Mouse trap for adults


We are all victims of some kind of illusions, because life is more beautiful in dreams. It is better to drink and watch movie about perfect life, than woke up with alarm in early morning and go to work which you don’t like but you need money to survive.

Viral mouse traps are in every corner. Bunch of people sharing adds about better job, easy way to get money and perfect business chance. If you buy newspaper you will see page with predictions about better future, about tarot cards, crystal ball and similar kind of misleads, from Zodiac until cup of black coffee with hidden messages for you.

The biggest trap for any kind of misleads and deceptions is internet. There adult people dream about perfect love, perfect business opportunity and generally, about big escape from routine and reality. Well of course there are nice examples , people who were following their dreams and turn them into reality, so everyone thinks that is what they will get, too. Another Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or similar discovery?

Some are more modest and they are asking only love from their dreams. Mysterious person to change their life, to solve all problems with only one touch. 

First step is to open web camera, but then you can be disappointed. Oh, that is not he or her, picture were more beautiful? Expectations fall into water, what now? 

Then it happens, real meeting.

Here are impressions : Oh , i did not expect that he is so boring or that she is so complicated woman? She was asking only for money to escape from her poor country. He was asking only for sex because he got bored with his fat wife and marriage full of obligations.


What happens in the worst case is more serious. We could read about missing persons, crime cases, all troubles which appeared only with the one click of mouse. This stories had start when we log into some social network.

Once upon a time only children believed in fairy tales. After kids found out that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and that Tooth fairy is not real, some cried. Others laughed for being so naive.

Today, adults are also victims. They suffer from another kind of fictional stories, mouse traps for adults. Should we cry or laugh when our illusion gone? No, we should learn and realize that in every age is possible to get fooled. 

If you are too emotional, if you love risks and you just hate boredom , this traps will be still for you as kind of black angels. Walk through this battlefield with gloves and play carefully not to get burn.

Crocodile tears

Crying sometimes is in human nature. We are not robots that our emotions can shut down when we wish to do this. Simply, river of tears will flow if something happens to shake our nerves.

In other hands, tears are kind of manipulative weapon. It will test how soft are people connected with us. 

Lana realized a long time ago how to get what she wanted. It was difficult exam and she was third time in front of professor, confused because she did not have a clue. He said that she fails again, and then she started to cry. 

Please, let me pass. My best friend died this weekend, from consequences of car accident. I couldn’t focus.

Her professor was in unpleasant situation. This girl for sure lies. If he will trust to her, she will made fool of him and other students will use the same pattern. But if he deny her request, he will be cruel monster. He decided to give her few more questions. Lana was blushing and crying and finally he could not watch her. She passed this exam with a help of tears.

Indeed, how to react if someone start to cry in front of us? We can give hug and comfort. Say that everything will be alright even this is not true. Make this person smile if that is possible. Or simply pretend that we don’t see what is happening.

Tears are worse that anger. When person is angry, we have equal opponent. That man is aggressive so you can slap him or show him that you are not afraid. When person is sad she shows weakness. You can feel that you are cruel, without mercy. How to hit opponent who is on the floor? You can feel guilty.

Guy is leaving his girlfriend, he can’t stand her tears. She can’t handle breakup. If he saw she is crying, maybe he will change his mind. That will be crocodile tears because she manipulated him. 

Tears could be tool of promotion in publicity. Make yourself a victim. Audience will have compassion. Everybody in Croatia felt sorry when Croatian  singer Vlatka Pokos has divorced from her husband Josip Radeljak , indeed he throw her from his flat, and she cried in TV broadcast. It is easier to believe that tears are real, than to check this background.

There is saying that crocodile has tears when he swallows his victim. That is symbol for people who cry not because they are sad, they cry with purpose. They are more cruel than those who had no understanding for other’s tears.

Intruders – hunters in troubled waters



Modesty is one of values. It is connected with respect of others, that we should not touch something what is not ours. Don’t steal, don’t desire other’s partners, don’t be greedy. You are satisfied with your life, your car and even if you are not, don’t blame others. 

Some people will say – never enough. They will run over corpses, they will push you during their race, all until the day when they will regret it. It is alright to be ambitious and to desire more. Now, here is the question, how to make harmony between modesty and your wishes to get more?

Let’s take a look about story of Sybil. She is married woman, with one pretty daughter and devoted husband. She has 42 years. She got bored in marriage so she made profile at Facebook and find virtual lover. They made fake profile together and everybody in virtual life know about them as couples. After some time she got bored with this virtual sweetness, cyber sex and attention so she started to look at other social networks for new young guys to please her wishes. She doesn’t care if that guy has a girl, if she could hurt feelings of some girl with posting her erotic photos on their pages. One day someone hacked her page, and she became hurt, after long time. She thought that nobody can stop her. But someone did, and even worse, she was reported for posting pornography and admins of social networks deleted her page. It was not the end, her daughter find erotic video from her mum with masturbating and she had conversation with shrink. All family went into crises. They could not understand what kind of monster Sybil was. She had everything, but she wanted jealousy of other people, fight, envy, publicity. She paid for this.

When you enter into other’s space, this is like in football. You try to get your score, but someone can throw you and hit you very hard. Life is rough game. If you think that you can humiliate others, don’t expect that you will not get paycheck. Don’t justify your acts with ambitious wishes. 

World is big place. 

Is it necessary to ruin other’s happiness because you want more?

You don’t have to steal other job or position at work to be happy. 

You don’t have to seduce other’s husbands to please your wishes. 

If you grab into other’s property, you can stay without hand and lose everything. 

How would you feel that someone kiss your husband or to gossip you in front of your boss, just to sit on your chair at work?

I don’t want what is not mine, but also i protect what is mine. Once when someone starts unfair game, there are no rules. All is allowed in the name of justice, and that kind of intruders will get what they deserve.

Fraud with lipstick


Woman’s  face is space for painting, for those who are not satisfied by their natural look. Fake lashes, mascara, lipstick and all cosmetic tricks will make you awesome, as your role models in magazine. All right, i am kidding, probably you love yourself and you don’t want to ruin your face with too much makeup. What if you have perfect makeup and you lose man because he saw you without this, in your natural edition, when you did not expect this?

In Algeria man started court trial based on this subject. Day after wedding, man wants verdict about his marriage, as it never existed because he is victim of fraud. He said, this marriage is not valid, because he saw his wife first time without makeup and that person is very different from glamorous woman as he knew. People around world at forums judged him as jerk and make pity about poor woman, who found this creature. He will throw her away, because he could not stand to see her face without makeup? Indeed, he is a jerk. He is superficial and from his statement everyone can see that only outside look matters to him. Neither character, neither brain. Also, he wants big money for compensation, 20.000 dollars because he is in state of shock.

On other hand, what kind of woman will get marry with secret, about how she really looks like? Your man must know you very good before you sign your legal papers. Without fake condolence, what was she thinking, that she will lay to bed with mascara and bunch of powder on her face, make shower with lipstick on her lips and draw eyeliner in early breakfast time, before her husband wakes up?

One of men fears are artificial women. Women with face full of colors , where her eyes drawn in new model of Max factor mascara, or her lips are similar to fish because she discovered Maybeline ( or maybe she was born with this, you can imagine) . In next nightmare that woman take off her high heels, push up bra and wash her face, so when man sees this natural creature he runs away. Wow, girls, let’s admit, who did not use some trick to seduce guy? Well, men are not stupid and you will not always have a chance to be colored doll in front of him.

I met my husband in summer and after two weeks we went to river, on swimming. He saw my face as it is, and he did not complaint. I had eye bags cause i was tired from Saturday night, but i did not use nothing to fix that. It was early phase of our relation and kind of test, will he like me without makeup? He said that i don’t need it, because i am better natural. Then i said that i use it only for evening parties, when i will have elegant clothes. In fact i am really alergic on mascara, my eyes can’t stand this and when i use makeup i prefer something more natural. 

I can count women fears, especially of those who are insecure in their beauty.

“He will saw me without makeup and i am done with him. “

“I look so ordinary without my colors on face. “

” My eyes are small, my lips are thin and my face looks to white. I have pimples, how to cover this?”

Bunch of fashion blogs are based on women fears, with advises how to fix errors of mother nature and how to hide imperfections. Well, nobody said that you must be dirty and that your bad hair day  is your advantage. Bad teeth are also not charming weapon. There are some situations, as business meetings, parties or dinners when you will put makeup because it looks more appropriate. Makeup is addition, not way of life and you can’t use it as tooth brush. Just, try to be more yourself, because men don’t tolerate  lies. As one my friend said: “I saw this girl, her face had more plaster than my house. “

As much some men are superficial, some women feed them with false impressions. How could he knows who are you if he never saw you without makeup or if you run in bathroom for lipstick every time when you wake up?

What this poor woman at the beginning of story can expect? She did not take a risk to show her face so her husband brought extreme decision. Next time, she will throw her cosmetic purse in trash bin.