How to chill him out?

Seducing is a skill for both genders. What is opposite from seductress is ice princess who is tired of wrong men in her life. She wishes to know, how to chill them out and find the right one? How to make space for a man who can’t see her appearance because of many others who […]

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Do you categorize your partners?

Did you feel attracted to someone who is not appropriate for you? Now forget social differences and stereotypes, because sometimes you feel inside that someone is not your number. You don’t see yourself is a serious relationship with this person, but you feel strong desires. This person simply makes you horny. Emotions are not always […]

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Are you ready to be honest?

  Honesty is a value which everyone wants, but not everyone is able to handle. This is kind of mirror with two sides, and once when the mirror is looking at your view is different. I was often judged because I speak in an honest way, I don’t know how to pretend. Even if I […]

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