What is a blog without haters?

You never know who is reading your blog. Maybe you think you are unnoticed because millions of bloggers are in a blogosphere trying to make a success. Maybe you think that you will hide between many posts which jumps every day on the internet. I was thinking that too. Then I found out that someone […]

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When passion dies?

How is possible that you feel a passion in the one moment and for some time that feeling dies? Remember when someone attracted you in a way you felt like the drunk. He was a reason to smile and the source of your tears. You would give him everything. Then something happened. He betrayed you. […]

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Do you hate your job?

How much of us can sincerely say: “I love my work and I enjoy to woke up every morning because it makes me happy.” Hard times, the age of recession makes us more materialists than we wish to be. Once upon a time, we could say that we are poor and happy, but nowadays we […]

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