6 deal breakers in relationship

Tolerance is beautiful human value. It is kind of path to handle people when there is no other reason for this. It shows us how much our nerves are strong. Also we learn about ourselves, where are our limits. How much bad things some person can do, before we erase her from our life? It […]

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Do you categorize your partners?

Did you feel attracted to someone who is not appropriate for you? Now forget social differences and stereotypes, because sometimes you feel inside that someone is not your number. You don’t see yourself is a serious relationship with this person, but you feel strong desires. This person simply makes you horny. Emotions are not always […]

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Picky guys are better partners

  Life is a big basket. There are a lot of things to choose, but we can’t have everything. One choice will eliminate another because it is impossible to pick up all. Also, we have standards. If you close your eyes and imagine what’s your priorities, your vision is made by this standards. A person […]

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