Why some people believe in lies?


Tell me lie and i will feel cheated or hurt. If you found out that someone is a liar, you will judge him and for sure that person will not be desirable friend. Now try to look at this from different angle, so then you will know why lies are popular and why liars can survive. As long in this world are naive and weak people, they will be excellent food for liars. Liars are sharks, and naive people are small, tasteful fishes, ready to be someone’s meal.

Reality is not beautiful fairy tale. Even when life praise you with gifts and rewards, there is always a catch. This is as cake with flies , so sweet at first sight but you can’t eat this because when fly sits there, it will be disgusting. For example, one day you finally found job . You were unemployed for a long time, and suddenly you have well paid job. Are you happy now? Now you have annoying colleagues, bitch sits with you in office and talk loudly at phone, radio is playing and you can’t stand that music, and when you go to lunch pause someone will sit at your table and brag with screaming voice about work. So your ears will pain because you can’t stand this. But you have job.

Now here are some situations, when people like to hear lies, not naked truth.

Patient who is seriously sick would like to hear that his situation with health will get better.

Woman fall in love in man, he doesn’t love her, but she wish to hear that he loves her. She would like to hear this sweet words even it is not true.

You are chubby and you want new dress, even you can’t breath, you will believe to salesman who said that you look perfect as model.

You don’t have idea about singing, but when you are in karaoke party, you wish to hear that everyone enjoyed in beautiful sound of your voice.

In the time of elections politicians will say many fake promises, and people will swallow this as candies.

Your parents will tell you that you are successfull, pretty and smart, even you don’t feel like this and this is not everytime true. 

Here we come to the next point. If we wish real truth, we should ask objective people for facts. Don’t ask for real opinion someone who is crushed in you, someone who is addicted to you at financial side or someone who wants to use you for purpose. Ask someone who doesn’t know you so good, and you will get right answer, because that person is free from guilt and fear that he will hurt you.

The most resistant fans of lies are those who cannot handle the truth because they are insecure in own abilities. They need to hear sweet words because that is their wall against all troubles.

Walter is average man with average work and average life. Everything in his life is in the middle. He can’t find girlfriend because he likes those who don’t like him, and girls who would like to date with him are not desirable from his side. He prefers kind women , and he aware of open minded ladies, because they are threat to his weak self esteem.

So he  started to search for a soulmate in internet. His profile page got unexpected number of women, he became popular. All women suddenly wanted to be with him.

His friend Ian laughed to him and told him this:

Did you checked that profiles? Half of them are fake and old. Some are maybe transvestits or gays. And some of that women have double or triple pages. So, when you eliminate your fans, at the end here is maybe one or two who is real.


Walter was furious , especially when Lara, woman with beautiful photos, started to talk with him every day. She was obsessed and she followed him everywhere. After one month she was revealed as fake. Other friends said that she was woman in fifties, with two children and husband. She was ugly and Walter was not first man who was fooled with her.

Life is not love story.

The main heroes in life are not knight, princess or king. Real winners in real life are people who can take things as they are, without need to make them better in fake sense. If you can accept that your lover is sometimes grumpy, that your girlfriend is not so pretty without makeup or that your friends are not always sweet and kind, you are winner.

Otherwise, you will swallow every lie on your way, because you were not enough brave to deal with the facts.

Put your lover on lice

You love him, but you are not sure on his feelings? He likes you, but words “i love you” are not on his mouth?

Love is not always mutual and balanced. We can meet some persons who will be amazing and stunning for us, but still something stops us to love them.

It is easy to have sex, but making love and sex are two different things.


Main differences :

When you have only sex you don’t want to see this person few days, you need to be alone to clean your mind and heart, maybe you will feel guilt or shame.


When you make love you want to be with this person all the time, to make her happy with different things and on different ways because you shared something special together.

Having casual sex is like changing socks. One day with one partner, another day with second partner. Making love is like you buy expensive dress and you will care for this not to destroy something what is so special for you. You make love only with one person, and that person is owner of your heart.

There is an old trick how to recognize real love. Girls will often be fooled by sweet words but actions will make cold shower.


Some experiences.

He was great lover, it must be love. He treated my body so great, as real expert. I never enjoyed like with him. “

“We are making love every time when i see him. I think he loves me, otherwise he would not jump on me every time when we meet.”

After this.

“He did not call me, and when i called him he said that he is busy, but i saw him in coffee bar with friends two hours later.”

“I don’t know why his friends are laughing to me. How his friends know that i wear red bra and tanga?”

“He said that i must be a bitch when i enjoyed so much.”

When your relation has only one purpose, when you are not talking with partner, you don’t share nothing except passionate sex, that is not real love. You can test your partner. If sex is the only reason why he or she is calling you, then you can deny this. You will not lose nothing. Iced relation is cold weapon in this cold war.

Dominic and Marie had passionate, hot relation. She felt with him like in “Basic instinct”, just without killing. She could not reject him never. One day she found lipstick in his bathroom and she found out that he is cheating her. She did not say nothing, but when Dominic called her next time, she pretended that she is busy. Dominic did not give up so he called her again for few days. Marie opened door in provocative underwear and invited him on glass of champagne. Dominic started to kiss her, she pushed him and said to him that she is not in the mood. Then she put all cards on the desk, and Dominic was faced with the truth.

He could not say that he loves her. He was using an opportunity, but when Marie rejected him , it was not purpose for this relation anymore. She found out the truth, even on painful way.


If you touch partner without feelings of love, if you are just horny, this is like contact of two dead bodies. No sparks and no flame , just superficial instinct. It is alright if you have deal with your partner, but if you love, and he doesn’t love or opposite, then you have problem.

Put your lover on ice and your will know the answer.

When libido takes over

Do you feel excited today? If you feel hot, horny and you want only one thing with special person, your libido is at the top and you are ready for action. Even in 21’s century people are sometimes ashamed to say that they are horny because it could be wrongly understood.
When man is horny, that is sexy and desirable, this will increase his masculine power. Well, if woman is horny, she is easy, filthy or vulgar , and she gives right to every man to be close with her.
What kind of reaction could produce naked woman on photo? What will you think if woman start to use words with double meaning in conversation with you? In general, that woman is following her libido. Word libido had its first mention in Dante “Inferno”, where he had described queen Semiramida. Her appearance is allowed  “by law” and libido.
Sigmund Freud defined libido as sexual energy, but Carl Gustav Jung expanded that word, as kind of psychic energy. Accord Jung, libido is moving from one content to another. You can feel libido as magical phenomenon, when you desperately want to touch particular person, because something attracted you as magnetic field.
In general, the most often turn on’s in women area are:
Scent. Person with pleasent scent will be more desirable.
Smile. Sound of smile and expression of happiness are aphrodisiacs.
Elegant walk. Marilyn Monroe is famous about her walk and rocking with hips.
Pleasant voice. Not too loud, not screaming, little deep and slow. 
Silence. Closed mouth are sexy , but also mysterious. When you are silent, he will not know which is your next step. This is more exciting.
Also, some things are guarantees that your man will chill out.
Nagging. If you constantly complain, if everything is bothering you, man will escape from you.
Your cell phone is always on your ears. Turn of your phone if you want special meeting with your man. Your mother, your boss or best friend and her gossips are not important in this moment.
Talking about ex partners. Red alarm, never compare your ex boyfriend with present partner. Especially if you talk about size of his penis or skills in bedroom.
Don’t talk that you are fatty or chubby. If you don’t like your body, for sure he will not like it either.
Talking about your period or sexual disease as HPV or herpes is also not desirable. 
Don’t panic if you are without makeup or your underwear is not sexy.  
All right, you have no lipstick, eye bags are visible from the plane and your bra is too tight or wrong color, but you should not warn your man about this. You are sex bomb now and think only about this.
Here are some examples about situations which made people hot, for just one moment. It was spontaneous reaction, and libido was in the top.
“I was hitchhiking, and that man drove me in his car. He was so sexy , and i accepted sex with him. He did not force me..it was something in his behavior , it was risky and dangerous situation, so we did it.”
“Me and my boyfriend, we were arguing that day for so long. At the end, we rip our clothes and made sex.”
” I could not stand my business partner. He is an asshole. But, when we were alone in office and worked at mutual projects, we were so tense. And that happened.”
“He was my ex boyfriend, and when i heard that he is in new relation, i seduced him. I could not bear that other woman will sleep with him.”
Her attitude was so bossy. I could not stand her bitching. But we did sex during business journey, in hotel. I wanted to break her resistance.”
You can call it devilish feeling, chemical reaction or magical spell. When libido takes over, mind is out of power.

How to get rid of mistress?


Sparks are cruel tool. At the beginning two people will fall in love and they can’t explain chemical reaction between them. Why they want to rip each other clothes, why they want to kiss all the time, and why everything is less important than their love, answer is somewhere in the heart.

When this situation chills out, love is discarded, person is rejected and it could be obstacle to your future. What we can say, that all what happened wasn’t real? Or it was just magical moment with deadline?

Some men are simply promiscuous. They will get marry and once when they feel comfortable, hunter zone is again opened for them. What they need is mistress. They will find mistress, but then , after some time, mission is accomplished, and what now? They need new flesh, but how to get rid of old flesh?

Stephan is one of the bosses in high position, he works for government. He is in happy marriage, with two kids. His secretary, Alice, is sexy young woman. Once, in business trip, they involved and slept together. This relation continued and Alice started to believe that he will leave his wife. That was fake hope. Stephan soon realized that Alice is similar to his wife. Passion moments became annoying moments. Alice was ordering, complaining and nagging. She took role of wife, even she was not in position to to this. When Alice replied on important business call, without asking, Stephan got mad and broke up with her. Alice was desperate. She was stalking him, and Stephan fired her. She lost everything, and Stephan did not even apologize to her. Simply, he wanted to avoid drama and to erase her from his life. Few months later, Stephan hired new secretary, Betty. He involved with Betty , but she was not instant adventure. She was mysterious and not easy to get. She gave choice to Stephan, to leave his wife if he wants to continue with her. Stephan left his wife and kids. He really fall in love in Betty and he chose life with her.

Men will often ask, how to leave previous love , and not to hurt her? In Croatia, we would say, you can’t be fucked and fair in the same time. 

When man fed up with his mistress, he is cruel, even without intentions. 

What men usually do in this case?

They stop send messages.

Avoid every conversation.

They stop to call.

They find many excuses not to meet with this women.

They are constantly in rush, busy and without free time.

If you are man who wish to be fair, gentleman with good manners, if you don’t wish to hurt ex love , you should do next:

Explain in few words your reasons, why you can’t be together more. 

Tell her that you don’t want scenes or scandals.

Show respect and say thanks for time you spent together.

Tell her that she deserve someone who is better for her.

When you see her , after breakup, don’t turn your head. Say few polite words.

If she will need favor from you, if she might ask you for help later, do it. 

Do not underestimate her, don’t make her miserable. Especially don’t insult her. 

You can find out about person many things after breakup. Even women will say, pain is the same no matter about way of breakup, it is better to say goodbye on nice way, than to be kicked out in the ass, like the last trash. 

After time, things will look different. You might walk with your husband in front of your ex lover. This ex lover can talk with you, with respect. At least it will not be uncomfortable situation for you. You are someone who is respected. Maybe your husband work with your ex lover? Better that he is gentleman.

Imagine situation that you broke up on terrible way with your ex, and you did not want to leave him alone. Your present boyfriend heard roumors about you, something as “take care of her, she is insane.”  This label you don’t need really. 

Walk like lady if you had deal with trash. Walk like lady if you had deal with gentleman. In both cases, you can win. In first case you had no luck, and in second case your luck was with deadline.

Too much dominant woman is a burden

Strong attitude is sexy, because you know what you wish and how to ask for it. You don’t afraid to approach to guys , to express your desires and to take control in relationship. If you do some steps more, you are into men area, and this is negative for you.
Ask any man, would he like to date with vixen? Mostly, they will say yes for one night stand with vixen, but no for relation, especially for marriage.
Who is indeed vixen or harpy? 
Woman with hysterical approach. “If you don’t do what i asked from you, you will pay for this.”
Woman who will always complain on anything. “You did not call me on time, you did not wash dishes, you are generally idiot. “
Woman who is ready to use physical force to get what she wants. Yellow press wrote about Slavica Ecclestone , as about woman who beat her husband Bernie.
Woman who make scenes in publicity, because she needs audience for approval.
Woman who involve in everything, so she will know what is the best for her man. Choice of friends, job and hobbies are in her hands. She takes over.
Men will make mutual jokes about friends who are married with vixen.
Something like this:
“Did you hear about Gary, he went to job in the morning with black eye. His wife has hard fist.”
“I called Max on mobile, to invite him on my birthday party, and his wife told me that he is not available for me. She said that i am not good company for him.”
Love sparks will increase because of our differences. It is not by accident, that woman are more soft and gentle, and men are strong and firm. When you act like man, your man will have bad feeling. It doesn’t mean that you must cry all the time or that your man must earn money for you. You can find sophisticated, female ways, to prove that you have right. There is nothing less sexy than screaming voice or hysterical cry.
Some things will do only vixen, and it will chill out men on the level zero.
Force man for sex when he is not in the mood. 
Blackmail to your man, that you will do something bad, if he doesn’t act accord your wishes.
Humiliate your man in front of other men. He will remember if you dance with his friend and if you acted as slut in his arms.
Fight with another woman in front of him. For sure, your rival will deserve role of victim, especially if you are the first who attacked her.
Talk open and without limits about your sexual past. You don’t have to consider yourself as sexual machine.
Compare your present boyfriend with your ex partner, who was great lover. And if you do deep sigh, be sure your man will remember this.
Many teenagers will think that is so cool if they act like Milley Cyrus and talk dirty, or if they call boyfriend as “their bitch.” This is maybe cool in movies, but not in reality. Absolutely, men will not get you serious. He will have fun with you and next day you will not receive call from him. He is a man, why should he needs another guy?
If man is hugged by vixen, other guys will laugh to him. He will be labelled as milksop, because his woman takes control over him. Even worse, if woman cheat him, he is loser of the year. Woman with gun is maybe sexy, but woman with rose is love of his life.  In symbolic way, what you show it will come back to you.

Who want to date with mama’s boy?

In old Greek legend Edip killed his father Laj and married with his mother Jokasta. Too much devotion accord one parent, and lack of feelings for other is basic of Edip complex. His affection toward mother is part of Freud theory , for men who seek women with the same characteristic as their mothers.
For sure you met single men who are connected with their mothers on close way. This pattern is always the same. He lives with mother, she is cooking and washing his laundry, and he can’t find woman who will take her place. Even when he finds her, his standards are so high that she gave up from him.
Dave is one of them. He has over 50 years, good job as manager in private company, he was travelling around world. His life is full of adventures with many women, but he never wanted to settle down. His mother is in the role of housewife, and other women are in the role of mistress. He feels less obligated to mother, than he should be to his potential wife. She supports his way of life, because his father died a long time ago, and she doesn’t want to feel alone. It is easier when her son lives together with her.
In this kind of relation, two persons are connected on selfish way.
Man: “I don’t want wife who complaint on everything. I don’t want to feel limits when i will go home if i stay in the club with friends. For sure i don’t want jealousy if i talk with other women.”
Mother: “I still feel important. If he gets marry, i will not be part of his life as before. I will be old annoying granny.
Mama’s boy is not always single. He is also married or he has girlfriend, but their women live in the shadow of big authorities. Mother is role model for every future wife.
What mama’s boy wish?
She must cook good as my mother.
She can’t wear slutty clothes, my mother is an angel.
She must be educated as my mother.
She can’t embarrass me in publicity. She must be lady as my mother.
She must listen tips from my mother, about kids, house work and everything else.
Mother in law is often old school, especially if you compare her with women now days. If your mother in law is conservative lady who had only one man in her life, and if you were promiscuous wild woman, you will have problems with her. Then you can pretend that you love her attitude and that she has right, or you wish conflicts in every area.
What you can do?
Find common interests with your mother in law. She is maybe old fashioned, but she loves the same movies as you. Go in cinema with her.
Make a balance between her and yours attitude. Middle solutions are good for your peace in marriage.
Tell your husband if she became impossible. On this way, you will check his devotion toward you.
Be nice and kind with her. If it doesn’t work out, tell her honestly what you think.
Every mother is protective toward her son, but problem starts when she pokes nose everywhere. 

That is why some mama’s boys will never get married and why some will get divorced. It is funny to see when some women use mothers to get certain man in her arms. Mothers are targets, even they are not aware of this. Bribe his mother, and he is half way yours. If he says : “Wow, this lunch is so great, last time i ate such meal when my mother were cooking”, victory is yours.

Now, there is a catch. If you take a role of his mother, if you will be her twin, your man will feel double pressure. He will see two nightmares with broomstick. “Be careful what you are doing”, that is usual warning to poor man, when he is going out with friends or on business journey. Now you have partner, his mom. This poor guy is only yours, because if he tries to escape, you will know whom to call.
Independent men are different, because they don’t drag tails from childhood as mama’s boys. He cares for his mother, but he has own life. When Celia involved in life of her son Marc, she was unbearable. She wanted that her son leave his wife. Marc draw a line, he said to her to back off. After all, that was his problem, not hers.
My old neighbor said very good: “If this woman is good for my son, who am i to complain? After all, he will live with her, not me. So i wish him good luck, he is big boy.”

Fake solidarity – why i will not support some women?


He doesn’t respect me. I wish to kill him.  When woman doesn’t succeed in her intention to get man, she will first talk about respect. As respect is not blind alley, it is not enough that you ask respect, you must give something to be respected.

Recently i got unpleasant message in my inbox. Unknown woman warned me on my dear virtual friend. She said nasty things about him.  My first reaction was rage. I hate when unknown people, especially women, write to me. I hate filtered messages, because i know they have no good intentions. In many cases these are perverts or weirdos, or just jealous people who have nothing to do. So, that woman is from Russia, married or divorced, mother of one daughter. She pretend as angel of solidarity, to warn me on man.

Next things i found out about her (from my other sources) is that she offers money for sex with strangers. She likes kind of sex tourism. Wow. So, when i talked with my friend, he told me that she called him on Skype and shown to him naked body. Then she offered him to spend holidays together. After he said no, she started to spread lies about him.

So, when i said to her not to bother me, because i don’t know her, and also i don’t want to hear lies about my friends, no matter real or virtual, she changed her tone. She said that i am enormous kind of bitch. I said her to pay for sex as she used to. And blocked her.

Not every woman deserve respect. It is not because we are not all equal. It is because of their actions. How i can show solidarity with such woman, who attack people around , just to make revenge?

I will never blame a man who used opportunity. If woman offers him sex , no matter real or virtual, and he accepts, he is not obligated on relation or any obligation. She offered herself, so he did not rape her. It is his decision what he will do next. If he says, it was only sex, dear ladies, why to make revenge or gossip him later? You have choice to walk away and ask for a man who wants more from you.

In life of every woman will be wrong men. Those who don’t want you, hurt you or leave you. So, what? I am enough proud to respect their decision or to walk away alone. Revenge is waste of time, and for sure i will not hold a handle to someone who burnt because of own mistakes.

That woman fall right into my trap. She did not say “sorry for disturb”. She started to insult me, because i did not accept her invitation for public crucifix. Personally, if woman offers herself , i don’t see where i should dig respect for her.

Twisted morality

Do you know who is Portia Surreal? She is DJ and her show is in topless. Simply, she did performances during her advents, and it made different reactions. She is pretty blonde woman who likes to show her breasts to audience. The last updates i found on internet about her was from 2008, but i still remember her burlesque show in Zagreb, in night club “The best”. Many would agree with me that her music is not worthy, but on parties everyone can have fun, even DJ is not quality. What captured my attention then was not music, even not her half naked performance, it was behavior of the audience.

Portia was sharing chocolate candies and sending kisses, also she kissed everyone who approached to her. Bodyguards were watching around, because her acting was risky, you never know which kind of maniac you can meet in night club. I heard words, on Croatian language, from guy behind me. He was yelling: “Whore. American whore.” Even she could not understand it or hear from loud music, that was really rude.

I was thinking what makes guy to go on this party together with his judgment. Maybe brothel was too expensive for him, maybe he had problems with impotence, or simply he has no luck with women? If you are notified what kind of show is this, you will not expect prayer, isn’t it? He maybe wanted to go in church but here was more fun.

Later i was listening interview with Portia, she was talking about her experience with audience. Sometimes she got marriage proposals, sometimes even women wanted to kiss her. Her show made different reactions, but for sure, everyone could recognize their secret instincts in that moment. Maybe she scared people , to reconsider their values. Maybe she excited them or shocked them. What she did was somehow brave, because she provoked people.

Another example is Niki Belucci, who was real porno star in hard core movies is now house DJ, is also provoking audience, but she put silver stars on her breasts , and she is more popular. Maybe she better sold her music and show.

This two women make me think, what is indeed moral these days? Moral is tool of marketing. How some people became moral policy , when they inside wish taste forbidden fruit?

How we can judge someone as whore, accord artistic performance, no matter how bad is? What we know about other’s privacy?

In the year 2005 Niki Belucci got AVN award nominee as female foreign performer on the year. That should close many mouth to people as guy from party. Mean people will say, sex is selling everything. I would say, you are what you represent. If you believe in yourself, there is no ethic principles which will ruin your aims.

Who was guy from the audience at party ? He said “whore” but he did not talk about Portia. He talked about himself, his education, his mother and his unfilled wishes. Otherwise, he would just shut up and listen to the music.

Wife by definition

What was your dream when you were little girl? Did you dream about warm home, kids, good husband and dog? Or you had dream about many men under your feet, parties and journeys? As much this vision sounds irrelevant now, your life path will show that nothing is by coincidence.
The way of your thinking, clothing, talking is key for your destiny. If you stuck as mistress, it is not because Gypsy said a long time ago that you will never have luck in love. It is because your behavior attract such kind of men who are not able for relation, at least not with you. If you are wife, that is because you shown your serious intentions and men recognized this.
Diane is average woman, not pretty, not ugly, single mother with adult son. She used to say that she had no luck and that men are pigs. Well, if you look at her choice, she tried to make pie from craps. Her first man was immigrant from Africa who came into Europe for asylum. After Diane got pregnant, he returned in his country, because he was home sick. They were not married so this way was easier for him. Second man was married and had problems with his wife, so Diane was his comfort. Third man was her boss. Diane was secretary and she was fascinated with his old boss. It was not forever, soon that man gone from his position and their relation was over too. Now Diane is in retirement and single.
As three fake witnesses might hang you, wrong choice of men could label your life as failure. It is not just who they are , it is how they see you and which are their plans.
Do you date with player or potential husband?
In 4 steps you can recognize player.
He calls you when he is free, that is maybe once at week or even month.
He avoids word “we”.
He will not introduce you to his parents or friends.
He doesn’t talk about future. His time is now, in present moment. 
Here is one basic rule.
Women will be more successful in searching players, and men will be more successful in searching wives.
Let’s be real. Men are not so crazy to jump in marriage, especially when they are in twenties. They wish to have many adventures and they enjoy in random sex. Later, when they get tired , they will choose woman to settle down. That is woman who will not force them and run  for them in white wedding gown . That is woman who is not desperate and who will understand them.
On other hand, every woman dream to get marry. Even those who will not admit it dream about husband. So, sometimes this desire is so strong that scares man. Ask man what is his nightmare, that is to get marry too young and not ready. So , man can choose between women who wish to get marry, but he will not have easy task to find woman for one night stand. Woman is surrounded by men who wish sex, but she will not easy find future husband.
Women are not aware that they pick their own path, by giving signals so men.
See profile of mistress.
” I love my freedom. I enjoy in sex. I had many guys before you. Relation is choking me. I don’t like kids, they are annoying. Marriage is choking me. I don’t know will i ever settle down. “
Accord this pattern, mistress will chose unavailable man ( someone from other country or city), married man or even bisexual. Someone who is in prison is also good candidate. Or playboy who sits on many chairs, or too young man. What is their connection? They are not candidate for marriage. They will not stay.
See profile of wife.
“I wish to get marry , to have husband to whom i will trust. Together is easier. “
Wife is person who make plans. She is step forward so she will not lose time with someone who can’t promise future. She will date with man who will take care for her, who is not only with her for hot sex. She will reject other men because she found her match.
There is no bad luck in love. You can meet jerk, but you are not obligate to stay with him. You can burn your fingers in marriage, but you are not bonded forever. Only bad attitude will mark you forever.
If you meet a man and first what you say is ” i don’t trust you”, you just opened your bad prediction. On this way, you wanted to be unhappy in love. It is not that your crystal ball shown you bunch of jerks, you attracted them with your beliefs.

Obey to my wishes

If we talk about romance, first word will not be broken heart. Broken heart is not easy to heal, because every time when new opportunity comes on the way, we have flashback. What if he hurts me again? Memories are obstacles and we must be brave to go forward and forget pain.

What happens if we are addicted to pain ? What if broken heart is part of romantic love story ?

That is so called emotional masochism. I don’t think about people in chains, with nails on tongue or man who will burn cigarette on women body. This is kind of fetish and another part of story, for people who enjoy in this.

I think about people who picked wrong partners because they are on some way addicted to pain. Maybe they are used to live like that, maybe they drag scarves from childhood or maybe just it makes them less responsible for own destiny. If partner is hurting you, he is bad guy, he is responsible and you can play role of victim forever. This kind of masochism is indeed mask, and on that way we can cover our laziness or immaturity.

Imagine girl who choose violent guys. She is used to be humiliated, she obeys to their wishes and pain is in her reality. If you ask her why she doesn’t runaway, she will tell that he loves her but he is simply like that, bad guy. Some girls believe that they can change bad guys with large amount of love. They enter into that impossible mission with hope that things will be better. Such love stories ends in Safe house, and in the worst cases we can read in newspaper about tragic end.

Story of beautiful model Jasmine Fiore talks about 3 violent guys in her life. At the end, her third man Ryan killed her and make a suicide. It was horrible act and end of life for successful model. 


Sometimes, our choice is our curse. 

We can’t escape from ourselves. If you like aggressive guys, you will not escape from troubles. If you like women who are with you because of your money, you will be robbed emotionally and financially. 

You might give thousand advices to masochists, they will not listen to you. They want someone who will understand but in the same time they are deaf for opinions. Their vision of love is different. Passion with pain, love in chains, relation master-slave and tears. Passion without that is simply boredom. Where is no adrenaline, this is not real romance. If someone is not master, and other is slave who obeys, this is not hot love story. 


Love should be healthy feeling. This kind of love is darkness for heart and mind.

Yes he beats me but i love him. Yes she cheats me but i love her. This is circle without end, until something bad happens.