How to deal with toy boy?

    Playing with feelings is very cruel game. Someone loves you, and you define the path of this relation. So, it means, you will reply to message when you wish, you will date with a person when you wish and you will break up when you wish. This is an advantage when you love […]

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Who is emotional slut?

Emotional burden on your heart is not easy to handle. This moment when you feel bitterness something in your wish to share it with others. Your hand will grab cell phone to call a friend. “Now, something is urgent, i must tell you what happened to me. ” ¬†You will say what’s bothering you to […]

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Don’t stand between them

  Conflicts are not desirable, but life is impossible without it. Lot of things came out on surface when we get angry or if someone provokes us. If you stay out of conflict, your rival can understand this as sign of fear or weakness. If you spread claws for everything, this is also not good […]

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