Who is a girl for one night?

  On first sight one-night stand looks ideal. No obligations, no promises, no tears. If both, man and woman decide about sex for one night, there is no complain later. Everyone should walk forward, without regrets. The human heart is a fragile thing and it is not always so simple. Maybe we can promise to […]

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Put your lover on the ice

You love him, but you are not sure of his feelings? He likes you, but words “I love you” are not in his mouth? Love is not always mutual and balanced. We can meet some persons who will be amazing and stunning for us, but still, something stops us to love them. It is easy […]

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When libido takes over

Do you feel excited today? If you feel hot, horny and you want only one thing with special person, your libido is at the top and you are ready for action. Even in 21’s century people are sometimes ashamed to say that they are horny because it could be wrongly understood. When man is horny, […]

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How to get rid of mistress?

Sparks are cruel tool. At the beginning two people will fall in love and they can’t explain chemical reaction between them. Why they want to rip each other clothes, why they want to kiss all the time, and why everything is less important than their love, answer is somewhere in the heart. When this situation […]

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