Judge me by my outfit

How many jokes did we hear about blondes? What is on our mind when we see Chuck Norris? That is beginning of every stereotype. The blonde woman is so dumb that if a policeman stops her car and ask her identity the card, she will look in the mirror and say “Oh, we look like […]

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Guys without shirts

I was always impressed with men who try to gain attention in clubs by their way of clothing or dancing. That was not impressive in good meaning, it was more something what gave smirk on my face.  The guy who tries to show break dance, which was popular during the eighties. The guy who wears […]

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Twisted morality

Do you know who is Portia Surreal? She is DJ and her show is in topless. Simply, she did performances during her advents, and it made different reactions. She is pretty blonde woman who likes to show her breasts to audience. The last updates i found on internet about her was from 2008, but i […]

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Vision of you

  It is not gold all what is shining. People are as pearls, they can be fake. Sometimes is easier to believe in your fantasy, then to accept reality. Reality is grey, and fantasy is rainbow. This is very seductive, who would not choose fantasy? Little Bob dreamed about blonde girl with long hair , […]

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