How to recognize real snitch?

Everyone will remember school days when you had an idea to run away from the classroom. When majority agreed, you were on a way to get home, together with your classmates. The unpleasant moment was next day when someone said all to your teacher. That was a class snitch. It was someone who wanted to […]

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Don’t steal what is not yours

Modesty is one of values. It is connected with respect of others, that we should not touch something what is not ours. Don’t steal, don’t desire other’s partners, don’t be greedy. You are satisfied with your life, your car and even if you are not, don’t blame others. Some people will say – never enough. […]

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Where is your weak spot?

The way how we pass through obstacles shows magnitude of our character. How we handle burden, it depends of our strength. Human is not a machine, and every person owes weak spot. So, when someone wants to hurt you, to use you or to make fool from you, that person will hit you into your […]

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