Mateo and woman with mustaches

  Every footballer has dream about playing in big club as Real, Barcelona or Manchester United. Many of them never realize that dreams,  but Croatian footballer Mateo Kovačić did it. He is now playing for Real Madrid even he is only 21 years old. As every successful, young, handsome and talented footballer, Mateo is on […]

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Just married

Single woman are often target at social sites. If you have status single or in open relation, guys will ask for friendship with you, especially if you are pretty and talkative. It doesn’t mean that you must be available for all, and block and delete option is always here to protect you from unwanted fans.  […]

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How we take others for granted?

  Happiness is double sided value. We often can’t recognize until we have it, or we don’t appreciate what we have, until it’s gone. Once, when that precious treasure gone from us, we will sit and cry, try to get it back because only then we realize real value. Did you have great friend, but […]

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