Why some life stories never end?

Some situations in life stay unsolved forever. Unfinished college, unhappy love relation, betrayal in friendship. Stories marked with words “to be continued” or “stay awake” are the most dangerous, because fake hope will fly over us, as stardust, without real value. Things we always wanted and could not get, the person who stuck in our […]

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How to respond on ignorance?

  Yesterday you had a wonderful friend. Today you associate with a pretender who talked behind your back. It hurts, and when we are hurt, we are fragile and the only wish is to fight back.┬áLove, friendship or business are areas where we need trust, loyalty, and confidence. If your boyfriend is cheating you, there […]

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Can you find your happiness?

Happiness is inside of us. Ask yourself a question what makes you happy and your donor is in front of the mirror. If you feel good even your favorite song will make you happy. An opposite, if you drown in your personal flood, full of negative thoughts, even a new Mercedes will not bring you […]

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How real are your promises?

So much talk, fewer deeds, and actions – this is the golden rule in every relation. People who make many promises cannot realize all, and instead of a realization, you will get excuses. Arthur was never a man of too many words. He said to his wife Lena “I love you too” and the rest […]

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How karma works overtime?

Do you believe in karma? When something bad happens to the person you did not like, do you feel like you got an award? Many people afraid to confess that they thought bad about someone when something unexpectable happens, cause it is not nice to wish bad things to anyone. Just, some energy exists in […]

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