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Don’t steal what is not yours


Modesty is one of values. It is connected with respect of others, that we should not touch something what is not ours. Don’t steal, don’t desire other’s partners, don’t be greedy. You are satisfied with your life, your car and even if you are not, don’t blame others.

Some people will say – never enough. They will run over corpses, they will push you during their race, all until the day when they will regret it. It is alright to be ambitious and to desire more. Now, here is the question, how to make harmony between modesty and your wishes to get more?

Let’s take a look about story of Sybil. She is married woman, with one pretty daughter and devoted husband. She has 42 years. She got bored in marriage so she made profile at Facebook and find virtual lover. They made fake profile together and everybody in virtual life know about them as couples. After some time she got bored with this virtual sweetness, cyber sex and attention so she started to look at other social networks for new young guys to please her wishes. She doesn’t care if that guy has a girl, if she could hurt feelings of some girl with posting her erotic photos on their pages. One day someone hacked her page, and she became hurt, after long time. She thought that nobody can stop her. But someone did, and even worse, she was reported for posting pornography and admins of social networks deleted her page. It was not the end, her daughter find erotic video from her mum with masturbating and she had conversation with shrink. All family went into crises. They could not understand what kind of monster Sybil was. She had everything, but she wanted jealousy of other people, fight, envy, publicity. She paid for this.

When you enter into other’s space, this is like in football. You try to get your score, but someone can throw you and hit you very hard. Life is rough game. If you think that you can humiliate others, don’t expect that you will not get paycheck. Don’t justify your acts with ambitious wishes.

World is big place.

Is it necessary to ruin other’s happiness because you want more?

You don’t have to steal other job or position at work to be happy. 

You don’t have to seduce other’s husbands to please your wishes. 

If you grab into other’s property, you can stay without hand and lose everything. 

How would you feel that someone kiss your husband or to gossip you in front of your boss, just to sit on your chair at work?

I don’t want what is not mine, but also i protect what is mine. Once when someone starts unfair game, there are no rules. All is allowed in the name of justice, and that kind of intruders will get what they deserve.

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How strong is connection with your family?


I suppose that everyone of you got sweet promise about something what will last for lifetime. Eternal friendship, sisterhood or love, words said in the moment of enchanting feelings, secret pledge about forever. We all feel that when someone makes our life so beautiful. You made love with this woman and you will say that she will be yours forever. Your friend impressed you by his loyalty and you feel as you owe him. If you have rational mind, you will put reserve into your words. Instead of “I will love you forever”, rational words should be ” I will try to make you happy, as long as i could.”

Our paths are different. One mother gave birth to daughters, two sisters. She could not gave them guarantee that life will make them happy. Sometimes, one girl will have easier path than other girl. This is a test, how much this circumstances will have influence on their future connection.

Sarah and Tilda were grown up together. They borrowed each other clothes, they went to night club as teenagers, and they were even sleeping in the same bed as kids. It was four year differences between them. One event changed them both and labelled their relation. Sarah got married in 23. She met this guy, got pregnant and he propose her. It was love on first sight, and marriage was suddenly, as thunder. During that marriage Sarah got more children, one more boy and girl. Tilda stayed unmarried, until 41, she share flat with her boyfriend, who did not propose her yet. Nothing strange on first sight, but Sarah lost her feeling for sister. Her family became center of everything. Her husband and three kids occupied all free time, and Sarah was cold even toward her parents. During years, parents and Tilda were in the role of bank. When Sarah needed money, she called them for financial help. They felt unpleasant because Sarah was often moody, and she did not offer them drink or food when they visited her. They complaint, but Sarah did not understand what is wrong. Her reply was : “I did not sleep, i have a family, they made me crazy. I can’t breath from them.”

As we grow up, our priorities are changing. We will have less time for our parents, and our focus will be on people who share life with us. You can’t have dirty dishes because your mother wants to drink coffee with you, so you will clean your flat before you accept her invitation. You can’t leave your son who got flu, because your mother wants to go in theater with you.

Just, think about, should you erase your past bonds because you are now mother and wife?

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes nasty. When Greta got divorced, she needed help of her mother. She was financially broken and without flat. She was almost on the street, because her husband kick her out. She did not visit her mother 5 years, but when that day came, she had no choice. Her mother accepted her, because it is her daughter. Greta felt so embarrassed. This was enough for her mother, she wanted that her daughter feel guilt.


What can happen with our past, with life we lived before?

Our parents could be ill.

They can stay without money or in big debts.

You might need your parents or relatives, because you can get into trouble, as divorce.

When we do some changes, it is like we build house. We can’t crush the basic because we bought new furniture. Where will this furniture fit in, if there is no room?

Our parents could be great reminders for life problems. They passed all before, they can give good tips if you ask them. Your mother knows very well how to cook good lunch or how to deal with man in middle crises. Also, just because your sister is unmarried, it doesn’t mean that she has no idea about life. She can be good helper for your children, not just in a role of bank. What if she suddenly earn big money, do you think she will remember you, if you treat her as stranger? Maybe you will need job, and she will not help you because you did not invite her into your new life.

Blood connection is connection from birth. We should all respect our parents, sisters or relatives. When you see photo of family gathering, this is image of respect, devotion and love. One day you will be old too, and your children might forget you, if you don’t teach them how to cherish blood connection for a lifetime.

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Why women should not propose their partners?

Not everyone is thrilled by idea of marriage. Men especially want to prolong this time, until they can. One woman since death till us apart, that sounds terrified for many men. Especially when proposal did not come from him, man will think that he lives in nightmare.
Long relations are danger zone. After 5, 10 or even 15 years, woman will ask where is she standing. Or, where this relation goes? In kind of despair, woman will get an idea to propose his man, because he did not do this. I would say, don’t do this , ladies.
Here are 5 reasons why you should not propose your man.
He will feel as half a man.
You do his tasks? You took things in your hands? Well, be sure he will not be fascinated if you buy ring and ask him : “Yes or no?”
You will lost part of your dignity.
Every woman should know when to step back. This is in that case. Instead of force your man, back off.
He might say yes, but later this will be main reason for your conflict.
“This was your idea, not mine, remember?”
His friends, mother and his ex girlfriend could laugh to you.
This kind of things always swims out. Who proposed whom? If that was you, it will be subject of jokes.
You will lose this magic moment to make him in uncertainty.
So you will not see him what he really could do if he is afraid of losing you.
Women have vision about guy with ring who will crawl to propose them. It will not be always like this. Cool proposal, without much noise, is good way for every man who doesn’t want to sound as cuckold. Ask her is she ready to spend life with you, kiss her and wait for reply.
I understand women who were many years alone or in frustrated relations, until their friends got married. Always maid of honor, never bride. Well, you can make influence on this, but you need to know the way.
If you decided to make him rush with proposal, do it on next way.
Make it as joke.
Tell him, you look gorgeous in white dress and his mother adores you anyway. If he is silent, don’t force this conversation. He will understand the point.
Don’t go directly. Make it as indirect way to proposal.
Tell him that you got many compliments from colleague, but that you said him about your serious relation, which leads to commitment.
Make a sentence : “once when i will be married for a guy”, and wait his reaction.
Men are not blind. They understand hints and symbolic way. They pretend that they are dumb, but be sure your man knows what he should do. If he doesn’t do this, he has a reason, because he is not sure.
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What is the worst thing you can do?
This is proposal on internet. You can make yourself ashamed, because this is something what others see. It will not be erased so easy. Especially, if your man is someone you did not meet for real.
Leslie did this with Douglas. They met online, on chat. They had virtual relation for a few months, and she felt this is it. Leslie was single so many years, she had some failed relations before, and she was lady in certain ages, over 30. So, what can happen worse? She proposed him on his page. She thought, it will be cool and she will make an impression as independent woman. Ooops. Douglas said short yes, but after this, he did not talked with her. He became silent as someone who got punishment. He was little boy in the corner, terrified from his older teacher. Of course, he was younger than Leslie.
Remember, what is so cool for us women, is not the same for men. You might think you look as Cat woman, Lara Croft  or some other  action heroine who took things in her hands. In his eyes, you look as kidnapper. Someone who stole his power to decide. You deserve to go away from him.
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Don Juan is online



Every person has two personalities, one for himself, other for the rest of the world. There are things we wish to hide from others because they would laugh to us. Also, we want to represent our best parts and abilities in a way that others see us as perfect. Mature person will win this internal conflict and with years, she will found out that is not important to be perfect, it is more important to find someone who will like our imperfections. Our strength is in ability to create circle of people who will understand us. The same in love, we will face it with many frogs until we kiss the prince. This prince or princess is not creature from fairy tale. That is person with qualities which are special for us.

Igor lives in Ljubljana, in Slovenia. He is unlucky in love. His longest relations last about three months. In generally, girls run from him. He is not ugly, he has green eyes , nice smile , average body and deep sexy voice, so he should have girlfriend. He is still single in his real life. This situation is changing when he turns on his computer. He is virtual playboy.

Before five years Igor realized that he has kind of magnet in virtual networks. Various women from various countries fall in love in him. That women are pretty, smart, even successful in their business. So Igor breaks many hearts and even women were arguing because of him. Igor is like male Cinderella. He is shining until midnight, but after this virtual affairs he is again poor boy , lonely and hungry for love. Igor asked all his virtual women just one question: “Will you go in Slovenia to visit me?” All women laughed and say no.

As he lives in fairy tale in virtual world, he missed to see obvious things. He is so passive and he is not able to do nothing for woman. He expect that woman has car to drive him when he wants to go out. He wish that woman pays dinner for him. He also expect gorgeous and sexy woman who will earn big money and let him to be with other women when he start to get bored with him. All girls in his city read him. He is spoiled brat. His mother was so angry that one day she turned off his internet cable.

“Are you normal? Go to get marry, you are already 29.”

Igor can’t realize why he can’t keep woman in relation. That virtual women would do everything for him. He saw some of them naked on camera, they send him love letters and talks romantic with him. He doesn’t understand what is behind camera, that every of them has boyfriend, husband or even children and that he has no clue who are they indeed. They are lost in virtual world because they get bored or they need to find refreshment from their daily routine.


Anyone might be virtual playboy.

You don’t need to go out with women and pay her dinner. You don’t need to touch her or to make plans for future. Also women will show their best photos so you will never see their casual edition, you will not feel sweat or bad breath. Virtual world is fairy tale until it gets real. Some people will get lost there as in dark forest, without idea how to find way out.

It is easier to see things perfect, without mistakes. It is easier to listen sweet words than normal conversation with critics or insults. Also, it is very easy to delete or block someone when you disagree with that person.

Reality is much harder. You need to wake up after night with failures. Yesterday someone laughed to you and today you need to look her or him into eyes. You need to get up after fall and to stand up after lost battle.

Some men acts like kids when their mother finished to read story for good night. “Is it already over? And what happened to golden hair princess?” In modern version it sounds as: “Is she online tonight?”

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What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer


When life starts to slap you from every side, you will survive or fall down. That is why quote says : “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ” We could analyse why some people became ruthless, harsh or even heartless. Circumstances define you, no matter do you wish this or not. Every bad experience will leave track at your soul, and you will never be the same person as before. Rules of survival are cruel.

Elaine was girl from poor family, they had a lot of unpaid bills and once she was studying for exam with the light of candles. She had only one pair of boots and she spent many winters in them. When Elaine finished her education and got a job, her clients complaint that she is too harsh. Even her boss said : “Please, try to be warmer with people. We are here to help them.” Elaine was formal and she did her tasks accord the law. She was good lawyer, even some clients considered her as cruel. As she used to say : “I am lawyer, not a nurse or nanny. Accept this that i will not sing you lullaby, you need legal advise.”


Life is not equal to all of us.

If person lives surrounded by attention, love and careness, it will affect on future. Painful past will mark us and even we are not aware of this, we will show our black side. People are often superficial and they will see what they wish to see. Just because someone is not always nice and kind, it doesn’t mean that he is a bad person.

What will negative experience leave to us?

Bad memories. You blow on cold if you burnt in past.

Emotional scarves. You will have problems with emotional connection.

Sarcasm. What is romantic for others, that is pathetic for you.

Alerts. Red alarm will always ring in similar situation. This red light blinks from the past.

Imagine teenage girl, in 18, how she is dancing with innocent smile on her face. Every guy would like to invite her on date. She is pure, she is not overthinking. Twenty years later she is not the same person. If life punished her with bitter experiences as bad relation, divorce or abusing, she will not smile so innocent as before. She will be full of bitterness, and if not, she will open four eyes.

What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer.

When you lost important part of your heart and soul, when someone stole your happiness, you will wish to fight back. That is what person who wish to survive do, she tries to bring back what she lost a long time ago.

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Why success is not possible over night?

Rise from the dust is motivational quote. That is something as “die to be born again”. When you touch the bottom and only shits are under , your friends will courage you on this way. Legend about Phoenix is good example. Red-gold bird Phoenix will die to finish his life circle, and then he will rise from the dust and go in Helliopolis. Accord some legends, that bird lives 500 and more years, as symbol of eternal braveness.

If you ever participated on business meeting where some entrepreneur wanted to sell his products , you will hear similar stories. First what you see is man in business suite or elegant woman. They will talk endlessly with artificial smile on their faces.

“I was fat and ugly, with bad teeth. Everybody laughed to me. I was victim of bullies. Then i woke up one day with strong decision to make success in my life. I got an idea, this product will change my life forever. People joined to me, we spread our circle and now we are earning a lot of money. I will not get up from my bed for less than … (large amount of euros or dollars). “

That kind of story will inspire losers so everybody will think that changes are possible over night. If you were born as ugly duck, soon this makeover will be done. You are beautiful princess and all kings are fighting for you. Stories about success are filled by exaggerating. I had 100 kilograms and now model agency is chasing me. “Playboy” wants to pay for my naked photos. Bill Gates called me to offer me a job.

Before you swallow all this nonsense, open your eyes.


This period of recession is good background for impostors. Before few years unknown travel agency in Croatia offered journey from dreams in Tenerife, for 600 euros. Small money for elite vacation, but good trap for poor people. Some of them paid this and never saw Tenerife. Instead of this they saw article in newspaper about this “agency.” Guess, their employees never replied on phone calls after they took money.

It is not all black, so success is possible. Well you will not open door and Bill Gates will not stay in front with business offer. Also, Hugh Hefner will not chase you for nude cover of magazine. Step by step, you can go very far if you believe in yourself but also if you have healthy awareness. Be ready for money loss, night with insomnia and people who will laugh to you.

Success is unpleasant because envious people will surround you as sharks.

Here is that Phoenixks with briefcase, ready to destroy you, because he is your competitor. Don’t let him to stand on your feet.

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How we accidentally break hearts?


Playing with feelings is cruel game. Any normal person can’t feel pleasure to left someone in tears or broken. In situation when ego is celebrating, conscience still regret, why should we hurt someone who did not deserve this?
If i ask you did you break someone’s heart, you might say no. Well, if you think deeper, you will remember past events when someone’s heart was broken, by your fault. You did not mean it, you did not do intentionaly, but damage is done.
If you are interesting woman, attractive, smart and sensitive, you will pull attention. Even your heart is focused on one guy, you can’t prevent yourself to be someone’s silent pain. You don’t know for him, you did not do anything, except you exist. Still, that person can consider you as heart breaker, because he imagined in his mind common life with you.
When is possible that you will break someone’s heart?
Your photos are on internet. You are pretty. Some guy will fall in love in you.
You are successful business woman. Your colleagues might try more with you.
You are sexy, your dress is provocative and others notice that.
You are target of gossips, because you change your partners.
You are friendly with guys. You might not think bad, but they wrongly understand signals.
Let’s meet Sandy. She is pretty , sexy, smart and in marriage. She is happily married and her husband is busy with his job, so she use social network to talk with people, and spread her friend circle. She captured interest of many guys. Then she draw line, she is not obligated to reply on all these messages.
Result is next:
Some guys deleted her, because she doesn’t want to talk.
Some guys insulted her, that she is nasty bitch.
Some guys blocked her.
Other guys wanted to see her husband, they consider him as rival.
Sandy was upset because her intentions were not bad. She was honest from the start, she published her wedding photos and she said that she is taken. Normal men accepted this and talked with her about policy, philosophy, even sport. They were gentlemen. Some of them even shown respect toward her husband. Other men said that she should close her page, because she is married. She had unpleasant time when guy opened profile with her photos. She did not want to vanish, because who are they to ask her what to do in her free time?
Can you avoid situation to break someone’s heart?
In this case, don’t talk with this kind of men:
Too young guy.
He will not understand difference between dream and reality.
If man did not have girlfriend a long time or never, he might stalk you as maniac.
Too old guy.
He can see you as reason of his existence. 
Man who doesn’t understand word no. 
If you say him that you are busy, and he continues to bother you, block him or avoid him.
Man who opens his privacy on first sight.
If he jumps with his private details at first time you know him, he is desperate.
Everyone can be heart breaker. You will smile to someone and it will mean world to him. You will say hello and how are you, and certain man will stalk you, because he likes you. Don’t feel ashamed because someone cried for you, if you were fair from the start. If you don’t like someone’s attention, say this from beginning, don’t make false hope.
Guy with broken heart could turn into dangerous patient. Now, his illusion is gone, and he might hate you. Why you ruined his dream, why you made him miserable? If he tries to persuade you that he loves you, don’t trust him. Real love never involves force or blackmail. Real man will accept defeat and go forward.
Broken heart is not reality, this is just symbol for wrong target. He wanted someone who is not available. The best description of this story should be broken dream, not broken heart.
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Do you ignore your partner to prove who is the boss?


I used to say a long time ago that ignorance is deadly weapon against your rivals , and sword in the heart of your beloved ones. If you want to hurt person, ignore her. If you want to get revenge, use ignorance.

Now imagine situation when you are in relation and you have certain expectations from your partner. You wish to share daily problems with him. You wish to smile to stupid jokes and to get opinions about something you did or said. Your partner should have skills of listening, because person who can’t listen is deaf with purpose, and such partner is ignorant one.


How ignorance works out in relations?

You send him long text, he reply with disclaimer or short sentence.

You talk about your day, he just say ok and yes.

You call him and your speech is long, and he is just numb on other side or say something as “we will see. “

You realize that he did not listen you carefully, because he asked question which is already answered.

You talk with your partner, and he stares in other people at the street.

Can you tell me about your reactions, what you do when you feel ignored ? I passed through this so many times. I was smashing plates, yelling and insulting my partner because ignorance is his strategy when he is angry on me or he can’t forget some my sins from past.

Ignorance is cold sword. It says a lot of things with silence . Here is the message :”You are not worthy of my time and efforts. You are irrelevant. I want my peace and you are destroying it so here is the wall for you. “

As i wrote in one of my articles, ignorance is useful when you wish to get rid of someone or to get revenge , as paycheck. In this case, when you share life with person who use ignorance as backup, it is not funny anymore.

We are not all the same, so sensitive characters will rarely use ignorance. When you are emotional, hot tempered, you will not use cold sword. You will make fire and use guns, all will burst loud. If you are rational, cold blooded, pragmatic, you will use ignorance.

Ignorance is ice which should be melted on gentle ways. I used to smile, talk sweet or use my patience, but i have no always nerves for this. Hard day at work, annoying people in traffic and partner who ignores you at home, isn’t that too much?

Ignorance is one of reasons for infidelity. Ignored women are very easy target for playboys. How much times i hear this story, he did not pay attention to me, so i found someone who did this.

When you are alone, when you feel your partner doesn’t care do you cry or you will jump from the window (because he knows you will not ), seed of hate is spreading as poison through your body. You wish to slap this person, who turns you back? You wish to yell that all people know with whom you are living.

One day one man smiled to me and bought me drink in club, in front of my partner. He was gorgeous and very kind. He kissed me and next what i saw was my partner who pushed him into floor. Guards separated them, but i did not feel embarrassed.

Never ignore the one who loves you, because while you use your stubborn attitude to prove your principles, someone else will hug and kiss your partner to show you what you took for granted.

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Be careful with whom you are hanging out


A long time ago my mother told me : “Be careful with whom you are hanging out. ” She knew that my friend, who was 15 years old then, already have a boyfriend, who is 8 years older than she is. She saw them during summer holidays at river beach, how they cuddle each other without shame, in publicity. She said that she is not good company for me, because she is obviously experienced, and filthy.

Few years ago i realized my mother has spoken truth. That friendship broke, because my friend X was indeed embarrassing person, without inhibitions and indeed selfish. After all, her boyfriend wanted to touch me once, when i was very young, and i was shocked with his behavior. That man was pervert, and she did not see that. They split later, as my mother knew what will happen.

My parents never made differences between reach and poor, smart and limited, ugly or pretty people. Just, they always suggested me to care on my reputation. If you are associated with such people, they said, others will not see differences. I really realized that is true.


When i nowadays say that i am glad i am picky about friends, i mean next:

I love to hangout with people who help me to progress. 

I like people who are loyal to me.

I like people who will not make me ashamed in publicity.

I like honest people, who will not lie to my face.

I don’t like sugar coated people.

I don’t like people who are self centered.

I don’t like people who try to copy me, my decisions, my lifestyle or anything else.

I don’t like dependable people.

What i learn, is to separate people from their actions. I saw her with her boyfriend, we were young, and he brought me in ungrateful position, because people thought that i am like her, and i was just a kid. I forgave her this, but later i saw she will do everything just for her own sake, as she did not care how i feel or what i think.

Friendship is not one side alley.  Two women are going out, one is focused to follow her ex boyfriend, will they follow him all night or they will listen what other side say?

Some people think that friends are only audience for listening, but when they need to listen, they became suddenly deaf.

Why we need to pick our friends? It doesn’t matter who is pretty, rich, poor, noble or successful. That are shallow qualities. What really matters are well intentions. When you see your friend in trouble and you think all day how to help him. When you see your friend is busy and you wait your time, not to disturb him. When your friend make you favor, and you never forget this and next time you are happy to give him feedback. When you say your honest opinion even your friend doesn’t like it, but you say because you care and you wish to be honest.

I know when i wear something, that i will ask opinion of my friend, because she will never say that something is great if it is not. She will not mock me, but she will say that i can dress something better. I know when i ask her advice about marriage, she will not make situation so beautiful, she will say how it is, very realistic. That kind of friends are rare, but possible to find.

So when my mother said : “Be careful with whom you are hanging out”, she thought about people who will not stab me into back, who will earn my trust and appreciate me.

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Are we society of hypocrites?

When someone accepts you as you are, with your natural characteristics and principles, that person care about you. You don’t need to be perfect or different, all you need is just to be real you. It sounds very simple, but it is not easy to find person who will recognize real you. Life is full of situations when we will be forced to hide our real personality, at least until storm pass.


When we are playing roles?

At workplace.
Every workplace has own rules and if you wish to fit in, your skills will be focused how to survive. You will learn fake smile, sweet words and smarmy behavior, even that is not real you. 

When someone introduce you to his parents and relatives. 
Now, you will be an actor. Can you tell to mother of your boyfriend that you changed guys as socks before you met her son? No, you can’t , so you will be innocent, kind flower who discovered life in the moment when you met him. 

In politician groups and circles. You want to be candidate on next elections? You wish that people vote for you? If you are hasty, aggressive and troublemaker, people will not trust you. But, why to tell the truth? Now you wear nice business suit so you can act role of gentleman.

At funerals.

Sometimes you will not be sad because someone died. Especially if that is your boss or mother in law, you will feel relief if they made your life bitter. What you will do? Cry and wipe fake tears, make sad face and give condolence to their families.

At business meetings.

Now you are pretending that you are listening, that you are so fascinated with some ideas or projects. In fact, you can’t wait, when this will be finished? You will not say that you get bored. You will say that it was so useful meeting and then is time to ask questions, to show interest. 

Some situations are appropriate for playing roles. That is not hypocrisy, that is just survival. Your mask will protect your interest, but also on that way you are protecting others, you are not embarrassing them, and all are happy.

If you need to pretend in your free time, that is problem. You have special person in your life and she doesn’t like real you? Now you can’t reveal your real face, that mask will be with you forever. Maybe you need to die inside, for the sake of your partner.

Problem in human nature is in expectations. It is nice to see happy and kind face , but truth is somewhere else. We can adopt some patterns of behavior for some occasions, but we are not robots, and this schedule will have failures.

The key of happiness is in acceptance of others imperfections. Our kindness has limits, as our patience. Every person knows when is time to show real, naked truth, and when is time to hide this bomb. If we don’t have understanding, this bomb will explode in unexpected moment. Then everybody could ask, who are you and how they did not see this before. That hypocrisy was on their way, but they skipped over it.