Who is your friend with benefits?



You are hungry for passion and you are not in relation? Relation is indeed obligation and it takes lot of attempts to find right partner. Sometimes we can be so busy that we have no time to focus on special person in our life, to reply on every SMS and every phone call, to support that person in the case of troubles or problems.

If we are not ready for relation, we must be honest. Here is an option if you don’t want to be alone but also if you don’t want to be bonded with someone. This solution is friend with benefit.

Samantha was excellent student, she was running for future career and education was her dream. She wanted to become successful lawyer. All her relations broke because she was so busy with exams, seminars and also she was working in library during her free time. Her partners felt that they are  unnecessary things and all gone from her life. This stressful life make her frustrated because she needed sex. She didn’t want to be promiscuous because of her reputation. So she had deal with her best friend Frank. From time to time, they had dates with sex. Frank was single, also not ready for obligations and he liked Samantha so they had casual sex once at week. But then Frank found girlfriend and Samantha became jealous. He was cheating his regular girlfriend with Samantha and that relation broke. Frank and Samantha involved feelings and they became real couple. This story had happy ending.


Melissa had no such luck. Her friend Ronald used her for sex, but she hoped it will be different. She realized after one year that it will never change, because Melissa was only sexual toy for Ronald. He was nice with other girls, but he did not know when Melissa has birthday, what is her’s sister name and so many things important to respect person. She took him benefits and broke that connection, with tears.

What is important if you decide to have friend with benefit?

check out is that person single

– accept that is deal only for sex

– don’t be jealous on his or her private life, your meetings are just for sex

– you can get out from that “relation” anytime, without explanation

– don’t judge or blame your friend with benefit, it was deal from the start

If you are not stable person, if you live in dreams or it is easy to deceive you, this kind of relation is not for you. This is game of nerves and your feelings must shut down. Even if that “relation” become something serious, it will not be with force or because you beg for real love. It will be spontaneous.


Think about that person, how much benefits he or she deserve , because you are master of your body. Also be sure that person knows to keep a secret, because some people are corny and traditional. Maybe your future partner could not accept that you had friend with benefit. Let it be your sweet secret.

5 signs that your friend is a mole


Word friendship is overrated. If you are naive, easy going person, you will call everyone your friend. There is classification, in which cases someone grows enough to be your friend.
1 level : acquaintance – person you met recently, and you like it at first sight
2 level : colleague – person who works with you, but you don’t know nothing at first sight about him
3 level : roommate – someone who lives with you by certain circumstances, if you are in dorm or rented flat, someone you share office because you work together
4 level :  friend, because you both want it
5 level : best friend, someone you can trust more than others
People often mix friendship with rivality. Rival or competitor is person who pretends friendship with you, but indeed she wants to compete with you and to do everything better than you. The trouble is, if you are better in some area, person will show envy and jealousy . She will try to sabotage you, and having such person in your circle is similar as you live with mole in your garden. So, here is flowers and green grass, but somehow it doesn’t smell like you expect. Something ruins that flowers.
As example of real rivality i will mention girl i knew before many years. Recently she met my mother and asked for me, even we did not see each other 15 years. Still, she wanted to know details about me, my partner, my job and what is going on. When we were friends, she was always comparing herself with me. If some guy would be interested for me, she would say : “He was flirting with me too. ”  If someone talked bad about me, she would pass me information with apology that she sorry for hear this. If she heard something good, she would make it as meaningless information. We broke our friendship when i realized that i don’t need this in my life. I had more respectful enemies, at least they did not pretend that they like me.
Even you maybe think that someone is your good friend, circumstances will show different view.
You will see is this connection between you and x person rivality or real friendship.
Your friend is close with your enemy. 
Ok, we have choice to whom we will talk, but if your friend spend more time with person who hurts you than with you, think about friendship.
Your friend is too spontaneous in company of your boyfriend.
If your friend wants to hug and kiss your boyfriend, and she says that she do this because of some “brotherly love”, think about real motives.
Your friend always forward you gossips.
“She talked bad about you. He laughed to you. I heard he doesn’t like you. ” Ok, it is not bad to know what others think about you, but if your friend constantly forward gossips, she maybe enjoys to make you sad.
Your friend is not here when you need him. Never.
Friendship is alley with two sides. You will do him favor, he will do it for you. Well, if you constantly give, and never take, if he is making excuses why he can’t help you, this is not real friendship.
Your friend is not happy when you are happy. 
More, he ask some tiny things to make your happiness smaller. For example, you got job in another city, and he says : “You will be so tired, by travelling every day. “
Moles are animals which do damage. Mole is symbol of cracked, ruined friendship, because someone doesn’t like you as you thought. Be careful when you deal with mole, because on long terms, this friendship is much worse than war with enemy.
With enemy, you know clear that he doesn’t like you. Mole will make your sight foggy, and you can get lost in this blind alley.

Do you live in the box?


If you wish to search key of life, remember all pain which you passed. Under this pain was joy and achievement, because you earned this. You did not surrender, you were struggling, you faced with all troubles and still you keep walking. That is real life, maybe under your expectation, but the biggest reward is that you participated.

When someone dies, we look on his life, as history. Person who had lot of love, family and friends did not live in vain. This person will leave track and memories. I don’t believe in miracles and i see all unexpected events as bonus. The rest is on me, and there is no game if i don’t want to play.

The saddest part of life is not death. The worst thing you can ever do, is to surrender. If you close yourself in the box, you are dead since you were born. Passive people, chickens and cowards are living in the cage, with big fear that someone will open their cage and air of life will blow them into unknown place.

How does it look, when you are living in the box?

You never went out from place you were born. Your house is your shelter, and you live under umbrella.

You will avoid to travel, because undesirable things could happen to you.

You will avoid love relations, when you realize that their content is also sadness and pain.

You will never work, because unpleasant people are around you.

You will be bohemian person, without friends, because friends can hurt you also.

You will never risk if you are not 100% sure that you should accept an offer.

Let me introduce Aida to you. She is religious girl and she has strong faith in God. Her little world is locked with thousand keys. She lives with parents and relatives in big house. She never had job and relation. She never made love with man. She never left her city, even for small trip. Aida has 40 years old. She is pretty woman, educated and she is definitely not stupid. What is wrong with her? She believes that her God will bring her miracles. She is untouchable and she broke many friendships because people were terrified with her story. She believes, that real man will knock at her door. In her dreams, he is rich, smart , handsome as model and he loves only her. Then they will live in big house with big family. During her life, Aida met some impostors and she blamed bad fate for this. Problem was, she was never able to get out from her box and to face it with life. All this real opportunities were not good enough to her, because her standards are very high. So, still she is waiting for her Prince charming.

We can easy know when someone is living in the box.

If you try open talk with this person, she will be insulted, because you show reality.

She will watch movies, soap operas and she is probably in love in main actor from some romantic comedy.

She will make gossips about others, because she lives through their lives.

She will try to compare herself with others. So, even she is alone, it is better than husband who earn small money or husband who is not so handsome. She would not let him approach to her box.

Why we are humans? We will did lot of efforts and mistakes, we will be sad, angry, embarrassed or even devastated. If you have guts, you will wipe dust and get up, as Phoenix. Real people arise from the dust with smile. Winner will never accept even to get into box.

Winner has wings and fly in open, insecure heaven. There is maybe dangerous eagle and circumstances are against him. That is the beauty of life, black background with red roses. Pick up your rose and repaint your background, because you can do it. Throw out key of your box, and then burn this box.

How is to feel like uglier half?

Do you know the meaning of word DUFF? That is Designated fat ugly friend, by urban dictionary. So, now you expect creature about 100 kilograms weight, with thick glasses or pimples on face, who wish to be in your company?
Or, maybe you wish to find someone similar, to pull more attention on yourself, because two good looking persons will look better with third, plain or ugly person, who is walking with them?
Society is cruel, especially when you are young. Everyone will talk about inside look, about beauty of personality, but these things came out when you get older. When you are young , there is possibility to collect crumbs from your pretty friends, because you are duff.
Saturday night is here and you wish to go out, to meet awesome guys. You focus your attention on one, but he is too handsome, too cocky or just unavailable. Lucky for you, he has duff friend.
What is the task of this duff?
You can talk with duff friend, to collect info about your guy.
If you are familiar with duff friend, you will be invited on party where is your guy.
Duff will not be rude toward you. He is happy because he talks with pretty girl.
Duff is intro in big game. If you talk with duff, now you are ready for next phase. 
In society everyone plays roles. Soon, some guys will realize that they have power because of their natural benefits.
Sean was handsome guy with 3 ugly friends. Timothy, Ryan and Wesley were cool guys, but they were virgins even they had 25. If you look at them, they would remind you on Adams family. Girls called them Team Gethaldus because they had glasses . Even Sean was rude to them, they did not want to leave him. When Sean dumped girl, she would cry and complain to Team Gethaldus, they were shoulders for crying. Sometimes they would even get kiss or hug from that abandoned girls. Also, they learnt a lot about women psychology from Sean, and once when he was in good mood, he gave them some advices. Later, when they created own business their luck turned over.
For sure many girls felt like the duff , in the company of their good looking friends. For comfort, everyone can be in the role of duff. Imagine yourself as friend of Scarlett Johanson. You are pretty, but she is a star. Or, maybe to be friend of Paris Hilton? She is famous, and everyone will ask about her, you will maybe drag her bags in shopping time.
Some girls will avoid company of popular friends, because they don’t want to be in the background. Other will intentionaly find ugly friends, just to feel superior. In any kind of such friendship, this reasons are bad. You can’t underestimate person, because she is maybe ugly, but she could be smart, talented and creative. You might hurt someone and regret it later.
There was time when i was average teenager, with my sexy friend. She was in short skirts and high heels even she was 16, and i was as nerd kid. Everyone asked for her, and i was kind of postman, until i quit this. Guy interested for me even i was her duff. She wanted to give me advice about him but i wanted to get out from her shadow. Later, i broke with her and with this guy, but i learnt about myself. Lack of selfconfidence will indeed make you the duff.
If you are person who sits in the corner in the night club, if you reject everyone who try to approach you, if you are grumpy all the time and you make conflicts from nothing, you are the duff. This label is something what you stick on yourself. Society is sometimes ugly , but members are here to change the rules.

5 myths about friendship with ex partner


Broken glass is not available for drink. Broken plate is not available for food. What is with your broken relation? The moment when you broke up , your relation finished. Stay tuned, because maybe your partner doesn’t think so.

After breakup women will cry, throw anger and maybe make revenge. It will happen immediately, cause broken woman’s heart is fragile and our mind could be crazy. Men are different, they will be quiet , enjoy in their new freedom or try to focus at work and friends. Suddenly, 3 weeks passed, you are brand new woman, and he called you. Now his time of suffering started, so he wants to be in your life again.

Here is a trap. 5 myths about friendship with ex boyfriend might fool you, because his intentions are not clean.

What kind of traps women fall the most?

He used sweet words as bait. He wants you in his bed, but not again in his life.

He wants to use you because he has some problems. Financial, maybe he wants money from you. Or he lost support of your mutual friends, and he wants back in your circle, over your back.

He wants contact with you because still he respects you, but he doesn’t love you anymore.

He is not used to erase people in his life. What he do, is because of his good manners.

He realize that he is not sure about his feelings. Breakup was his cold shower, but he is still in dilemma and he asks your help.


Here is problem with attitude and feelings. You might still love him, but he just still likes you. It is hard to be friend, especially if he found new woman, cause as his friend you will hard accept this. You inherit will be ugly, stupid, bitch, no matter how good is she, you don’t want to surrender yet.

Also, here is problem with ego. Why she, why not you? Why he did some things for her which he never did for you? For example, he stops drinking alcohol in her company, and you were the one who pick him from the floor when he was drunk?

Next problem is in your future. Undefined relation is obstacle on your way. You might meet someone new, but this old one is still disturbs you, even he doesn’t want you back?

The biggest mistakes you can do:

Having sex with ex. Don’t do it, it will be point for him, but not for you.

Call him back, even he was the one who left.

Ask him another chance, even he did not even mention this.

Now, let’s not be so pessimistic so let’s assume that he indeed still loves you. Well, why he hurt you then? Be hard target. Don’t let him in your life again just like that. Close and lock your door. Let he does trespass , because men like challenges. Let he yell, cries, call, until you decide to give him hint. That hint should never be invitation in your bed. Smile, say hello, talk as friend, drink coffee with him and walk away. Let he catch you again.

In the case that you decide to be just his friend, remember you will never be best friends. You will be as reminders on your mistakes. As the time will pass by, you will be happy to reach new level with new partners. It will fade and your ego will be saved.

He wants friendship – or more?

I want to be your friend.” – first lie which man tells to woman if circumstances between two of them are hard.

How to be friend if you like person more than a friend? When is friendship between man and woman possible?

1. if woman is much older than man, friendship is possible , she can be as his mother or life teacher, or if man is much older he can be her guide as father figure

2. if there is no physical attraction between man and woman, simply she is not his type, or he is not her type

3. if  both are in happy relations with other people

Friendship and love are as two neighbors. There is limit. If you do one step more, you cross the limit. If you have sex with friend, he is your fuck buddy. If you are jealous on other girls in his company, you love him.

To be a friend, you must be sure that you want friendship and nothing more. Because if you do wrong step, you will suffer. Wrong signals can lead you to nowhere. Talking about friendship, and doing opposite things can be a reason to lose person forever. If you feel more, let he/she know. If is too painful to be near that person, let it go.

Don’t force yourself to be a friend to someone who will just use your affection to build ego. This is wrong reason . The basic of every friendship are loyalty, devotion and dignity. You are his friend and you will support him to find woman of his life. If you are envious and jealous, you can’t be his friend, just an obstacle and he will hate you.

When you are in relation, lot of problems develop because of his best friend or her’s best friend. When you are spending much time with best friend, and ask for a reason to avoid your boyfriend or girlfriend that means betrayal. Your limits must be very clear. That woman you know since you were kid is your friend. She is as your sister, so you have no sexual thoughts about her. She is someone without gender. You can imagine yourself to drink coffee with her, but you will not have fantasies about color of her bra. She will not visit you in your sexual dreams. You dream about your girlfriend when she is absent, you miss her. If you don’t think so, you have problem with definition of friendship.

Sometimes you will be in situation that your friend wants more from you. If you are single and she is single, just squeeze her hand more tight and kiss her in lips instead in cheek. Read her signs, she will spend much time with you, she will find excuses to call you few times on day and every important event in her life will be next topic of your conversation. 

There is saying that the best love relations start from friendships. This is good background, because you know this person very well before physical contact. You can predict her or his reaction. Also, you know that your relation with that person will be based on trust, loyalty and devotion. 

Friendship can turn into love. But love can hardly turn into friendship. After breakup, friendship is very hard. We can have mutual respect and agreement after breakup. Friendship in real sense is not possible to develop, because after you split with someone, trust is broken and devotion is ruined. 

That is why is friendship good start of every relation, but not so good end. 

What we ask in chat rooms?


We wish to share some secrets with others, but lack of trust will stop us in the moment. Maybe we feel ashamed and insecure. Maybe we can’t handle expression of other’s faces when we say shocking story. Or, we afraid of boomerang effect, that all what we say can be used against us.
In past times friends were gathering to share problems. We would drink coffee and talk about bad ex partners or hard exams. We were gossiping teachers and bosses. Material is now the same, but place for share moved on. We share our secrets in chat rooms.
Word “trust” has new dimension. That is not situation when you look someone familiar in the eyes. You can open camera, but you are looking in the eyes of strangers. Also you don’t know who is that person, from where is coming from, what is her past. This sounds freaky, isn’t it? If stranger asked you, before 10 years, to tell him story of your life, you would label him as idiot. Now, we are sharing our stories between strangers with nicknames, and that is normal.
Why people love so much internet chat rooms or inbox?
Effect of mystery. It is cool to talk with someone who doesn’t know you. You can lie about yourself and person can’t know the truth. 

Safety. He is far away and he will not come at your door. Unless you give him address. 

Attention.Finally someone is listening you. You have no attention from your friends, colleagues, relatives, but stranger with nickname is listening your problems. 

Feeling of love.You might feel loved. Someone is talking with you whole day, send you messages, and your day is passing between computer monitor and phone. Otherwise, you would cry in dark angle of your room.

Brooke works at office . She is civil officer and her day is covered with calls and papers. All around her is boring, speaking about her office mate who is numb and introvert, until hysterical boss. Brooke found her comfort in chat room. She is talking with Murat, awesome man from Turkey. Her time is passing so soon with him, because everything what he says is different and interesting. Another country, another habits and another culture. Also, Brooke feels special with him, he is listening what she has to say.
People will say that we became strangers when internet appeared. An opposite, internet took place because we treated each other as strangers. Internet did not separated people, because people were lonely before. Imagine this situation. Person x is coughing at office for a half hour, and nobody cares. Unless person collaps and die, nobody will ask you do you need help or medicine. Boss will ask you did you finished your work for today. If you wish to get out because you don’t feel well, you will need licence for exit. Colleagues will have noses in their job, and they will be angry because your coughing is interrupting their work. Strangers in chat rooms will ask you how you feel and they will give you advice.
Strange fact is, when we are enough far way from each other, we start to care more. Distance will break routine, and we will start to ask for other people. We did not notice that our colleague change her hairstyle, but we noticed new profile picture.
Special part of this problem is human character. Bohemian people will hardly fit in. We are not all made for social rules. We don’t want to associate in common lunch in business restaurant. The truth is, reality is limited.
When you are in virtual space, you are totally free. You can delete and block. You can pick with whom you will talk. You will turn off computer when you wish. Well, if you sit in business restaurant with your colleagues, you are not so free. You can’t get up from the table just like that, because someone said something unpolite to you. There are your office mates. Yes, they are assholes and you can tell them open, but other day all will gossip you. Maybe you can lose job. In chat room, you can flag person or simply delete your account. Then you will walk away where you wish.
The biggest freedom starts when we are not aware of obligations. In this case, we don’t have stone in our stomach. We are not obligated to be in internet, but we wish to be. Even it looks that we are slaves or addicted, internet has special way to keep us together on one place. That is reason why strangers are now in our workplaces and neighborhood,  not in chat rooms.
Someone , somewhere  cares about you more than your colleagues next door.

Do you value your special people?

Would you trade diamond for bunch of stones? Would you trade your present girlfriend for few adventures with other women? If you can say yes, you are person who doesn’t recognize real values. Quality system is something what makes your life worthy. If you sacrifice some personal pleasures for real thing, your priorities are high and that makes you special. Quantity is just collection of numbers, no matter do you have hundred friends who doesn’t give shit for you, or you stuck into short affairs with easy women.
When Norman was little boy, he had cute parrot, as pet. That parrot died after 2 years, and parents said to him: “We will buy you new bird. ” Norman cried and he said he doesn’t want new bird, because he loved this parrot and nothing can replace her. His brother Matthew said that he wants new bird, because old one was noisy and it is not big loss, as he said, bird is bird and there is no difference. Later, that two guys found girlfriends. Norman get married fast, after college, with his girlfriend Edith, who was his love from school days. Matthew is still single, and he has instant relations, because woman is woman, and if he fails in one attempt, soon another will take her place.
Problem with people who doesn’t recognize real values is in their actions, where they unintentionally hurt others. Sometimes, such person will find valuable love or friend, but he will not recognize diamond. Another problem is, superficial people will get fooled easily.
If your life values are based on quantity, you will get next stuffs:
Many adventures with hot sex, but without love.
Many acquaintances, but not real friends.
Many invitations for party, but nobody will listen your problems because they don’t care.
Lot of opportunities for jobs, but without chance for permanent salary, because you have no stability to stay on one place.
Easy going life looks beautiful on first sight, but if you look under surface, there is much emptiness. This is as big box for Christmas, when you open this golden stuff, inside is just small toy or few candies. The fact is, when we appreciate real values, we will pay price. Superficial people are not ready to pay price because it takes much efforts and kind of pain. Why should he try to get this woman when she is so hard to get? Other women are in front of him , ready to jump in his lap.
Diamonds are not for everyone, some of us deserve bunch of stones because it is easier to deal with stones. You don’t have to pay much attention on them, as on diamonds. If you get bored with stones, just throw them away. Don’t regret later that you had life, but you did not live as you supposed. Game with stones is more expensive than you think.

How to push someone to make final decision?

Million plans and wishes, and  little time for realization. Life is short for all big dreams we wish to realize, and if we don’t use every suitable moment, we are as gamblers who lost big amount of money. There is no worse thing than gambling with time. Something gone and that moment will never come back.

Delay is enemy of every action. As much we delay more time we will spend. One day we will stand in front of wall, unable to jump over it, because it is too high. One of the ways to move in life is syndrome of last minute.

When we stand and look into our last chance, heart will beat very fast. So, this is it. Final chance to pass this exam or you will repeat year. Last chance to propose that girl or she will leave you alone. Last offer at your work, take it or leave it. Adrenaline jump very high, you are pressured so what to do now?

People react very different in the time of pressure. I am one of people who will react very positive on last chance. So, this is it, there is no return, do it or miss it forever. So if i slept until now, if i was so passive, when i see that last opportunity is running , i will press my autopilot to catch it. Some other people are frozen in this situation. That kind of pressure can block them and they cannot move. Alarm clock is too big obstacle for them and that little dose of motivation is destroyed now.

Last minute has magical influence. Aron and Edith were dating for seven years. It was never right time that he could propose her. He delayed this situation so much, that was chewing gum, and it stayed too long in his mouth, that taste was bitter. Time was passing and he was more and more far from marriage. One day Aron accidentally took cell phone from his girlfriend. She had bath and phone was ringing, so Aron answered on her call. It was male voice, and he said : “Are you her brother? I wish to speak with sweet Edith. ” Aron never felt so furious. Edith later explained him that he got new colleague at office and he wanted some tips about work from her, so they exchanged numbers. He was very clumsy and possible trouble for her work, so she decided to give him tips. Next days, Aron was witness of long conversation between Edith and her new roommate. After one week, she payed more attention on this stranger, than to his boyfriend. So Aron decided to surprise her. He bought ring and propose her , when she did not expected this at all. 

Why now? I wanted this a long time ago, but you were deaf on my wishes.

– Because i don’t want to lose you. I don’t want that some office rat jump on my place. You are my girlfriend, my future wife.

Edith laughed so much but she accepted offer. It was last minute joker for Aron, and it worked out, even she did not move little finger to rush this situation.

Last minute is a needle. You stab someone with possibility of end, that is kind of threat against people who hesitate too much. Who delayed things for a so long time, in fact he did not want realization. Now, you can ask final answer or give up from your wish. Time is cruel, you can’t bring back past days, but you can stop someone to spend your precious moments day by day. 

Use last chance as your joker in the pocket. If it doesn’t give results, that is answer on your questions. There is nothing more, no hope, no expectations, no bad surprises. That is gem, set and match in this game of life.

Intelectuals or just snobs?

Night of museums is big cultural and intellectual event in Croatia. It happens usual at January. Museums are opened since afternoon until 1 hour after midnight and entrance is free. 

During year everyone can visit any museum in Croatia with ticket about 5 Euro. Mostly, there is no crowd and we will see old people or students who need to make homework about exhibitions, or curious tourists who will pass there , searching for an excitement. 

This night was crowd like in football match at stadiums. Everyone wanted to see Egyptians mummies and sarcophagus in Archeologic museum at Zagreb, also to take a look at coin collection from history time and pictures of famous painters. 

Looking into that crowd, when i was waiting in line to enter, i noticed interesting things around. Young girls were dancing on music from earphones and singing Jason Derulo song “Talk dirty to me”, laughing hard like they just came to the party. Young woman was carrying kind of cradle with small baby, about 4 months old, so any social service would ask her few question, why she went in museum with baby, when there is such crowd without fresh air and with limited space. Some parents came with their kids who were running around sculptures so it was real miracle that nothing was broken.

It makes me to think, how many snobs and pseudo intellectual people went on Night of museum? Who went there only to appear, without real interests for exhibitions?

Some kind of people are upstarts

Once famous Serbian writer Jovan Sterija Popović wrote about woman from village. Her name was Fema, she went to big city and wanted to be lady with fashion lifestyle, but she became ridiculous as clown. Her peasant manners were visible even she tried hard to introduce herself as lady from big city.

The same is with so called intellectuals. What makes person real intellectual? This is not person who is sitting in the corner of library with bunch of big and heavy books, with glasses and in black coat. This is not carnival, because at carnival we can wear masks and pretend that we are pirates, monsters or kings, but after this party finish, we will be again ordinary people.

Sometimes, everyone can deceive others with this image. Few words as “Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant”, or “Alea iacta est” can hit dust in other’s eyes. So people will say “Wow, you are so smart and educated.” You can be curious and ask them what does it mean, and who was Caesar? Or you can go step forward, to ask this person about history and meaning of that quotes.

I can understand that sometimes guys want to impress girls about their education and intellectual and mental skills, because this sounds sexy

Guy who knows answers on all questions, wow, he is living dictionary, he knows more than google. He will put glasses even his sight is very well and start to dig in library to find the biggest book covered with dust, just to impress some cute women at library.

What is in the background of this behavior? If you are real bookworm, you will enjoy in silence. You will not laugh loud to disturb to others, you will not dance in museum and for sure you will carry for small baby at home or someone will care for your kids until you are on intellectual events. Parents want to make their children educated, but frankly, kids would rather watch Spiderman in movie or to play with virtual monsters at play stations  than to visit museum. Children will get bored and the result is big noise, jumping around , looking at gate, when this event will finish at least. Older  people will complain on their behavior even kids are not fault.

The main question about this event is, from which reason people went there, to expose themselves or to learn something about history? No doubts, there were also real intellectuals from educated circles and they enjoyed to expand their knowledge. The others were just passing by, to fill atmosphere of something what they considered as good reason to kill their boredom.