7 threats in your marriage

  Once upon a long time ago, a beautiful girl got married for a handsome and rich prince charming. They lived in a fairy tale with adorable kids.  The princess was always beautiful with a gorgeous smile, and the prince could not take eyes from her, so he never noticed another woman. If you read […]

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Do you overrate yourself?

A drowning man catches at straws. Even when it looks like everything is over, still we wish bonus match. Some life situations are hard to handle but even harder to let it go. We wish to ask one more chance. A failed marriage, a lost job, exam we did not pass, ex-boyfriend or a girlfriend, […]

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How hard is to make cuts?

How hard is to make cuts? Life will offer an exit from a broken relations, a failed friendships or a bad jobs, so all that we need is to say goodbye. On  the first sight, nothing is easier, just close the door and fly into a new world. This option is so flexible that you […]

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How karma works overtime?

Do you believe in karma? When something bad happens to the person you did not like, do you feel like you got an award? Many people afraid to confess that they thought bad about someone when something unexpectable happens, cause it is not nice to wish bad things to anyone. Just, some energy exists in […]

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