Do you fit in a social register?

  We talk about free human rights at every opportunity, but society is made in the matrix. Even someone wants to fit in, standing out will be a better solution if you follow your instinct. At first sight is cool to fit between your friends or colleagues, but if you feel ridiculous or uncomfortable, this […]

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Who is manipulating us?

The oldest and the most dangerous weapon in human nature is not anger, rage or wrath. That is the ability of manipulation. We can see results of manipulation on every corner. 1. beggars on the street – have you ever wonder who is that person who asks you for money, is he/she really so poor? […]

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The day when respect died

From ancient times people were hungry for sensation. Hangman on the square like in western movies, we will go there to see his end. Inquisition time gave special events with so-called witches, everybody should see torching and deaths on a bonfire. Today, the death penalty is removed from many legislations, but still, people are hungry […]

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The shadow mate

  If you think about life as a gift, this will be a special envelope addressed to you. It means you will open this and try to make something from awesome elements. You will find lovers, friends, job and try to live this life with full lungs.  “This is my life.” When you say this, […]

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Are you the annoying oldie?

  The best period of life is youth. Time is passing by very quickly, and if we don’t gain what we wanted there is space for emptiness. It is like a mosaic, one cube is missing. Now you are old man or old woman, and when you turn around yourself what you can see? Or […]

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