He doesn’t care about your past if he is into you


One of the most salty questions between women is about their sexual status. If you ask women do they masturbate mostly will say no and hide it from publicity. If you ask them about their fetish they will cover mouth with hand and say no. If you ask them are they promiscuous they will also say no. Here i am talking about representative , average woman as example . I was talking with many women on internet, from different countries, and despite of feminism, mostly women will not talk about their privacy unless they trust you as best friend.

If you ask women are they easy or hard target, of course every woman will say that she is not easy to get. What is the point is not their level of surrender, because in some stage of life every woman will obey to one man or to make something stupid which is not for bragging about. Being easy or hard don’t make differences, the point is how much you can hold to yourself.

If you think that being unavailable makes you hard target, or that being wild makes you easy, you are in deep illusion.

Let’s see in this example. Celia is a virgin, 35 years old. Accord her religious beliefs and traditional values in her family, every woman who sleeps with man who is not her husband is dirty woman. She finds them as easy and filthy. Celia is pure and she waits for her man, also her taste is very high, so she wants to get rich man, handsome as model, gentleman who will be faithful to her. She was not without admirers cause she is not ugly, indeed she is cute average woman. What was her failure, she is not interesting catch for man’s population on the way she wanted to be. She was dating with men but they can’t touch her properly. She runs even from kiss. Her heart was broken because she did not want to sleep with her big love, so he went to have sex with another woman. Celia said ” look at me, i am hard woman, i will wait for my husband and then i will sleep with him. ” Until now, there is not candidate for her. What she did was considered as hard, but her mind was very easy. A man promised her to visit her and get marry with her. He was from another country. He did not show up even she was waiting for him. Her virgin’s mind made her as easy target for illusions, as hard target for sex adventures.

There we got to another question, what is easy, and what is hard?

Hard targets are not by default virgins, religious women, those who are rigid and unavailable for men. They could be frustrated, but not so hard.


Real hard target is this woman:

She has attitude. If you betray her, she might sex with you, but you will get dumped after this.

She is loyal. If she chose you, she will not chase another man. She expects the same from you.

She is silent and keep your secrets and trust.

She will reject other men.

Level of easy is not tightly connected with physical touch. You might see innocent virgin who is flirting with men and don’t give chance to anyone because she is playing. You might see promiscuous woman who will stand by side and wait for the right man. When some woman is yelling : “No, he will not get me, i am not a whore. ” , there is a doubt that she doesn’t stand by her attitude. If you know you are not easy, why to prove that and to whom?

In this relations the main role is in intuition. Your availability depends on your inner voice. If you feel that man is into you, that you can trust him and that he returns you love, it will not be important what you do for him. You can sleep with him and say goodbye if you don’t feel good, that will not make you cheap. You can call him and say that you want him and you will see in his eyes how much is good this idea.

Here is statement of one man , who said the point: “My girlfriend, i was expecting that she will jump into bed with me first week. I know she was with many men after me, but she did not sleep with me 3 months. I would not change my opinion even if she did it anyway, because i liked her at first sight. It was something in her wilderness which made me impressed. “


Your partner is not your property


You met someone and your heart tells you this is your soulmate. Hurry up to mark your territory , until hot sparks are in the air.

That is what some couples do. Few fast steps and their partner is already as dog, with necklace, and everybody know who is the owner.

Samuel fell in love in Nicole at first sight. She chose him between many guys and he was proud that he captured her heart. Soon, he introduce her to his family and they accepted her very good. Nicole was kind of lady, well mannered, elegant, educated and pretty. Who would not like her? Soon she was regular guest on all family dinners, every gathering and birthday was an opportunity for Samuel to promote Nicole as girlfriend.Nicole wanted to go on concert of Pearl Jam, but, gosh, it was anniversary of Samuel’s parents that Saturday so they skipped it.

They were just two months in relation, but everyone knew them as couple. Common photos at Samuel’s Facebook page were pop out every day. Nicole is having bath. Nicole eat sandwich. Nicole got period so she is so grumpy. Nicole did not put makeup, what a surprise today. Soon, friends of Samuel were confused, is that really his page? Of course, Nicole got password too. Samuel lost his identity in this relation, even Nicole did not asked for it.

One day all changed. Nicole announced that she got job in another city. It was great business opportunity for her and she said she will move to find flat there. Samuel had obligations on his work and he could not accept her terms to move together with her. He wanted to wait. But Nicole was stubborn and she made distance with him. They were still in relation, but she was with him just once at week. Samuel’s family asked where is Nicole, they gave advices to him, even his brother call her to give his opinion about this relation. They all interfere between them. Finally she lost nerves and left him.


Why to rush in serious relation if you are not sure or you are not ready? 
What starts so suddenly it will finish fast. Nicole and Samuel were couples as from cover magazine, so popular and perfect, but they were irritating. They raised dust and when circumstances changed, all gone in few seconds.

It is nice to declare your love because you wish that everyone confirm and know about your happiness. But, if you don’t know person very well, why to rush? You can involve your friends and family in something misty and they will also pay price for you. Who is that girl? Who is that gorgeous young man? What you know about them? Our ego will feed with their appearance , because other people will be envious.

Sometimes that is matter of our vanity. Let’s expose our better half because she is gorgeous. Finally, i have something to talk about . Samuel had average look and bad job, but Nicole was a star. She was his ticket to showtime. He found horse for race and his friends could finally shut up and stop to think about him as a loser.

That love was on the stage, something what makes others to talk about. Also, it did not end well, because she did not have enough space for her freedom. If you rush to catch your soulmate, to hold her too tight, it will break in pieces.

If you love someone let it go. If that person returns to you, that love is real. If not, it was just relation in your fantasy.

Why smart women pick bad guys?


She is pretty, smart and successful. She is well educated and from good family. Yet, she constantly pick wrong men and on that way leaves impression as she is stupid woman. Her emotional intelligence falls down when she is dating a guy. 

Do you know such women? Maybe she is your friend, sister or someone you care about. She is in relation with men who doesn’t deserve her, but he is not first man she failed. Simply, her choice is disaster.

People wonder why some smart women can’t read bad guys and why they finish in bad relations. Why they are humiliated, abused , damaged by guys who are under their level. By default, they have all terms for great romance. Still, they pick guy who make them miserable.

The answer is : adrenaline. This feeling when your blood pressure raise and heart beats faster because he is near you. You will ask, why good guy can’t give you adrenaline you wish?

If you are this type, there are 80% chances that you will date bad guy:

Problematic childhood.

Woman was bullied, abused by men. Unsolved trauma left scarves, she will face with bad guy to make final fight with her past.

Teacher syndrome.

She is smart, but her ego thinks she can change him for a better. So she pick guys who are less educated, less stable, much younger or maybe in conflict with law.

She is not ready for commitment.

Some women will fear of marriage and children. Her conscience doesn’t want obligation. Randomly, she will chose guy who is not marriage type.

Hot tempered woman.

She likes fights, discussions, conflicts. She feels alive during quarrel. 

She likes challenges.

Bad guy is good example for challenges. He despise authorities and doesn’t care for society rules.

An opposite to general beliefs of bad luck, this kind of woman is not someone without luck. She was born to meet with someone who will make her unhappy, because her roots and her DNA invited him. You are what your thoughts do to you. 

This is how this looks like, when woman X talked about her type of guy:

I despise boredom. I will not gave birth to child, i don’t want wash dishes and clean. I want sex every day. I want to be always in love. “

The solution would be in the middle. Such woman in youth has chances to pass through many experiences. After 10 or 15 years, she will get a point. She will understand that adrenaline is not sourced only in bad guys. When good guy wants to leave you because you don’t appreciate his love toward you, your fear will raise until the end. This kind of adrenaline, you might lose someone who is your great partner will make you think. 

Woman who was once on bad path will ask herself does she want to pass again in this road. If she is really smart, she will not.

Smart woman will get sober when her bad guy breaks relation with her, because of other woman, who is under her level. Now, he chose her, and she is so ordinary, not glamorous, not educated, but she got him, right? And you can get everyone you want but you wanted him, because he did not get you serious. 

He was temporary in your life

Knife in the back is the most painful tool of suffering. That is double scar: we are betrayed by someone who had our trust and we are fooled by our visions. Don’t blame yourself, you are not the first neither last who experienced this.
Once i meet someone who gave me love, at least it looked like this. That person kissed ground where i was walking. Until our relation was place for harmony, everything was perfect. Situation changed during the first conflict. Suddenly, i was not beautiful woman of his dreams. I was smug , bitch and devil. Then i noticed pattern : it happened everytime when i had different opinion about something. That relation turned on real war and we finished as enemies. All we could agree in the end, was to break every connection between us.
People will ask : “How wonderful love can turn into incredible pain? “
If you can turn back movie , you will look at things with different eyes. Real love can’t transform into hate. It will happen only with so called love.
Let’s compare real love with “so called ” love.
Real love:
Partner accepts your opinion, even he disagrees.
Partner forgives your mistakes and admits his mistakes too.
You are both progressing together.
There is no envy and jealousy on personal success between partners.
 You are not his competition, you are his soulmate.
He try to understand your bad mood and you cheer him up in every opportunity.
So called love:
Partner try to push his opinion as rule.
Partner blames you for old mistakes in the past , he is judging you.
You can’t progress with him, because he drags you down.
He is jealous if you have bigger salary or better job.
He see you as his rival. 
You are doormat for his bad mood.
He is your big love today, and he will be your bigger enemy tomorrow. How does it happen? At first sight, you forgot to see holes in your relation. This holes become with time bigger and bigger. Lack of trust, seed of doubts, sting of jealousy. When all this connect into big circle, poison is ready. If you don’t heal this on time, you will get sick.
Yesterday he kissed you, you made love. Today this kiss is kiss of death, because he doesn’t love you anymore. Who was indeed in your bed?
How you will find out the truth? Do you want to know did your ex partner really loved you?
When you break up with him, some fact will tell you about your love.
What bad guy says?
He brags bad things about you.
Everyone knows details from your bedroom.
He try to manipulate with your friends to get them on his side.
He is following you around, together with his new girlfriend.
What good guy says?
He will be silent, and if anybody ask , he will not give explanations.
All private things which you said to him will stay secret.
He will not follow you around, and if he has new girlfriend, he will not involve her in your story.
He will stay out from your friends. They are not topic of your conflict.
Your ex love could be wonderful memory or bad burden from the past. At least, you learnt what you don’t need in your life anymore.

Infidelity for publicity


Love has unpredictable ways and one of them is curiosity. After some years with partner you look at that person with different eyes. Sparks are still here, but your cheeks are not blushing anymore when you want to kiss him, you will not grab his shirt and tear on small pieces every time when you want to make love. What is left then, is respect and loyalty, and if this doesn’t exist, your love is not real.

Simply, there is difference between love and fall in love. That difference sometimes cost, and you want to see what is offering outside.

Shortly, X man and Y girl were couple in relation and girl became suspicious because guy received sms at evening time. X had an excuse, that sender is his bank and sms were reported about his account . His girlfriend Y did not trust him so she called radio broadcast and they were searching track for her. So they found out that guy has an affair with other girl. Even his messages were signed with nickname Vulkanizer, Y checked and found out the truth. That Vulkanizer was another woman with name Andrea.

The result was, she broke relation. Extra news belong to readers in Croatia and listeners of radio show, because this love story became reality circus for audience and press wrote about this.

In old times, when partner cheated, desperate wife was crying and tried to protect their privacy. 

Now days, technology offers different ways for revenge. We can make our partners ashamed, let everybody knows. Just, when you expose your life in public, some unknown people will laugh to you also, not just to your partner who cheated you. This is feeling as you are naked in front of strangers.

The most dangerous poison is infidelity, it causes broken heart and broken trust. If you show in public how much you are hurt, maybe you will have satisfaction in the moment, but later you will feel embarrassed too.

Hope next time this girl will have more luck. 

How to recognize your own hero?


Why women like heroes and why man fall on women in troubles? That is instincts from ancient times, when man was hunting beasts to protect and feed his family. Fragile woman waited him in cave with his children who were proud on their dad. Time has changed, but this phenomenon stayed as factor of attraction between genders.

Let me ask you something, women. Would you love guy who always save your back? Would you fall for friend who is here for you even you hurt him ? Would you start to get close with man who accepts your failures even others stay away from you?

Now the same question for men. When you see lady who constantly get into troubles and fight with windmills, is this attractive to you, at least that you want to get her into your bed?

Woman who stuck into troubles is indeed dangerous. She asks for troubles because she know that here will be always kind of guardian angel who will save her. She also enjoys in this adventure because she is adrenaline addict. Did you look on this way? Imagine girl who runs in high heels and fall . Imagine how she got late on bus and stuck in the traffic. Imagine how she pick wrong people who try to stab her into back because she gather lot of attention. Some will call her drama queen, but this kind of woman wants to find her place under sun. She is often victim of misunderstanding because only strong man will deal with her. It is easier to pick plain, boring woman who will not cause mess. Little trouble girl is causing mess, but also good show.

When Diane went to night club , she had intention to find her lover Peter. Things between them were not good a long time ago, so she wanted to face it with him. She found him on bar’s chair, in company with other woman. She started to talk with him, but he felt like in trap. Before 3 days he got laid with Diane, and now he is sitting here and drink with another woman. Diane did not want to stop this awkward situation, she started to talk with a woman. “Who are you and what are you to him? ” Other woman was shy and introvert, so she just said that she is a friend and left her place. After she has left, Diane took glass with drink and spill it over Peter. He was so furious that he almost slapped her. On the other side in this club, another guy watched situation. He knew Diane from before and he heard lot of rumors about her. His name was Arthur. They involved few weeks later. She was irresistible for him. The way how she was talking, walking and expressed herself was stunning for Arthur. Diane was also charmed by him.Arthur was very strong but also calm man. Rarely something would make him to lose control. He was listening Diane, and offered her advice. Also, he criticized her without limits. Diane was angry at first, but she realized Arthur was the right one. The one who make her calm and feel worthy, and the one who will not let her to get drown.

When you meet your hero, you will recognize him because he doesn’t care what others think or talk. He pick his woman and work on her to keep her. He likes challenges and he will kill the beast for you. Just to keep you , he will break fence.


Fragile male-female friendship


Male-female friendships were always topic for discussion. Cool quote “we are just friends” is good excuse for celebrities when they got caught in walking with person from opposite gender, or while they are drinking coffee and they look very close.

When jealous wife nag to her husband that he is too kind with female office roommates, he will reply “we are just friends. “

If someone catch you in conversation with ex boyfriend, and you blush but you don’t want to tell about nature of your relation, you will say : “we are just friends. “

Well, what is this friendship indeed and where are boundaries?

Indeed is hard to be friend with person of opposite gender who is attractive and with whom we feel pleasant, spend much time together and imagine all kind of reasons just to stay in contact. If that person is in marriage or in relation, often hanging out will cause jealousy from her partner.

Martin and Vera were inseparable childhood buddies, they came home in dirty clothes when they were playing in the sand, together they got drunk first time and abandoned classroom. They have whole history. After college Vera got married for Dorian who could not handle Martin. He did not understand why she should go every week at coffee with old buddy, why she call him every time when she has problems and top of all was when she lend money from him, and she did not even ask her mother in law for favor. Then Dorian called Martin, it was harsh conversation and this friendship  chilled out.

Friendship could be excellent substitute for person who has bad luck in love or after breakup, so that is good to hang out with friend from opposite gender just to have shoulder for crying and to get objective advice. Well, what if that friendship is indeed hidden love , and if this is only intro in love, when relation breaks?

Friendships between genders are weird thing. If people are not hot to each other it could be perfect relation, we have objective friend and not busybody, and our real partner can chill out because we have someone for talk, not to annoy him 24 hours, and yet he has no reason for jealousy cause there is no intimacy.

Well, what if someone use friendship as an excuse to spread seductive spider net and wait for a moment that object of desire falls in love? Are we friends or more? If we start relation with friend and discover later it was not good solution, do we lose friend? Now we have only acquaintance because we did not use control and balance.

That is why this kind of relations are fragile, especially if we have partner already. We need to think how our partner will react with this kind of friendship or we must draw a line to make this friendship more formal and without feelings. It all depends how much flexible is our partner.

If we are single, think about before you turn friendship into relation just because we missed human touch. After sex with friend there is no return. If we spend night with friend and someone of us is not ready for more, we lose. We lose friend and potential partner.


When male-female friendship could work out?

If you are both in relation. You are happy private with others and your friendship is field of common interests.

If you don’t attract each other physically. So, he is dear but not your type.

If you were not in relation before. Ex lovers are bad friends, because accidental spark could make flame.

If you don’t feel jealousy cause your friend found girlfriend. Or an opposite. If you feel tensions that is sign that he is more than friend.


Can you stay faithful to your partner?


Butterflies in your belly, feeling of dizziness, and you dream with open eyes. What happens when you see person who is subject of your desires daily and nightly? If you could be experimental rat, scientists would make amazing result how your body tremble and heart is beating like crazy. This situation has special meaning when you wish someone who is forbidden to you because you are not single.

Many will judge women who have lovers and men who cheated their wives until the same happens to them. Some will resist to sweet temptations in a way to choose middle solution, how to keep their sweet dream and not to ruin their reality. Temptations are part of our life, and in this case you need Libra to make balance what is good for you, and what can damage or even destroy your reality.

When couples talk that they never wanted another person for a 20 or more years, they lie. You will go on summer holidays with wife and look at the beach other sexy women in swimsuit. Also you will work and notice some handsome business men at meetings. This is normal that another person captures your eyes.

What happens when your temptation turn into attempt?

Sarah and Adrian were couple for a 12 years. They went on vacation in Ibiza, famous place with parties and night clubs. Both were drinking, and soon Adrian went into toilet. Sarah was waiting for him in the corner of the club. She had short black dress and her appearance was very sexy. Soon one young guy approached to her and started to talk. He offered her cocktail and Sarah accepted, because guy was handsome. In this 15 minutes they were dancing and kissing, because Sarah was drunk. When Adrian came back from toilet and saw that scene he was so furious. He pushed that rude guy and they started to fight. Adrian fall on the back and Sarah was terrified. She suddenly woke up, took his hand and walked out. Adrian had pains, and Sarah felt so guilty and ashamed.

Adrian said to her : “12 years of relation and you are doing this. Are you normal? Guy could fuck you just like that.”

Sarah was crying but next day she realized what is important to her. Adrian forgive her this little affair , but yet she felt as bad girl. His reaction hit her into heart, because Adrian shown  how much weak is she. 

Temptations are demons with colored wings. They are flying above our heads and make promises, that all will be better . We will enjoy without paying price, because life is just once and life is short and so on. So let’s take a pleasure.

Before you decide for an affair, think about next:

Will that person call you tomorrow?

Is your relation worthy of sacrifice?

If you lose your husband or wife, will your lover wait for you to take their places?

These are just practical questions, and we should predict or calculate what will happen. If you want to break relation, if you feel bad in your marriage, then is not important. Result is zero.

In the case that you have good relation or good marriage, you can lose a lot because you did not have control and you let yourself to stuck into passionate trap.

Cheating is a roulette. Choose red or black, in both cases you take a big risk.

What happens when you burst from emotions?


Heart and reason are in a endless, inexhaustible conflict when it comes to love, and that is particularly emphasized when it comes to an inappropriate choice. Sometimes we can see from a distance that a particular person is not good for us, yet we cannot get them out of our head because they are anchored in the deepest corner of the brain and they refuse to get out, they turned into an unwanted tenant who does not pay the rent but who stubbornly refuses to get out. Speaking with popular language, it is what one calls the unfortunate love.

Many of us are the victims of the wrong choice, without even being aware of it. If this were the betting place, one should calculate the odds each time one of us starts with a problematic guy. Let’s think a little, what are the chances that a relationship with someone who lives very far away from us will succeed, or with someone who is ten years younger, who tends to be unfaithful or who is a criminal, or with the lazy loser depending on his parents’ directives? Unfortunately, the problem is that some persons have an amazing talent for self-promotion. Therefore we cannot see hundred faults by a certain bastard because he packed it all into a big charming smile, he is so humorous and so amazing in bed. Once we are trapped, it is late. Then we become a victim of our own emotional masochism and only then we can see where the limits of our patience are. In other words, what occurs is the already well known symbiosis between the sadist and masochist. Not a single sadist would survive a day if he weren’t fed by the masochist and therefore given the reason to his existence. Sadist is cold, he has a huge power of control, an enormous ego and a pallet of selfish demands. If the masochist asks for something, he is labeled as aggressive and whiny monster that only nags and cannot face the partner’s problems. Manipulations in it s original form. Then we are stuck in limbo because we are actually facing two choices. We can either stay with the sadist and pay the price of life in such a community, or simply leave and suffer since he ‘was the one and we will never find someone like him again.’

What really happens when a person is too emotional? She becomes an easy target for all those who can manipulate emotions, she becomes a vampire’s target. Tell her that you love her and that you’ll do anything for her, be passionate in bed and the girl with emotions is all yours. As a matter of fact, you will never get rid of her. It is precisely for this reason that there is a difference between the teenage relationships and those where the protagonists are two grown-up. It is easy to be crazy, unstable and nicely spontaneous when you are at the age when parents take care of your existence, think for you and advise you,  and all you have to do is play the music loud when something doesn’t suit you or cry with the bottle of beer over the weekend. However, when you are working and when you must bring decisions on your own, when you are holding the reins of your life, then the emotional vampire is not a good choice anymore. Imagine that you are working on an important project that requires concentration, and you found your husband at home with a young neighbor, and then the image of it haunts you at the business meeting. Of course, it is all life, we are not vaccinated against the unpleasant surprises, however, some situations can nevertheless be avoided.

A relationship between the sadist and the masochist functions well in teenage age because girls then like having a street thug around. Later, they will turn away their heads from those and then those same guys will say that they turned into whores since they found someone with more class and with a thicker wallet. Some of us grew up and learnt our lesson. Emotions are not always a virtue. They can become a dangerous enemy when it comes to a choice of a partner, if the emotions are the only guidance. Grandmas would say ‘listen  to your heart’, but heart needs a compass. One needs to be able to read the signs that imply whether a certain relationship will succeed or not. If we closed our eyes over something that was important,  that warning comes back lated like a boomerang when our friend gives us an I-told-you-so.

Love is like measles, the older the person gets, it’s going to be more difficult for her to get over the break-up. It’s true, it’s not the same when the teen-age girl cries over the heartbreaking hits by Justin Bieber because of her failed relationship or when a forthy-year-old woman suffers because she failed to keep the man of her life. While the adolescent sufferings are instructive and cute, a middle-age crisis provokes at least sorrow and mocking. Those are the masochists who do not learn from their mistakes, who do not learn that the married guys do not leave their wives just like that,  that the aggressive guy and a cheater cannot become a man of our dreams with the help of a magic wand and that mom might be a woman of his life.

Therefore, if we really learnt that the ragamuffin from our neighborhood has never been a marriage material and that the married colleague from work is not worthy of our tears, then we’re making progress. Each step forwards opens the new world full of beautiful surprises. It is up to us whether we will lock ourselves in the zone of masochism and prepare the package of handkerchiefs or travel to a new unknown destination.

Virtual infidelity – did you cheat your partner on internet?

How many times you smiled to someone who is not your husband? Did you feel sparks when you talked with attractive man at work or with stranger you met in the train? Handsome photo on internet profile occupied your attention?

If you reply yes on all these question, you are welcome in the dark zone of passion. People will talk about infidelity, judge or pity others, but many should questioning themselves, how far they go in some moments. Special kind of infidelity is cheating in virtual space. 

First question is: virtual infidelity is really cheating or only imagination in your head?

If you think in technical sense, virtual flirt is not real cheating. You can’t touch or kiss person, you are not going on date with them and sometimes you can’t even see them or hear them voice. That is why some people were misguided before web cameras, because sweet words from fake lovers were poison for fragile and weak hearts. Even today you can sell someone story about your life, with fake photo on avatar, if person is enough naive to believe you. I don’t justify or judge virtual infidelity, because this can happen to anyone in some circumstances. The main problem are reactions of your partner.

This is gradation of one virtual infidelity.

10 degrees – you are sending messages to handsome guy from internet

15 degrees – your messages are romantic and full of sweet words

20 degrees – you opened camera to this guy

30 degrees – you kissed on camera

40 degrees – you were naked on camera for him

50 degrees – you did virtual masturbation

100 degrees – you meet with him in reality on date

120 degrees – you kissed with him for real

150 degrees – you made love with him for real

Relations or marriages are not without problems. You can’t say, someone cheated because there was not enough love. Sometimes, you can love someone for real, but circumstances will make you curious and you will cross your limits. If your husband or wife are passive, busy, grumpy with times or without interest for passion, you will try to find this in other space. Nowadays, this space is internet. You will have good apology if you find lover from another country, because possibilities that you meet with him are not big, and your real marriage is safe. Also, this flirt will refresh your relation and maybe old sparks will shine again after your new experience.

Virtual flirt is infidelity in emotional sense. Even you can’t touch or kiss person, you let someone else in your mind and heart. You are spending your time with him, and more times you spend with him, less you will spend with your real partner. Love will find their expression even in virtual space, so reactions will be the same as in reality. Also your heart is beating faster when this person send you message, you lose your breath, you are blushing or simply you are confused. Your daily obligations will suffer so if you forget that you have business meeting because guy send you message, you are busted in this transparent network. 

What kind of reactions you can expect from your partner?

He could leave you. Some men will not tolerate even innocent messages so they will leave without discussion.

He will give you an ultimatum. Stop with this or we will break up.

He will be indifferent, but with alert. This is only your computer and i am not afraid of this. But if you meet with this guy alive, go away from me.

He can do the same with other woman, because if you let it to yourself, he can do it too. 

Every kind of infidelity has beginning and the end. When you start this, you must be aware that you will sacrifice something and that things will never be the same. You will leave from this relation to keep safe your real life, or you will give up from your reality to catch your dream from virtual world. 

Sally met Richard online while both were married. She was from USA, and he was from United Kingdom. They were in virtual relation 2 years, and their marriages were full of problems. At the end, wife of Richard asked divorce, because he was like zombie, all the time on computer, never available for her when she needed him. Sally has traveled in Europe just to meet her lover and they realized how perfect match they are. Their infidelity became reality, but they paid price for this.

Virtual affair could be defined as small stain in your dress. You did not notice this stain until you did not wear dress. Later you try to wash it, but stain is spreading and it is bigger now. You will throw your dress into garbage or you wear this as it is. 

Today you will restart your computer for faster connection because this handsome guy is there. Do you think you should answer on his message until your husband is making dinner?