Why office work sucks?

One day at the work lasts 8 hours.  A trend in the European Union is working week with a smaller number of hours, and there are differences. 35 hours working week in France against 39.3 hours of working week in Croatia makes difference. 30 hours a week in the Netherlands sounds a fairy tale for […]

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Are you perfect spouse?

“Omg. What kind of dress is that, where are you going in this? You are married. ” This was the first reaction when Mabel’s grandma saw her granddaughter in a new dress. Mabel got married before a year ago. Her husband is younger than she and they are dynamic couples, they are traveling a lot. […]

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Today friends, tomorrow enemies

  Yesterday we were close friends, today we are enemies. Shit happens, and life is the creator of dramas and tragedies because human nature is variable. Some people will turn you back, no matter if they were friends, lovers, even members of your family. Some of us simply can’t stay firm and stable in their […]

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