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Guys without shirts


I was always impressed with men who try to gain attention in clubs by their way of clothing or dancing. That was not impression in good meaning, it was more something what gave smirk on my face.  Guy who tries to show break dance, which was popular during eighties. Guy who wears shirt with titles ” I am not gynecologist but i can check every vagina. “ Guy who wears trousers with so many holes that you can see his pants through this.

What impressed me the most were guys who love to go in night clubs without shirts, to show their torso in hope that they will get lucky. This summer i was with my husband in night club with dress code, where is not allowed to enter without shirt despite of summer temperatures. They like to keep their rating, so many security guards around watched visitors to make their rules safe.

In the middle of the party i saw guards around guy who undressed himself . He shown his torso with muscles (not bad view) and jump on the wall, that everyone can see him. Guards surrounded him and ordered to get dress. He rejected this and negotiations started. When he saw that he will be kicked out, he took his shirt ( he had elegant white shirt), but he was so drunk that he could not deal with buttons. It was very funny scene, guy was buttoning his shirt (probably he saw double or triple amounts of buttons) and his hands were shaking from nervous breakdown. All the time security guard was standing near him, to be sure that he will finish his work. Finally, guy was dressed and he could back to the party.


I wonder here, what is the point of guys who like striptease in clubs?

They hope to get laid.

Sure, all women will jump on guy without shirt. We can’t wait.

They hope that someone will notice them so they will become famous.

Instagram is not enough, maybe someone can see you and you will earn as model. Yeah, sure.

They try to show how they jump out from crowd.

Hard work in gyms, it has to be exposed. Let everyone see my muscles, i was working hard.

What can happen is far from fairy tale.

Women will think that you are jerk who only wish sex. Really, which girl want to drink with half naked guy ? His intentions are visible from space.

Guards can throw you out. Mostly, clubs which are not purposed as places for half naked people will care for their rating. Also, guards see problems there, who can took out shirt will be ready for fight too.

You can be injured. Someone hits you in naked back , burn cigarette on naked skin, it will not be funny. 

Another part of this story are guys which bodies are not so perfect. There is nothing worse for us woman to see old drunker with fat hanging belly without shirt. Red in face and walking with hairy chests around, that is not how woman imagine prince charming. Before all, women run from such men.

No, i am not traditional, just as person who visits parties many years, i think every place has purpose. Parties on the beach in afternoon are full of half naked women and men, and this is normal. Foam party, after party on the beach, that are places for men who like to show their musculature. You will see woman is swimsuit there and she will drink cocktail with you without shame.

Closed night clubs are another story. Guys will say : “What the fuck, nobody will order to me. I will come in pants or naked if i wish. “ Wrong one, cause always is there someone who can get you embarrassed or even worse. In such story, amateur striptease is not welcome.

How this story ends? Guy without shirt is kicked out , collecting his teeth one by one, without women he wanted to seduce and with some scratches if he got lucky. If not, he will visit emergency. In the case he tries to get back again, he will play role of pancake, guards will make punching bag from him, as in cartoon.

Real man doesn’t need this show. He will undress himself in private place, for the woman who wants him. Not every woman needs to see his muscles, chests, tattoo, just to fall down on her knees. The  moment when such guys speak loud, you will see with whom you are hanging out.

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Shopping is not cure for broken heart

If you are sad, grumpy or your heart is broken, shopping will be your best friend. Women practice shopping as additional tool to forget all troubles and make yourself beautiful.

Look at your wardrobe. Accords some polls, every woman use only 30% of her closet. For sure you have trousers or skirt you will never wear. They are size 36, and you are size 40 and your strong belief is that it will fit you perfectly one day. Then you sit in McDonald’s to eat hamburger and you can forget about your dream.

Women can be superstitious. That skirt brings me luck, i had that blouse when i met my boyfriend. This shoes are your fetish, you were dancing whole night and you had many fans because you look so good in them.

Lucy was very unhappy after her breakup. Her friends Sally and Brenda invited her to shopping mall. She had Visa and she joined to them. Lucy was not slim so after she realized that she can’t stand in size 40, she became depressed. Then Brenda started to pick clothes to make her happy. Lucy spent a lot of money, because at the end she just took some things randomly, even without testing. 

After one week she was ready to meet new guys . She was almost ready for Saturday evening party , her friends were at the door and suddenly her necklaces drop her. She bowed to pick it and her dress cracked on the back. That evening she was so depressed that she cancelled all her plans.

Shopping is nice thing, but extreme situations are not good. We are so sad that we want to be happy by force. We jump from deep anger to the highest joy. Some fake things can fascinate us and we will not even check is that real solution for our problems. I am so angry that i will spend money on new fashion collection, but my legs pain because shoes are so tight, and this coat is too big or too small for me. 

Every salesman will have good day when shopping addict come into shopping mall.


That kind of persons are addicted and they are indeed collectors. They will grab things in any part of the day, and full bags will be result of this shopping mania. Later this person will be maybe hungry or full of debts. Also many people spent their money in online internet shopping.

How many people were cheated by shopping online? 1 from 3 online shoppers were fooled by fake websites who offer ideal conditions for shopping.


So, if you practice shopping as cure against sadness or depression, take a look into your wallet. Think about how big financial burden you can handle in next shopping season.

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Why is shopping nightmare for men?

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If you are woman, ask your partner about shopping. I assume, he will open his mouth and say :”Is it necessary? Am i obligated to go with you?” That is natural reaction of almost every man. Shopping is equal to nightmare for them. They see big crowd of screaming women in the line who complain to each other about their weight and lack of money. Also, they see direct attack on their credit cards and disaster to their wallet. So, if he rejects you, take your female friends with you to spare him trouble.

In ancient times, men were haunting to bring meal to their women, and they stayed at home with kids. They had no clothes from markets and men were happy . Some of them wish to turn into stone age and bring bear fur to their women, just to keep them quiet. Men psychology is different, they don’t need purses and stockings, their shoes are not with high heels and they don’t care about combinations. Unless they are not fashion models , they will avoid to spend much time in shopping malls, because they have something better to do. The most practical solution would be to bring your partner with you, and show him coffee bar near, until you make your shopping. 

If you expect compliment and fascination from your man, it will look like this:

“I thought you had dress at home. Is that new?”

“That is ok. “

“That is good. “

“You look cool. “

Frankly, i would not like to have man with me who would give me tips what to wear. Some men are conservative, and they will pay money for clothes for their women, but accord their wishes. The same picture you might see between old rich man and his young mistress. He will give money or card and pick sexy underwear and clothes for his sexy girl, to show her to his friends. He knows what he is buying. This way of shopping is boss way, he will show with his choice who is the master. 

When Shane and Natalie went to shopping together, it was nightmare. She could not find appropriate trousers, because, as she said,  all were to tight for her. She was not fat, neither slim, but she did not find what she wished. At the end, Shane left shopping mall before her, because he could not handle her speech about her awful body and bad offer of clothes.

Men will not understand why we need so much shoes and purses, why we buy swimsuit every summer and why we can’t wear the same stockings every day. Don’t expect from them to understand this. Go in shopping alone or with trustful friend, and let your man to drink beer until you finish this. Also, bring your money with you, because your man can’t always cover all your expenses. 

Otherwise, it will look like this:

“Why you never praise me? I know, you look other women, younger than me.”

“You did not buy me anything a long time ago. You are skimpy. “

“I don’t care what you think. Other men will notice me. “

“This is fashionable this year. I will wear it, i don’t give shit do you like it or not. “

Some women will show their real faces in shopping. Suddenly, you will see witch with broomstick, ready to attack your wallet. She was kind and gentle, but in shopping, she became your worst enemy because you could not effort to buy her dress. If you try to fool her with something cheaper, you are on wrong way. Every woman knows what is original, and what is copy. They will check with their friends if they are not sure, and you will be in trouble. 

Also, don’t tell her that your mother pick your clothes, if that is your case. Man who admits that mother pick his clothes is subject of jokes. It looks like he is still her little son who can’t open mouth without her permission. If you have bad styling, at least let it be yours. There is saying that man is mirror of women. If you are untidy, your woman doesn’t care about you much. 

Shopping center is battlefield. Make a deal with your woman avoid disaster later. One more thing, if you buy clothes for mistress, your wife will know. One of the reasons why women can’t stand mistresses, is because men spent money on them more than in marriage. 

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Twisted morality

Do you know who is Portia Surreal? She is DJ and her show is in topless. Simply, she did performances during her advents, and it made different reactions. She is pretty blonde woman who likes to show her breasts to audience. The last updates i found on internet about her was from 2008, but i still remember her burlesque show in Zagreb, in night club “The best”. Many would agree with me that her music is not worthy, but on parties everyone can have fun, even DJ is not quality. What captured my attention then was not music, even not her half naked performance, it was behavior of the audience.

Portia was sharing chocolate candies and sending kisses, also she kissed everyone who approached to her. Bodyguards were watching around, because her acting was risky, you never know which kind of maniac you can meet in night club. I heard words, on Croatian language, from guy behind me. He was yelling: “Whore. American whore.” Even she could not understand it or hear from loud music, that was really rude.

I was thinking what makes guy to go on this party together with his judgment. Maybe brothel was too expensive for him, maybe he had problems with impotence, or simply he has no luck with women? If you are notified what kind of show is this, you will not expect prayer, isn’t it? He maybe wanted to go in church but here was more fun.

Later i was listening interview with Portia, she was talking about her experience with audience. Sometimes she got marriage proposals, sometimes even women wanted to kiss her. Her show made different reactions, but for sure, everyone could recognize their secret instincts in that moment. Maybe she scared people , to reconsider their values. Maybe she excited them or shocked them. What she did was somehow brave, because she provoked people.

Another example is Niki Belucci, who was real porno star in hard core movies is now house DJ, is also provoking audience, but she put silver stars on her breasts , and she is more popular. Maybe she better sold her music and show.

This two women make me think, what is indeed moral these days? Moral is tool of marketing. How some people became moral policy , when they inside wish taste forbidden fruit?

How we can judge someone as whore, accord artistic performance, no matter how bad is? What we know about other’s privacy?

In the year 2005 Niki Belucci got AVN award nominee as female foreign performer on the year. That should close many mouth to people as guy from party. Mean people will say, sex is selling everything. I would say, you are what you represent. If you believe in yourself, there is no ethic principles which will ruin your aims.

Who was guy from the audience at party ? He said “whore” but he did not talk about Portia. He talked about himself, his education, his mother and his unfilled wishes. Otherwise, he would just shut up and listen to the music.

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Two sides of beauty


Pretty face is a gift. You can use it for good or bad purpose. When you are good looking, you have some benefits which other don’t have.

You can get advantages at work , you will have better choice in love, you will be invited on parties, and many door will be opened to you.

On other hand beauty will bring you unpleasant moments, as maniacs or stalkers which don’t understand word no, and eternal followers jealousy or envy. 

When you look better than your partner, it is possible that he will be more jealous on you. Beauty attract many followers and your partner might have feeling that he is not enough for you. If your partner is better looking, you could be jealous, insecure and frustrated. 

Your view about beauty also depends of your level of maturity. If you are adult, mature person and you know what you and your partner have together, even Miss and Mister World will not separate you.


How you wear beautiful face and beautiful body?


If you are sexy and beautiful, but egoistic and pretentious bitch, bad label will be on you anywhere you go. Especially if you don’t show any other qualities than good fashion style. Your relations will not last long and your circle of friends will be very small. At work you can get fired because of bad behavior.

If you wear your beauty as crown and  you shine on a good way, then many opportunities will open to you. You might help your less attractive friends to catch their match. If you have popular circle, you can use it to help insecure friends or those who had no luck with relations.


Sandy was very sexy and she was almost copy of Julia Roberts. She was popular and only sexy girls were her friends. Even she did many pranks toward poor girls in her class, just for laugh. After few affairs with some deviant guys she became subject of gossips and guys started to treat her as toy. With time, her beauty was not survived. She became too slim , and she lost good shape. And her style was old fashioned, so she drown in the crowd of similar girls. Even her ex boyfriend hardly recognized her. Today she tries to impress people by posting many selfies at social network, but her audience is not big as she wanted.


On other hand, Sally was sweet girl from neighbor, but she was unnoticed. Then she met Roger and all turned around. She started to wear short skirts, tight shirts and dress, and together with her smile she became irresistible. Today she has over 30 years and she is still attractive, but she is boss on her workplace and her authority is familiar.  She did not use her beauty as weapon to humiliate others.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.  Just, we are responsible for the view. When we fall in love, owner of our heart will be the most beautiful creature on this Earth. You will not care what other people say about your beloved partner because it is manifestation of your choice.

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Vision of you



It is not gold all what is shining. People are as pearls, they can be fake. Sometimes is easier to believe in your fantasy, then to accept reality. Reality is grey, and fantasy is rainbow. This is very seductive, who would not choose fantasy?

Little Bob dreamed about blonde girl with long hair , because she was princess in every story which his mother read to him for good night. As teenager he was crazy for blondes. His first girlfriend, Mia was his ideal. Blonde hair , blue eyes and long legs, as he imagined. Accord fairy tales she should be innocent princess and he would save her from troubles. He did not know nothing about her, unless that she has wonderful voice and she sing in school chorus. Once he went earlier to wait for her and she caught her with teacher of singing , in flagranti. Rumors said that he was not first teacher in her trap. She was far from innocent princess.

It is amazing to fall in love, we change perception about everything. Even monkey can be beautiful in our eyes, dandelion can smell as rose, and we are angels in paradise. Until cold shower from reality, we are deceived by own illusions.

The biggest fraud come out from internet pages. Lonely girl fall in love in her vision about perfect man. He wrote beautiful messages about eternal love, he sent wonderful pictures and make her world colorful. Later he can ask camera sex or even meeting in real. Girl can be crazy from love, to travel in another country to meet with him. When she meet real person, that is not guy she imagined. She fall in love in vision.

Marriages can end up with divorces because of wrong perception about partners. 

You are not the one i hoped for. You are not what i expected. This is like you go to hairdresser. You have pattern, hair with yellow color, you want this shade to dye your hair. The result is not equal as in your pattern. This color doesn’t fit you. Disaster on your head. 

Such things happens because we glorify our partners. 

They are even not fault, we give them characteristic they don’t have indeed. Blonde girl is not innocent princess, that was in ancient times. Charming guy is not poet as Pablo Neruda, he is just man from flesh and blood. Naive girl will glorify her partner as hero, savior or Superman. This kind of girl is inexperienced and weak , she ask for someone who will be her guide , to grab her hand and lead her into life. Now, how much she is disappointed, this man is not hero, he is playboy or cheater. This impression about him was too good to be true.

This is like in song of Belinda Carlisle “What can i do, i have this vision of you.” Next time we can think about before to blame other person for our disappointment. Let’s blame our fantasy.