Why you delete your virtual friends?

Once when you are connected with someone as a friend you share everything. Tears, laughter, joy, sadness. You are confident, many secrets stay hidden and the relationship develops as kind of blood connection. Having a friend is a treasure, loss of the friend is damage. Technology surprised us with a new phenomenon called virtual friends. […]

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When people show true colors

  When will people show true colors, when masks fall down? Everything is great until you have harmony in relations, no matter is this love or friendship. Until you support and confirm other opinions, until you stay away from discussions, you are peaceful. On this way you feed another ego, you are not a competition […]

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How to get over the infidelity?

Love has the unpredictable ways and one of them is a curiosity. After some years with a partner, you look at that person with different eyes. Sparks are still here, but your cheeks are not blushing anymore when you want to kiss him, you will not grab his shirt and tear on small pieces every […]

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How to seduce a woman online?

Shy guys were reborn with the appearance of the internet. Finally, they don’t need to approach in reality to thousand girls, and to risk rejection. All that they need is to open computers, to make an account at social networks and their problem is solved. They will avoid disgrace in public because they hide under […]

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