White lies can’t hurt?

Some lies cannot hurt others, and at the same time, it can help us to protect what is important to us. Truth is a wonderful thing, but sometimes we must go on a side track to realize our wishes. Truth is naked and simple, there is only one truth and everything else is connected with […]

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Are you the mate poacher?

Did you lurk someone who is taken? Or someone lurked your partner, even that person knew that he is taken? The mate poaching is a developed strategy how to make a distance between two people in relationships and to sit in other’s place, with time. Imagine that you want to sit in VIP seats in […]

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How real are your promises?

So much talk, fewer deeds, and actions – this is the golden rule in every relation. People who make many promises cannot realize all, and instead of a realization, you will get excuses. Arthur was never a man of too many words. He said to his wife Lena “I love you too” and the rest […]

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How karma works overtime?

Do you believe in karma? When something bad happens to the person you did not like, do you feel like you got an award? Many people afraid to confess that they thought bad about someone when something unexpectable happens, cause it is not nice to wish bad things to anyone. Just, some energy exists in […]

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