Bad guy or guy next door?

  Every teenage girl will dream about handsome actor, football player or singer. Hit Justin Bieber with your bra or panties, scream when you see Twilight saga and Robert Patinson, and masturbate on Cristiano Ronaldo, that are teenage dreams nowadays. That kind of perceptions come out from movies where guy is tough hero who will […]

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You can’t love for both

Love is blind, as old proverb said. As much this sounds banal, it has sense. How many time you regret because this fatal hunk did not noticed you? How many times you were envious to lucky girl who got him? Rivalry is old as human species ,but it always has conflict with right on choice. […]

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Is your partner prince or frog?

Every girl  dream about her perfect guy. Talking about Karate Kid or Terminator, we all have vision of our Prince charming. I remember story from my childhood’s friend . She said : “I will marry in Paris. I will buy big villa and i will be rich. I don’t want to live in this small […]

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