After party syndrome

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Holidays are favorite part of the year because we can relax and forget about control. Sing, dance and smile, that are only orders. No more boring bosses, annoying teachers and parents, now is all allowed. We can be clumsy, crazy and out of our mind.

If you can’t relax on holiday, you must be dead inside.

How to get perfect party without alcohol? That magical bubbles in glass of wine, champagne or beer are our followers on every celebration. Even our perfect boss is drinking, so why we not?

Alcohol is double sword. We can do things we should not do, it will courage us to expose our love or hate, depends of situation.

There are more kind of drunkards.
Aggressive – don’t say wrong word to them, you will cause big fight
Cry baby – they will remember sad story from their past and cry under influence of alcohol
Boring fool – they will not give you peace, because alcohol make them so talkative
Alzheimer drunkard – they don’t remember what they said before half hour so you will listen repeating of the same words
Damage causer – they are dangerous, because broken glasses and blurs are here after they left party
Whatever you are in usual life, with few glasses of awesome wine or other alcohol you will be something else. People who usually have nothing in common will find common language when they are drunk. Your emotions are high, and don’t surprise if you kiss and hug your worst enemy. Also don’t be surprised if unknown woman slaps you, because alcohol will raise your libido. Don’t touch other butt without permission.
Next problem is toilet. Be sure you are there on time if you need to pee or puke. Some people get drunk and don’t leave toilet , they can sleep there until morning. If you are not so lucky you can be embarrassed.  Don’t drink if you are in bus, because if you are travelling and bus stops every 2 hours you can pee in your panties. You think you can make old trick to pee in the bottle? Don’t even try.
After awesome night is an awful morning. Headache, short alcoholic dream about 3 hours, when you woke up you are gloomy and with hangover. Milk can help you, and cup of coffee, but whole day you will have feeling like someone hit you with fist in your head.
Look your glamourous face in the mirror. Yesterday queen, today tramp. Bags under eyes, lipstick on your dress, and your hair cry for hairdresser. Don’t even try to seduce someone, guy will runaway. Smell of alcohol is another part of story.

Alcohol is tasty poison. That poison has deadline. You are under magic formula that night, and in the morning you want to forget all. If you even remember what happened.


Dancing with myself

Human body is not resistant on time. How we get old, we are more sleepy, tired and with lack of energy. Our will could be stronger, but our physical ability is out of battery. If you are not doing any sport activities, you will face it with struggle, how to stay in the race. 

Imagine group of people who wish to go out for weekend. They have plans, but what is with realization? What is suitable for their ages, and what is in their brains?

First group are young people, from 16-24 years.

Usually, they will go to night clubs. They will dance and drink whole night. Some of them will stay also on after parties. Tomorrow, they will repeat this, because party never ends.

Second group are adult people, from 25-30 years.

They are already working weekly, so they will think about how long to stay in clubs, especially if it is Sunday. If that deal is on Friday, some of them are maybe tired. So they will skip Friday to get rest, and they will meet in Saturday.

Third group are people from 31-40 years.

You are still interesting to go in clubs? Or, you think there are kids? Maybe you prefer concert with classic music, or you simply want to go in nature, to get some fresh air. If you decide for night clubs, wear something fashionable , squeeze your teeth if there is crowd, and go to take vip seats. Cinema is also not bad choice.

Fourth group are people from 41-50 years.

You think you don’t have friends anymore, who wants to get out tonight? Now is time to select your team. If your friends are rich, they will know way how to have fun. If you have some saved money, go in journey. You saw already all in your country and in your city, so this is time to travel the world.

Fifth group are people from 51-60 years.

You wish to finish your knitting? Or, finally you will read book at peace? Don’t worry, spa are also good choice. You can swim in warm swimming pool with cocktail in your hands and go to wellness later. 

In generally, you can have fun in every age, even not in the same way. It is never too late to break some rules, or to make surprise for other people, who think that you are written off. What is important, is your feeling inside. 

One interesting thing is: ordinary people are always topic for judgement. Nobody will get surprise if Joan Collins is  going  at party, or if Silvio Berlusconi is dating with girl who can be his granddaughter. They are famous and their limits are crossed a long time ago. What is with ordinary woman in middle ages, or in fifties? Society will mock her, especially if she is in some night bar alone, without husband. 

Unfortunately, we can’t erase some labels, and we can’t avoid judgmental people. 

Just for comfort, people who are used to observe others are usually without own life. If your neighbor is constantly watching you and if her face is on window every time when you go out in new clothes, she is just lonely and curious. Maybe she is frustrated, and maybe her life is indeed boring. If you can hear conversations of some people, main event in their lives happened when their cat broke  expensive vase. But this was from Ming dynasty, so what a waste! Wow, naughty cat, and that happened this weekend. 

When i asked my office roommate what she will do this weekend, she said: “I will ironing. I have no weekend. “

Everyone has weekend time. Some are dancing with themselves, because they have no company. Others are slaves in the service of others. The most happy people are those with choice. Yesterday i was freezing with my boyfriend in open cinema, but it was cool, and i did not complain. I will drink some hot tea and continue today. Party never ends. 

Hide your dirty secrets



Human instincts are as wild animals, without control they will cause damage and danger. Sometimes words are faster than minds, and acts are faster than words. People who have power to control their basic instincts are masters of their life.

What happens with the lowest human instincts? 

What makes us different from animals? Your weakness is your slave, but if you let it out, it will be your master. 

You might be beautiful, smart, rich and successful person, but if you can’t control what is inside of you, all your life can be ruined in one moment. Simply, when you press one button, your life will explode in tiny pieces.

Margot was social worker, a woman full of compassion and ambitious. She had excellent results with her clients, they were children with problems in behavior. Everyone at workplace liked Margot, but she had secret. She was drinking during the work time. She was hiding this on very smart ways, with smell of perfume and gums, but one day she was in rush and cleaner lady found bottle in her garbage box. It was bottle of Absolute vodka. That cleaner lady had son with problems in school, he was reported as violent kid and Margot worked on his case. She made his profile and she was successful in her attempts to gain his trust. But when others discovered bottle, they were searching her wardrobe. They found alcohol in other places and Margot got nickname Bartender. She lost job after report.


We are humans, fragile creatures, covered with secrets, but some of us are more weak than others. 

When we lose control over our vices, they are masters of our life. Other people, who are less successful are the ones who will wait for our mistakes. It is really odd when that pretty woman get caught in wardrobe in flagranti with her old boss, he was only in panties, and she had red bra. Secretary and her boss caught in scandal, how nice subject for gossips in lunch break. Everyone will have something to say on this topic, and those who dislike grumpy boss and bimbo secretary will be the loudest. They got chance to spit on them.

If we are examples for others, we must show why we are examples. Policeman can’t gamble during his work. Priest can’t talk vulgar in front of his believers. Lawyer can’t be corrupted. How many times we read stories about drunk footballers, even they should have healthy life? As human, nobody is untouchable from addictions and vices. It depends how much self control will person use.

In this life nothing is for granted. You want to live beautiful life, but you will pay price for this. You can’t have everything, and if you want to play double roles, you must be master of silence. Hide and bury your dirty secrets that nobody can’t dig this out. We sin differently, but winners are those who hide the best their dirty secrets.

How our addictions rule with us?


Look around and you will see cloud of smoke and person with cigarette, man who gamble, people with glasses filled with vodka , wine or beer, and bunch of other people busy with computers. All this are addictions. Life is hard and we need someone or something to lean on, to make our own mislead that all will be alright, in the moments when we don’t know where we are going.

Someone will say that gambling, smoking, drinking or playing video games are things for weak people without character. Someone will describe such people as losers without friends and real life. But can we judge someone without looking ourselves inside?

Of course, there are just some steps from casual smoking until addiction crises, from current gambling until dangerous game with roulette where your money can burn and you will be in financial trouble, and also here is familiar story about kid who died thirsty and hungry because he spent 2 days in front of computer by playing video games. That are cases for community where only professional help can make results.

If we are talking about absolutely discipline and purity, there is only small number of persons who are not attempted by any vices.

Here are some addictions , as substitutes for something what miss in real life:


1. watching soap opera – in the time of Santa Barbara, many lunches burnt

2. sending messages from cell phone – when cell phones appeared, it was popular addiction

3. eating chocolate and other candies – Oprah would say that we are eating our feelings

4. collecting bunch of unknown people in internet as friends – for lonely people who want to be surrounded by many virtual supporters

5. watching movies for adults – as substitute for real partner

We may laugh, we can feel pity or we can judge. We can find ourselves at least in one moment when we needed something of this, just to escape from daily problems. After all, we are only humans with weaknesses and sins.

Call me when you are sober


Look at the bottom of your glass and you will see your feelings . No matter did you cry, yell or smile when you are drunk, that emotions are exaggerated. If you wish to say something important to your beloved people, better delay this for sober time.

Your emotions are not clear during drinking . If you like someone, you will say i love you. If you can’t stand person, you will say i hate you. If you wanted to say something in four eyes, you will say this in front of audience and this will be very unpleasant.

Promises and excuses are not real in drunk condition. You can promise space ship under the influence of alcohol, and next day you will not remember or your memory will be filled by regret. Why did you say this and how to deny? Blame your glass of vodka, wine or beer, because fluid talks in many nasty ways.

Top list of things you should not do or say drunk:

1. promise to get marry with someone

2. making love until you are drunk

3. say someone i love you or i miss you if that is not true

4. admit your private secret that you cheated partner or anything similar

5. say someone that you want him just because you are drunk and your libido is high

6. make a deal for date even you don’t want this

7. call someone, send sms or update status about your relation

There are jokes about beauty, so every person will be beautiful in the curtain of alcohol. Your misty mind and blurry eyes will make love with siren, and in reality you don’t even like that girl. Disappointment comes out in sober time. So, you slept with him? You gave your phone number to stranger and now you can’t get rid of him? How to clear consequences of your act? How to explain that you did not mean serious?

Other side could be hurt. Now this girl thinks that you love her, because you said what she wanted to hear. This guy thinks that you will be in relation with him, but you just wanted to be nice and kind.

Shirley and Ben met in the night club until she was drunk, and place had weak electric current. He was fascinated my her, and she let him to kiss her. Other day she went on date. The light of day discovered secret, Ben was without few teeth, and his face was full of pimples. She found excuses to reject his next offers for dating. Indeed she felt sickness, how could she kiss him? Too much booze, and he was prince, but next day she met with frog. Ben was sad and disappointed because he felt like he won at lottery, and then cold shower washed him in few minutes, when she said she must go home.

When you make a toast, when you are celebrating , you can say what you feel, without involving anyone in sweet traps of promises. That promises are not yours, they escaped from your mouth together with drops of alcohol.