Why you delete your virtual friends?

Once when you are connected with someone as a friend you share everything. Tears, laughter, joy, sadness. You are confident, many secrets stay hidden and the relationship develops as kind of blood connection. Having a friend is a treasure, loss of the friend is damage. Technology surprised us with a new phenomenon called virtual friends. […]

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The point of a blog interaction

  The blogging is not a blind alley. This is not one-sided communication, either. The beauty of blogging is trading of opinions and when I see comment on my blog which is connected with a topic, I am happy. Sometimes other bloggers inspire me to open topic, they remind me on a different point of […]

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How to seduce a woman online?

Shy guys were reborn with the appearance of the internet. Finally, they don’t need to approach in reality to thousand girls, and to risk rejection. All that they need is to open computers, to make an account at social networks and their problem is solved. They will avoid disgrace in public because they hide under […]

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How people lie at the Internet ?

  One of the biggest cheaters in a virtual world is fake profiles. Imagine that you share your problems, dreams and daily routine with a charming stranger and you found out that person is fake. You would not believe what kind of creeps are hiding under avatars and what are people able to do on […]

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7 myths about a blogging

Many people are interested to make a blog which will be popular and famous. Once, a girl said to me: “I wish to open a blog site, I have a sense of writing, how does it work? It looks easy.” I am a blogger about 5 years and English is not my native language, so […]

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Something for my followers

I have news on my blog page. From time to time I will promote here my awesome colleague’s and their blogs. These are people which I follow and who comment on my blog. I respect their wonderful ideas and their approach. Also, my colleagues inspire me and I am progressing day by day with their […]

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