.

No, i am not traditional, just as person who visits parties many years, i think every place has purpose. Parties on the beach in afternoon are full of half naked women and men, and this is normal. Foam party, after party on the beach, that are places for men who like to show their musculature. You will see woman is swimsuit there and she will drink cocktail with you without shame.

Closed night clubs are another story. Guys will say : “What the fuck, nobody will order to me. I will come in pants or naked if i wish. “ Wrong one, cause always is there someone who can get you embarrassed or even worse. In such story, amateur striptease is not welcome.

How this story ends? Guy without shirt is kicked out , collecting his teeth one by one, without women he wanted to seduce and with some scratches if he got lucky. If not, he will visit emergency. In the case he tries to get back again, he will play role of pancake, guards will make punching bag from him, as in cartoon.

Real man doesn’t need this show. He will undress himself in private place, for the woman who wants him. Not every woman needs to see his muscles, chests, tattoo, just to fall down on her knees. The  moment when such guys speak loud, you will see with whom you are hanging out.

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Fairy tale about drunk lady


In ancient fairy tale Cinderella is sober girl who came to dance with king,  dressed as queen.  When midnight come, she will lost shoe . As it is predictable, king will try to find awesome girl who lost shoe because she captured his heart. Good girls never get drunk, as moralists say, so she left this place with sober mind.

Nowadays Cinderellas would like to capture man’s heart, but it takes courage and liquor could help to kill shame and to make them braver. Let’s approach him drunk, all chains will fall.

Being woman has an advantage. When my friend celebrated birthday in night club, he was undressed. During party he did striptease on half way, so i broke glass, in the moment of excitement. Really it was nice to see all that pieces of glass on the floor, and i was nervous because of crowd. Other drunk people didn’t want to move from my way, so i broke glass. Bodyguard saw my friend and warned him to wear the shirt. He did not say nothing to me, even i smashed glass. I had only innocent smile and confused face.



Reasons for being drunk are various:
More self confidence, 

more sex appeal, 

more courage to do things you would not 

or you even dance better with influence of liquor.


As in story about Cinderella, when midnight gone, she is again poor ordinary girl. And all that glamorous things went away, just vanish in front of her eyes. And what if she get drunk in this fairy tale? Prince would get sex before marriage and she would be declared as easy girl. It would be story for adult, not for kids without life experiences.


The only reminder on previous drunk night is headache. Oh yes terrible headache, and toilet is the best friend. You will only recognize bottle of water near bed, because you will be very thirsty after alcohol kills all vitamins.


You will make just one promise “Do not do it again.” Now guy is not important. What is important where is your money, why your clothes is full of stains and did you maybe fall somewhere because you have scratches. If tomorrow is your working day, you will need bunch of coffee to stay awake.

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Despair is unattractive

When i visit night club in my city, i see always two guys in the corner. One is drinking juice, i suppose he is driver. Other is drinking wine or beer. They change roles with time, so the one who drives took shorter straw, because night will be more boring without alcohol. Other guy will be drunk so he will pretend that he enjoyed. The truth is, they are loners by years and they can’t find girlfriend. Amazing thing in my city is that some things never changed. The same loners still stayed single, and taken girls are taken or divorced and taken again. This is like shopping when customers are the same and with same habits. Rich buyers will buy expensive things, and poor will just watch and leave.
That two guys are not handsome men. This is not the point of their story. They are single because they never tried to find girl. Their faces are grumpy as before judgment day , so which girl would like to drink beer with them?
People believe that they can’t find partner because they are ugly, poor, stupid or not popular. The truth is, they can’t find soulmate because their expression of face, acts and speech work against them.
Can you recognize yourself as desperate person?
This is your speech when you meet someone:
Hi, you are gorgeous, i never saw so beautiful woman. I am good guy, i live with my mother and i help her in everything. I will call you right on time. Hey, why did not you answer on my message? I saw you last weekend with friends, but you told me that you are going with grandma in park? Why you lied to me? Why you hurt me? “
Key of attraction lays in mystery.
I always fall in love in the same type of guy, even they looked different , but it was connection between them. I was chasing mysterious guy who did not answer on my call and messages and who suddenly appears when i did not expect him. I was in love in guy who did not confirm every my word because he had own attitude, but he was enough polite to discuss with me, not to tells me what i need to do.
If you are desperate woman, your date will look like this. You will dress in short skirt and shirt with decoltage,your makeup will be stolen in circus, and your feet will pain because of high heels. You will drink a lot just to kill your potential shame and inhibitions. You will allow guy to touch you where he wish , to drive you in some dark corner to get sex. He will not call you and you will call him and talk to his mother why he did not call you back. At least, you will see him with another girl in coffee bar, and he will call you to meet with him again when nobody is looking.
Girls in short relations will say that they had much experiences, because they changed guys every weekend. This is not true, because they are all the time on the beginning of story. They don’t know how respect works, what does it mean when guy cares for you when you have flu, and how is to eat untasty food with him and smile because you can’t diggest it. How is to cook when you have no idea and your partner doesn’t complain, he is willing to help you to learn better.
Eyes of despair are worst than blindness. That eyes are looking in wrong direction. From that road, you will see always the same team of people who are here to use you.
You are not desperate anymore when:
You don’t call partner after he stopped calling you.
You don’t beg partner to came back after he left you.
You don’t want to strangle his present girlfriend.
You don’t want to kill your friend because she is talking with your ex.
Words “i must find boyfriend” , “i will die” and ” i am ugly ” are not in your dictionary anymore.
Despair is a flood. You are desperate when you are alone, this despair will pick wrong partner for you, then you will cry in bad relation and you will cry again when it will be over. If you are looking partner when you are lonely, this is wrong reason, because nobody can’t be with you all the time. You will blame that person when she will be busy that you feel even worse.
Guys from the beginning of story are still alone, but they have each other. They are not aware that they have something, but they ignore that because this is not what they are looking for. Once when and if they find girlfriend, they will be jealous on each other if one stays single. That will be girl who separated them.
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After party syndrome

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Holidays are favorite part of the year because we can relax and forget about control. Sing, dance and smile, that are only orders. No more boring bosses, annoying teachers and parents, now is all allowed. We can be clumsy, crazy and out of our mind.

If you can’t relax on holiday, you must be dead inside.

How to get perfect party without alcohol? That magical bubbles in glass of wine, champagne or beer are our followers on every celebration. Even our perfect boss is drinking, so why we not?

Alcohol is double sword. We can do things we should not do, it will courage us to expose our love or hate, depends of situation.

There are more kind of drunkards.
Aggressive – don’t say wrong word to them, you will cause big fight
Cry baby – they will remember sad story from their past and cry under influence of alcohol
Boring fool – they will not give you peace, because alcohol make them so talkative
Alzheimer drunkard – they don’t remember what they said before half hour so you will listen repeating of the same words
Damage causer – they are dangerous, because broken glasses and blurs are here after they left party
Whatever you are in usual life, with few glasses of awesome wine or other alcohol you will be something else. People who usually have nothing in common will find common language when they are drunk. Your emotions are high, and don’t surprise if you kiss and hug your worst enemy. Also don’t be surprised if unknown woman slaps you, because alcohol will raise your libido. Don’t touch other butt without permission.
Next problem is toilet. Be sure you are there on time if you need to pee or puke. Some people get drunk and don’t leave toilet , they can sleep there until morning. If you are not so lucky you can be embarrassed.  Don’t drink if you are in bus, because if you are travelling and bus stops every 2 hours you can pee in your panties. You think you can make old trick to pee in the bottle? Don’t even try.
After awesome night is an awful morning. Headache, short alcoholic dream about 3 hours, when you woke up you are gloomy and with hangover. Milk can help you, and cup of coffee, but whole day you will have feeling like someone hit you with fist in your head.
Look your glamourous face in the mirror. Yesterday queen, today tramp. Bags under eyes, lipstick on your dress, and your hair cry for hairdresser. Don’t even try to seduce someone, guy will runaway. Smell of alcohol is another part of story.

Alcohol is tasty poison. That poison has deadline. You are under magic formula that night, and in the morning you want to forget all. If you even remember what happened.

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Dancing with myself

Human body is not resistant on time. How we get old, we are more sleepy, tired and with lack of energy. Our will could be stronger, but our physical ability is out of battery. If you are not doing any sport activities, you will face it with struggle, how to stay in the race. 

Imagine group of people who wish to go out for weekend. They have plans, but what is with realization? What is suitable for their ages, and what is in their brains?

First group are young people, from 16-24 years.

Usually, they will go to night clubs. They will dance and drink whole night. Some of them will stay also on after parties. Tomorrow, they will repeat this, because party never ends.

Second group are adult people, from 25-30 years.

They are already working weekly, so they will think about how long to stay in clubs, especially if it is Sunday. If that deal is on Friday, some of them are maybe tired. So they will skip Friday to get rest, and they will meet in Saturday.

Third group are people from 31-40 years.

You are still interesting to go in clubs? Or, you think there are kids? Maybe you prefer concert with classic music, or you simply want to go in nature, to get some fresh air. If you decide for night clubs, wear something fashionable , squeeze your teeth if there is crowd, and go to take vip seats. Cinema is also not bad choice.

Fourth group are people from 41-50 years.

You think you don’t have friends anymore, who wants to get out tonight? Now is time to select your team. If your friends are rich, they will know way how to have fun. If you have some saved money, go in journey. You saw already all in your country and in your city, so this is time to travel the world.

Fifth group are people from 51-60 years.

You wish to finish your knitting? Or, finally you will read book at peace? Don’t worry, spa are also good choice. You can swim in warm swimming pool with cocktail in your hands and go to wellness later. 

In generally, you can have fun in every age, even not in the same way. It is never too late to break some rules, or to make surprise for other people, who think that you are written off. What is important, is your feeling inside. 

One interesting thing is: ordinary people are always topic for judgement. Nobody will get surprise if Joan Collins is  going  at party, or if Silvio Berlusconi is dating with girl who can be his granddaughter. They are famous and their limits are crossed a long time ago. What is with ordinary woman in middle ages, or in fifties? Society will mock her, especially if she is in some night bar alone, without husband. 

Unfortunately, we can’t erase some labels, and we can’t avoid judgmental people. 

Just for comfort, people who are used to observe others are usually without own life. If your neighbor is constantly watching you and if her face is on window every time when you go out in new clothes, she is just lonely and curious. Maybe she is frustrated, and maybe her life is indeed boring. If you can hear conversations of some people, main event in their lives happened when their cat broke  expensive vase. But this was from Ming dynasty, so what a waste! Wow, naughty cat, and that happened this weekend. 

When i asked my office roommate what she will do this weekend, she said: “I will ironing. I have no weekend. “

Everyone has weekend time. Some are dancing with themselves, because they have no company. Others are slaves in the service of others. The most happy people are those with choice. Yesterday i was freezing with my boyfriend in open cinema, but it was cool, and i did not complain. I will drink some hot tea and continue today. Party never ends. 

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Madonna and swan song


Imagine how would you feel that you have chance to be young again, to start whole life from the beginning. If you are woman in middle ages, maybe you look at your pictures in album from youth and regret because you did not use your time properly. If you are rich and famous, maybe you wish to play God and act like young girl. 

Time is cruel, and no matter how young soul you have, how much plastic surgeries you did and how much energy you feel, some things are under your power.

Madonna is the most successful female singer in history. Her albums are still popular, she is kind of authority for young people and many will agree that she is cool, even she has over 50. Her style, her songs and provocative videos as “Justify my love” or “Like a prayer”, where she is dancing with black Jesus, all this stuffs made her popular . Madonna think as act as she is on the top of the world, so her affairs with guys who are double younger than her are just confirmation of her big ego.

Recently, Madonna kissed in mouth popular rap singer Drake. It becomes her habit, the same she did with Britney Spears before few years and Britney accepted this as part of show. Young Drake, who can be son of Madonna accord his ages, wipe his mouth as sign of sickness. Some were surprised by his reaction, how he dares to do it, that is Madonna. Well, even i appreciate Madonna as singer and successful woman, i will say what he did is right thing. His reaction shows : “Madonna you are old, start to act properly to your ages.”

Not everyone is impressed by money and power and not everyone will sell own soul and pride just to make success. Dignity and honor are not measured by money, so person who value dignity more than money will do exactly this, wipe his mouth or even spit into face. It is not rarely that we will be terrified if some old guy try to kiss young teenage girl, so why not now? Imagine that Madonna is just a tailor, 50 years old, and she wish to kiss young guy who came to pick up his suit. Everyone would say, granny is ready for mental asylum. In this case, this should be cool? If Drake has girlfriend who watch this public show, it would be also something normal? 

Legend says, when swan is at the end of his life, he signs the most beautiful song. This is kind of Madonna song, where she try to persuade others that she is still so sexy that everyone will wank on her. She tries to beat young competition, even her body looks as skeleton and her face is wrinkled. More, she looks as robot from “Terminator” movie, ready to kill everyone who stand on her way.

Wild guys, as Drake is will often show on rough way where is your place. This kind of guys are rebellious and they don’t let anyone to order to them or to push them in some undesirable direction. If he wish to spend night with some chick, he will do it without question. So this act of Madonna is insult of his male power, because granny tried to show world that he is her young slave. Even some medias claims that she bite him.

When older woman is seducing young guy or when she wish his attention, she should show next things:

Maturity. Prove him why you are adult.

Pride and honor. Show him that you are not public service.

Dignity. Show him that you are selective and your attention is free as air.

Manners. You are not young girl who will scream or laugh loudly just to pull his attention. One blink of your eye or sensual voice will be better choice.

Distance. You are not desperate even you are older. If he wants to get you, he must try harder.

There is nothing more sad than filthy, vulgar woman in certain ages, who cries or make jealous and drama scenes, because young guy rejected her. Why to surprise if you must listen this kind of speech:

“You are old bitch, so why don’t you leave me alone? Go to your husband or whoever fuck you.”

Better prevent yourself from disaster neither to heal. If you think that younger guys are too hard nut for you, stick to your peers. Even if you are celebrity.

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Coin for your smile

It is Saturday night and your boyfriend still talks about his job. He is under stress and he can’t relax even for weekend. You said that you are tired from stories in office, it comes out on your ears. Everybody around you want to escape. One bad day is not end of the word, but it could be close if you are in relation with someone who lost sense for humor. That kind of person can make it worse.

Gerard and Cedric are two best friends. Both had bad period, it was written in the stars or they stand up on left foot, but definitely they were not favorites of good luck. Gerard is an optimist, and Cedric is grumpy man so you can never guess about his real mood. 

They both described day at work, because they are working together.

Gerard said : “I spill coffee on my new trousers, but anyway i did not like the color, so there is no damage. My nervous client called me ten times and at least i learnt how much my nerves can handle. I will work also for weekend because we have deadline, but at least i will not drink.”

Cedric said: ” I have glitch from coffee at the table. How i will explain to my boss that my file is swimming in coffee? I can’t stand sound of phone anymore. For sure, client is maniac and one day he will kill someone of us. And what is the worst, i must work for weekend . “

Life will bring many problems and various kind of crises. Which way is easier, to deal with humor or to sit and cry? 

How about to be in relation with someone without sense of humor?

Your problems will look bigger, because your partner doesn’t see bright side of things.

If he says to you that you are childish, his spirit died a long time ago.

He can be offended if you joke with him.

If you are sad, with him you will cry for sure.

Imagine yourself in cinema, and you are watching “The mask. ” Jim Carrey is awesome for you, but your partner will think that movie is waste of time. He would prefer “Lincoln.” I am sure you don’t want to watch “Lincoln” in your free time, if you wish to relax.

Maybe it doesn’t seems so important, but sense for humor is great gift in every relation. 

If you date with guy who can make you smile, you will forget how life is hard. When you look bright side of things, you might find solution for your problems. Also, here is a catch. Some guys just think that they are hilarious and that every stand up comedy show would search for them. If jokes are offensive, dirty or so old that your grandpa will not laugh on this, it will have opposite effect. You can’t laugh on jokes about blondes, if you are blonde, and you date with guy who talk every night about this. It will not be funny if guy talks about fat women and you have problems with losing weight. Some guys will laugh on own jokes even nobody laughs on this. 

Racy guy will make balance and he will try to be original. One my friend has special approach to girls. He use to hug every girl in nightclub and say : “Dance with me, now is our song. ” Some women will walk away, but in majority, they are smiling. If guy is not pushy or annoying, he is welcome in every circle. Sense of humor might be ace card in your pocket. For example, Kyle is not handsome, not rich and educated. He is average guy with average mind, but his jokes are awesome. When girls date with him, they are crying from laugh. He create jokes by himself and even some guys try to copy him. 

What do you think when your beloved guy wants to smile with you? 

This is something positive and aphrodisiac for your relation. If you feel so good with him that you can smile without fear to ruin your mascara, it means you are connected. You wish to hug him because he brings some magic into your day. When you came from this terrible business meeting, your day was ruined. Then, your boyfriend made you smile and you forgot about your bad time. Accord his perspective, it looks even funny. Also, this is sign that he adores you. He would give everything to see your smile, even you are not in the mood. He is as magician, so his bag of jokes is ready only for you.

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Story about man without conscience


I was long time misguided about some male’s act. I was thinking that man who is nasty to other woman, could behave different with me, because i can act better than my competition. Or that i am better, with more qualities, so nasty hooligan will turn into prince charming thanks to me. This illusion was alive until the day i had bitter experience.

I was laughing to my acquaintanes, three girls who were easy available for men. Everyone’s knew that threesome will change guys every month or weekend, and that they have bad reputation.

Me, as good girl had perception about them. I thought, they offer themselves to that man, they are constantly drunk or beg for attention. I wanted to be part of their circle as my social experiment. I wanted to feel so free with Diane, Sarah and Jill. So they accepted me because i done favor to them, i had info about Diane’s rival so they marked me as their spy. Soon i realized that they are not filty girls. They were no stupid. One of them was studying medicine, other was employed and third was already mother, a single mother. I was student then. So, as their new girl i was introduced to male part of this team, and so, they all became very interested for me.

That night Joe, one of the guys wanted to be alone with me. He was drinking, i was drinking. We were talking and joking, so Diane said to me that i am maybe his next girlfriend, because he is familiar womanizer . I remember moment when me and Joe stayed alone. He pushed me into toilet, in intention to make love with me. I was drunk, and it was so funny to me, as game. Then, one little sober part of my brain started to work. I realized, that guy could use me, or worse, to rape me. Just, this thought did not save me. What saved me, was person in front of toilet who desperately wanted to pee. He was knocking and hitting the door so Joe gave up. 

Few weeks later Joe started to date with my cousin. It was too much for me, so i had conflict with her. Then i got a point, hooligan doesn’t chooose and make difference between women. He is equal toward all women, no matter who is she, his neighbor, colleague or lover. The only difference is which woman is smarter, who will tease him, who will shut up, or who will just runaway. Joe was man who slept well without conscience.

Nowadays, when i see men how they act toward other ladies, i see their image. I see how they treat their mother at home. I see how they act in publicity. So, if i feel loyalty and respect, if i see manners, i will know there is a chance that man is a good man. It is not guarantee, but that is good material.

Sometimes i remember Diane, Jill and Sarah. They all got married for some wild guys, i have heard they not treat them well. Just, this time i don’t judge girls. I judge man who could not see something worthy of respect in all them. Man who did not give them chance.

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Happiness in your wallet

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Do you feel lucky? That would be famous  Dirty Harry’s words when he is in the action.  

Luck is symbol of addiction if you gamble. In casino, when people want to make their day the main challenge is roulette or slot machines. This is not Las Vegas, in my city is just small gambling hall with few waitresses and free candies on the desk. In fact, candies are expensive when you lose money on gambling. It won’t stop you to try and if you win something, bunch of tramps will surround you to please their curiosity. Gambling is still taboo there, by meaning that only people with psychological problems go in casino. No matter do you have debts or you just have fun, somehow people will stare at you as you are an alien, especially if you are woman. As i saw in one western movie : “only bad girls gamble and drink. “

I hate crowd and when nervous jerk sits near me. That old man hit his machine like it will spit money. I wonder what security do here, just standing? I can’t focus on mine game, he is almost screaming why he lost. Who knows, maybe he spent last money. In every casino are warnings about that addiction, invitation for special help if you need, for those who lose everything. Still, i see many people in retirement who wants to push luck. If you want to have fun and if you have self control, go ahead.


You might be player on tournament and try to win the highest score. Ladies have special treatment in some occasions. Free tickets, free drinks for those who are first time there, will you try? This kind of addiction cannot ruin your health as nicotine or alcohol, but it can make you obsessed. When you want more and more and you cannot stop. When you owe money to many people and some of them are not in so good mood and they are waiting in the corner to get their money on some other ways. If you depend on lucky star, you are in trouble. If that is just your hobby, hope you have control over your money.

Lovely waitress will invite you to free drink, personal stuff will explain you rules and you are guest in the world of fantasy. Do you play role of winner or loser, it depends on you. Happiness is in your wallet, or you get out with empty pockets.

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Ladies first



You are man, you must to first step. This is something what men listen from early days, because they are familiar as “stronger gender”. Guy likes girl and he will approach to her, as it was expected .

What is with shy, insecure guys? They can have fear from rejection or laughs, because girls can be cruel too. Boy will enter into this world in teenage ages, and if his first experience will be painful, it can make him frustrated. Now days is easier with progress of technology so you can send request to Facebook or google or twitter and wait for approval. If girls deny, nothing bad happened.

If you ask some guys would they like that girls approach to them first, you can get some positive answers. Why not, times changed, and women are more opened and available for new experiments. It is not a shame if girl call you first, approach you first or send you message. On that way female can feel how is to be in male skin.

What makes difference is the way of approaching. I am sure that too opened girl can have bad results. If girl stand in front of guy and ask him for sex, she will be considered as easy or even prostitute. Some will judge her, other will reject her and some will just take an advantage. Why not, when hot body is offered on a plate?

When girl choose, she is responsible for her choice. She wanted that guy, and she made strategy. Sometimes, we need to go in the action. Enough we got bored and annoyed from boring men who are not in our interests. Now we will pull finger on guy we want and we like.

If you are doing first step, there are some advises. 

Let that approach be sophisticated, as act of woman, not as act of man. Man must feel that you are real woman, not man covered in women body.

1. you need to be in his focus – so, if you are in the night club, with bunch of your friends, step out, stay away from this circle, let he notice you

2. eye contact – look at him , don’t stare, but from time to time focus your eyes on him

3. smile – this is important, because grumpy faces are not desirable

4. wear your best clothes (this mean, something what fits you perfect, because first impression is nice, if you look  good in long skirt, don’t wear short skirt)

5. if you know someone of his friends, start to talk with him, it can pull attention on you

6. ask him for cigarette if he is smoker, or you are smoking

7. dance , girl who is dancing is in focus of attention

8. if you are in the same circle of friends, ask him something about what is connected to him, search for common interest in conversation

If he is interested for you, he will give you sign. 

You sent your signals to him, and now wait. Don’t run and show patience. When guy is interested, you will know. He will pay you drink, invite you for a date or continue to talk with you. He will make you smile and you will stuck with him that he will forget about place and time.

Guy who wants to get rid of you will reply you short. He will watch around on he will ask what is the time, suddenly he will find reason that he must go, like he saw the bomb. This can be unpleasant. Whatever you do, be sure in yourself. 

This time maybe did not work out, but next time it will.