Did you fall in trap of superstition?


If we could predict our future it would be step forward. Maybe we could avoid something unpleasant and stop things which we don’t want.  How to win in this race with unpredictable life?

Fanny can’t find normal boyfriend. She is blind in this tunnel of love. Every guy she met had something what rejected her at the end. So, she was printing their photos with one purpose. She will take this photos to clairvoyant. Fanny heard about man who lives in lonely house in the village. She paid him some money to see important things from this photos.

She was disappointed with result.

– You are insecure person Fanny. You can’t decide what you want. That men are unavailable at the moment and i don’t see clear what is on their mind. Seems vibration for today are not good.

Later, Fanny met with her best friend Alice.

– Dear, why you paid him for this? I could tell you some things from cup of coffee , without money. Sometimes you are really naive.

When you are in trouble and way out doesn’t exist, you will think about high forces.


In this situation, you are perfect victim for any kind of fraud. So called seer can convince you that you are cursed and that someone put spell on you. Also, if you are unhappy in love, seer can help you too. You will get some materials and that guy you dream every night will be yours. Just , first you need to pay some money. But, what is money in compare with eternal happiness without spell or whole life with person you love? You can give all money you have, so result will be better and better.

One day Gypsy woman said to me that she wants to read from my palm. I accepted from joke, and she asked me money. I gave her small coins to check her. Suddenly she said to me that she can’t see future with so small amount of money. She said, that i have spell and if i don’t pay bigger money, this spell will ruin my life. I knew this was scam so i just left.

Some people are indeed talented to predict future. Even FBI will ask for a help from seers and that people are professional. They will not threat to others, they will do their job and it takes lot of energy and they are exhausted from their visions.

Other people are also talented, but for fraud. They will deceive innocent victims. Man in Croatia said to woman entrepreneur that she has spell and she paid him big money to clean this curse. He gave her stinky water and some other things, and for a return, he use her for marketing of his services, and he robbed her. He got six months of prison.

When you are desperate, or in panic, don’t let your fear to take over your mind. You can get devil’s offer. This will be promise that your problems will disappear over night. Instead of this, you can have bigger problems , how to return money you lost.

You want to dig into your future? Let’s cook coffee and go to your friend or neighbor to have some fun. Maybe they can see something useful, and for sure you will not leave with empty pockets.


Why some people always get late on meetings?


You had deal to meet your friend in 11 a.m. She is again getting late, even you warned her last time that you don’t like it. Finally she came, with innocent smile on her face, after you waited her half hour. Will you forgive her because this is part of her personality? Person who is getting late is more than clumsy accord other’s feelings. She is unstable, distrustful and disrespectful.

Ok, if you think that is not a big deal, imagine situation where you are standing on open space, when outside is snow and wind, and you are waiting for person more than 15 minutes. For sure, this is not comfortable and you feel as a fool. Try to get late next time when you have deal with her, so let she feels how it is. Experiences learnt us, we got the point after we pass through the same things , when we did not believed to others how hard it is.


Some situations are unpredictable and you will get late as much you try to come on time. Person with good manners will take cell phone to make a call or send message. “Sorry i will be late. Can you wait me 10 minutes or we can deal for another time?”

Imagine that you are at work and you have deal with client. He expect you , and you can’t come at time. It happened to David, and he did not give a shit. He is lawyer and he had deal for meeting with his client, a woman who had problems with divorce. David had messy private life, and she was at lunch with mistress when his client called him that he forgot their deal. Also, she travelled from another city to meet with him. David simply forgot about this, and he said “let’s meet another time”, but his client cancelled all. He was not trustful .

People who will late at dates are special category. 

Wilma waited for his boyfriend Rob half hour, she was freezing in short skirt, accord his wishes. He came with his friend , after she was red in face and she already started coughing. “Sorry , we were at shopping to get some booze. ” It was very funny to them, because they were drunk, but Wilma felt humiliated, less important and underestimated.

Nowadays everyone owe cell phone, internet coffee bars are available on every corner, and it is impossible not to make a good deal or to apologize if you had something urgent. Yes, someone can kidnap you or you can get bad news, but if you are repeating bad pattern, nobody will trust you. Or, if you tolerate someone who is getting late , you will always wait much longer than you realized.

When technology takes over, romance died


If someone has told you that one day cell phone will be your worst competition, and computer will make fights between you and partner, you would call him mad. 

What we have today? Couples who are typing during their conversations, woman who hide her mobile in front of partner , man who say “excuse me, someone is calling me” and interrupted romance with sound of new viral hit.

Mark and Molly are travelling together. Mark took earphones and new iPod touch. It takes two for relation, but in this case, cell phone, iPod and laptop are also part of this couple, because they take important decisions many times.

Moly felt as someone who is waiting at the line. 

–  Can we talk darling?

– I am listening new album of Avenged Sevenfold.

Molly opens her book and reads. She spent last 24 hours in attempts to talk with Mark about something really important. 

Her mother said: “Dear, nowadays people are strangers. Phones, computers, tablets, they are taking over. You know like in Terminator, just without Arnold Schwarzenneger. When i met your father there was no phone, just romantic letters. And i waited him in silence that he comes back from military forces. I was scared, but he wrote really touchful letters to me. Btw, do you know to hold a pen still?

In the afternoon Molly and Mark came at home. They are living together for a few year and share all joy and problems. Mark turn on his laptop.

Darling..do you have time now?

– Just a moment, honey. I need to check my business page. Maybe someone join to my marketing circles.

Deep sigh. Molly went to get shower. When she came back, Mark was still in front of his laptop.

Damn it, when are you able to talk?

– Please, sweety, i am at skype now. There is my new customer.

Molly took network cable and turn off the connection.

What are you doing? Are you normal woman?

– I am pregnant, do you understand?

– Oh, why did not you tell me this?

– Because you are moron and you are talking with computers, not with me.

– Oh sorry my darling. That is an excellent news. Can i call my mother to tell her?

Did you sabotage your own wishes?


Did you ever ask yourself why it takes so long to get what you wish? Or why some of your wishes never became true? Maybe you wish two opposite things in the same time so one thing will abolish another.

What happens when you think like this:

I wish to change my job but i don’t want to leave my old workplace.

I wish serious relation but i can’t stop flirting.

I wish to lose my weight but i can’t stop eating candies.

I wish to have friends but i don’t want to hangout with people.

Our perception is our guideline. If we think on the way to sit on two chairs, we are not focused. Some people will think that they can do everything and that sacrifice is not necessary. Is it possible to feed wolf and not sacrify the sheep? 

Well, if you have fast metabolism you can eat candies, but question is how long. If you are married you can cheat partner, until your conscience tells stop or until he expose you as liar and cheater. You can take from people until they realize that you just take an advantage from them. You can earn from extra bonus work, but your time will be too busy for anything else than work. 

Every wish has a path. It includes discipline, selfcontrol and sacrifice. 

Lucy was flirty girl. She enjoyed to change men and to jump from one relation to another. When she met Malcolm, everything was different so she decided to marry for him. Before marriage, she wanted to be with another man, as last adventure before she settles down. Unlucky for her, she had envious friend Hilary, who saw her in infidelity action, and said all to Malcolm. Lucy lost Malcolm and it was price for her immaturity.

When you want something so badly, you will be ruthless. So, if you need to erase every person and every situation which distract you from your aim, you will do it. 

Nathan was also in situation to chose. He decided to marry and his friend Giselle hardly accepted this situation. She was calling him every day with lame excuses for conversation with him. Nathan’s fiance Melissa said to him to solve this problem, because it made mess to their plans. So Nathan block her number . He wanted to marry with Melissa and he did it.

Imagine your wish as trophy at the end of the race. You are running , and someone drags you for sleev. Will you stop to talk with that person or you will continue to run? Will you push this person because she is an obstacle? What you are ready to do, just to reach your aim and pick your trophy?How hard you wish something?

If you ask your friends how they realize their wishes , you will hear something like this:

“I am now slim because i gave up from candies. I exercise until i managed to do this.”

“I love my husband. So i said to another guys to go away from me.”

“I could not stand my job so i left. It was not easy but i don’t regret.”

“I did not trust people but i gave chance to new people in my life. Now i have friends.”

Reality is not fairy. You will not close your eyes to make a wish and wait for magic stick. First, you will pay your price , On this way you show how important is something for you. Meeting with reality is a deal. Shake your hands and give your deposit.

Your house of cards


When you live in the cloud of expectations, you will expose yourself to disappointments. In your mind is a scale, top list of things which you expect from some people. When they don’t bring you what you wished for,  result is depression.

Expectation is background of hope. What is indeed hope? That is transparent spider net of dreams. One little touch of reality and it will break. So if you live from expectations, it means you forgot the other side of life, real one.

Megan met this guy Nathan in the club, he drove her home while she was drunk. He cared for her until she was vomit, and she saw savior in him. Next time her best friend was also drunk, and he drove her home. Megan did not expect that Nathan will care for her friend, she thought she had exclusively right for his care. She felt sting of jealousy when Nathan called her friend next morning to check is she alright. Soon she realized that Nathan is kind of saint who like to help people, but he is not ready for serious relation. At the first sight, he was perfect choice, but as relation developed, she was more and more disappointed.

Problem is in our visions. If they are big, it is not guarantee that results will be big too. You started to work at this job, and all were kind to you, your colleagues helped you to fit in, but later some of them turned you back. Why this happens? Seems you expected too much.

Where are basic mistakes in expectations?

All is good at the beginning. Wait for some time, you will see that is not gold all what is shining.

Things are not black and white. Just because person looks as angel, it doesn’t mean she will bring magic in your life. 

Too much optimism is not good. Look at the other side of things.

Don’t rush because you will not see problems in your situation. When you realize, it will be too late.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Just because someone got rich from investment in stock, it doesn’t mean you will get the same.

When you not expect, you will see blank paper in front of you. You did not draw vision of success, because you don’t know what will happen. Have you seen opportunity on your way? Grab this and this spontaneous act will be better than failed expectation. 

Your house of cards is not safe shelter. Someone can take off carpet under your feet and then you are again at the beginning. If you are fighter, that is not problem for you, to go back in the same movie.

Our expectations should be in the harmony with situation. That means, more realistic. You know that boss position is not for you immediately, but you will work on this. Also, you know that guy will not propose you after one month of dating, but you will tell him what you wish from relation.

People split because of confusion , when expectations of two partners are not the same.

He wanted adventure, she wanted relation.

She wanted big house, he wanted to live in the small flat.

She wanted children, he doesn’t want to be a father.

When person is young, expectations are more delusional. Teenagers will build towers in the air and lack of experience will bring them fake hopes. Did anyone asked you : “But what you expected my dear? You expected too much, don’t fly without wings.”

When someone is disappointed , he used to say : ” I think i expected too much from you.” This person wish that you feel guilty, because he gave you trust. 

Expectation offers unclear picture. What you see and what you get are two different things. Hilda wanted to be successful manager but she got work in civil service and bad boss who drink her blood every day. Her job is not even close to vision from movies, where sexy business women run in fancy suits and rule with big companies. Hilda brings coffee to her old boss and imagine her death every morning.

Expectation is  delusional bitch. She will offer you roses, but this roses are full of thorns. Be careful not to hurt your fingers. Hold this carefully so maybe you will feel smell of this rose one day.

Unwanted fan

15 - 1 (5)

Everyone likes praises. If it comes from person you like, that is gift without envelope. What if you are on unwanted target? 

See how you react on someone who is not dear to you.

Are you flattered when someone gives you compliment? 

Your cheeks blush on every kind of compliment and from anyone?

I don’t think so. You probably have a vision of your love or you are already in love, and you care what will your awesome person say. What happens when you get a stalker, unwanted fan who doesn’t want to give up from you? That is really annoying. You want to get rid of that nerd with glasses or you want that fat girl get lost from your eyes, but you are subject of their desires. They won’t give up just like that.

You can get bunch of messages, request for your Facebook and other social network, your fan is here to follow you and that unwanted face jump out from every corner. Wow, almost you can feel as celebrity, just you need jumbo picture in his room.

So what to do next? 

You may be harsh and reject unwanted love. 

You can pretend that person doesn’t exist. 

Or, if that person is not so bad looking you can play game with him or her. 

Raise your ego, make comfort if you can’t find something you really want. Well, here you can find yourself in danger zone.

There was a girl from my city, she felt sorry of this guy who was so resistant, but mentally sick. And she went to drink coffee with him in coffee bar but he wrong misunderstand her kindness. He turns into  her shadow. One night he killed her in elevator. Her body was found on first day on New year.

That tragedy shocked people from my city, and everybody talked about this, how could it be different end. If he was on time in mental hospital. If she denied him more firmly. If she just told anyone about this stalker. Who was responsible, authorities or it was just fate? 

The point is, giving wrong signals to someone can make confusion. If you don’t want, make it clear. If you don’t know, don’t decide until you will know. If you just wish to play, be careful cause between your admirers is maybe someone who is mentally sick.


I think we can’t love from wrong reasons, because we are lonely, rejected from someone else, or we want to be popular. If heart say no, listen and act accord wishes of your heart. Use your brain to draw a line, kind of border which some people cannot cross without your permission.

Stuck in the moment


Our future is unpredictable. If you know how to live in the moment, stuck there until you feel good. Don’t think too much forward if you feel cozy now. 

What happens when we start with plans for next days? This future movie is running and our soul and mind will prepare on tough moments. But, they did not happen yet, and we are already under pressure. The best example how to ruin your peace and spoil your beautiful day is too think forward on your unpleasant obligations.

Heather is business woman. She works at project with deadline. Finally, she got two days free for weekend, to relax and collect her thoughts. Instead of this, she was not sleeping . She woke up in sweat and in panic. What will happen? How she can deal with this? In Monday, she came at work so tense that nobody could cooperate with her.

If you don’t appreciate present moment, this will be your destiny.

Constantly tired, because your mind can’t be calm never.

Problems with insomnia , because your nerves are always ready for breakdown.

Ready for conflicts because you are restless and nervous.

Exaggeration in everything. Small things will increase into big things. Someone can tease you, you will get offended.

Ryan is entrepreneur. He likes tennis. He plays tennis with his friends every weekend. After this he feels like new man. He is reborn. During this game, he doesn’t think about his work, clients , deadlines and lack of money. His obligations vanish and he is free man, even for a moment. What is the best, he is successful.

Imagine that you are in retirement and you can’t relax even then. Are you the one of those people who constantly stare in their cell phones, in expecting of important sms? Or you check mails from tablets, computers and laptops every minute? If your battery is low, panic is on the way. You will ask someone to lend you cell phone if yours shut down. Wow, you can miss something important, isn’t it?

When parents asked their daughter Alice how was at journey in Prague, she did not know what to say. It was planned as vacation trip. She was checking her emails all the time because she recently broke up with boyfriend and inside of her was hope, that he will maybe change his mind. So, while her friends were dancing in night clubs, she was so tense, because every sound of her cell phone was alarm that her ex will call her. It did not happen, and this vacation finished so fast. She was double sad, because it will never came back.

That is what we have, condolence and regret when we did not appreciate something on time. Hug your mother until she is healthy. Kiss your partner until he is with you. Smile when you have great day. This happiness is changing, but you don’t need to look behind her back. Stuck in your moment , the same when you make photo with your camera.