How to recognize real snitch?

Everyone will remember school days when you had an idea to run away from the classroom. When majority agreed, you were on a way to get home, together with your classmates. The unpleasant moment was next day when someone said all to your teacher. That was a class snitch. It was someone who wanted to […]

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Are you able to beat your crises?

Every important decision is the result of few steps. Thinking, acting, and elimination of another option. When you bring decision, you gave up on other solution which was not necessarily bad, but you simply chose your path. The question I ask myself is next: “How good I am in the calculation? Am I able to […]

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What makes your blood run faster?

Did you ever wonder what’s keep relation alive? Is that harmony, laughter, habit? Or this is something else, what makes your blood run faster? Now here is the story how conflicts might make relation interesting, painful but also challenging. Louisa was married but she had problems in her marriage. Her husband was too passive, too […]

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