How people lie at first date?

Truth is naked, and lies are well dressed. Do we always want to hear naked truth, without imagination, just straight into face? There are so called white lies, sweet ways to avoid truth or to make truth more beautiful, with some updates. Men and women use different lies. When we start to know special person, […]

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Why i love discipline?

I always loved discipline.  It helps me to solve mess in my life. I love to know what’s someone brings on table. I love to know with whom i am dealing. Even you might imagine discipline as something boring, even rigid, i see beauty in this. Imagine that you prepare party and invite best friends. […]

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Who is real lady nowadays?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, that is sentence from intro speech when you talk with publicity. You wish to express respect accord your audience, so that titles will help you to sound politely. Who is indeed lady and does every woman really deserve this name? Recently i went to buy bus ticket because i was travelling […]

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