Do you know how to relax?

It was a lunchtime and Louise sat in the business restaurant to eat something. She wanted an empty table but luck was not on her side. Two men in suits sat near her. She was a witness to their conversation. “Really Paul, how my secretary lost this file, it was amazing? All important notes are […]

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Where is your weak spot?

  The way how we pass through obstacles shows the magnitude of our character. How we handle the burden, it depends on our strength. A human is not a machine, and every person owes weak spot. So, when someone wants to hurt you, to use you or to make the fool from you, that person […]

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Did you date a hooligan?

The young girl will easily fall in love with the hooligan. A guy who drives fast, spit on the floor and swears, what a dude! He said to his mother to go to hell, his teacher got nickname bitch, and his old neighbor is just an old corpse who breathes this air for a granted. […]

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What makes you happy?

Happiness is not the universal thing. What makes you happy will make me bored or even angry or sad. Priorities are different and that is why the source of good luck is not a global thing. For me, happiness is a race. I like to move and discover new challenges. I like my space of […]

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