How to chill him out?

Seducing is a skill for both genders. What is opposite from seductress is ice princess who is tired of wrong men in her life. She wish to know , how to chill them out and find right one? How to make space for man who can’t see her appearance because of many others who stand […]

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Your choice defines your path

People will often accuse bad luck for their problems. If your plan did not realize, if your dream stayed just a dream, bad circumstances are guilty for this. Now, try to look around people who are happy and successful, what kind of choice they made? Melisa was envious to her friend Sandra cause she lived […]

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Every day is new chance for love

If you love someone, you don’t have to wait special day to express your love. Valentine’s day could be reminder, as birthday or Christmas, but never messenger of love. Social conventions marked 14 th February, as appropriate date to open your heart and let Cupid to hit you with love arrows. Hurry up and buy […]

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