5 types of people you should avoid at social networks


Social networks are relaxing place if you share your time with good people. Stranger from internet could be more interesting than your colleague at work or boring neighbor who knocks at your door every day. Another traditions, exotic countries and different views are real refreshment in boring daily schedule. Unfortunately, internet is not always place for enjoyment, so you can fall in trap of some freaks who forgot line between reality and virtual space.

This 5 types of people you should avoid and press NO button for friend request:

Spammer. This kind of person will spam your wall with tags and inbox with messages. He is not here for friendship, he desperately catch attention. Especially is odd when such person start to share your personal photos around, without your permission.

Lover boy. This person is hungry for love and sweet words fly over your page as butterflies, but also you can see the same story in other pages. Sweetie, darling or honey are his daily inspirational words.

Pervert. He is big fan of porno photos and videos and he can embarrass you in publicity, because naked bodies are his hobby. 

Hater. He hates everyone and world is undesirable place, accord him. He will ask for conflict and fight in every opportunity. When such person is leaving, everyone will be considered as idiot or jerk, because everyone hurt him badly.

Lonely soul. Yes, this is kind of person who yells “add me” in every group, because people must add him. Otherwise, he will open fake page and threat you why you did not accept his nice offer for friendship. 

Even every social site has block button, you are not finished once when you block unpleasant person. He or she can open another page or gossip you around, or even try to hack your account, because you did not want to hangout with them. Some cultures are not based on rejections, for them is rude to say NO, and they will hard understand that you pick your friends.

Internet offered exit for every lonely person on this Earth, but some of them mixed reality and dream. Even when you add someone who is not accord your standards, you can soon regret this, because such person will ask daily chat with you and you will have stone around your neck.

Virtual space is not substitute for reality. This is bonus , additional gift together with reality, vacation with keyboard. If your workplace allows access to social networks, you will join to some site to get rest from daily pressure. Maybe you will rather exchange your experience with strangers than drink coffee with your idiot boss or boring cooperators. Person with healthy and sober mind should understand boundaries, that you can’t ask your virtual friend about their ages, statuses or personal life, if she or he feel uncomfortable.

Word choice is magical word but some people on internet are deaf , because they see only what they wish to see. Extreme cases will call you bad person, because you ignored their messages or blocked them, after annoying virtual treatment.

If you are lucky to meet alive person from internet, your perception will be complete and maybe you will find new friend. In any case, limit your expectations. People from internet are not fairies or magicians, they can’t change your reality or pay your bills.


Can you get focus in the world of technology?



We live in the age of smartphone attack. Look around yourself, everyone is typing on his cell phone. Everyone is talking in full bus, tram, car, even during walk on the street, because there is so much important things to say.

Recently i watched movie with my husband. I was tempted to see what is on my smart phone, did someone sent me message, liked my posts etc.  I tried to focus at movie, but my hand were searching smartphone which was on low battery. Then my husband noticed that i talk while phone is charging. He said to me, few people got electric shock on this way.

This is era of addiction. Those small electronic things obeyed us. Just look around yourself, smartphone is in every area of life.


Walking dog? Checking phone.

Sitting in office and write important document? Checking phone.

Talking with friends on coffee? Checking phone.

Dancing on wild party night in the club? Making selfies is necessary.

Making cake? Check your phone is ringing.

Make shower? Wait, your message is here.

I don’t say that all is bad with appearance of Internet and high technology. The main negative characteristic is : you can’t focus. Try to get focus while your partner is hugging you, while your friend is talking something confident with you and while your boss is giving you next task. Sometimes, we all go out of focus. Somewhere, in strange world where reality is different. This is situation when your partner is stranger and your virtual friend is person of confidence.

I will say about bright side of this IT era, how this helped to me:

Finally, i don’t need to explain strangers in the bus or train why i don’t want to talk with them.

When my partner got tired of me, i can focus at my phone.

Remember parents whose have kids in foreign countries? Remember relatives from far? Now you can reach them with Skype .

Remember how sad you were after summer adventures, because you knew you will never meet this guy again? Now you can search him in Facebook. I remember Italian guy who stayed in my nice summer memory before many years, but i never had a chance to see him again. We exchanged 3 letters and silence.

When i need info about anything, i ask Google.

What i know for sure, with new technology, we are never alone. Everyone got a chance to create second world, together with real life. Now everyone can make own photo shop at Instagram, own video to post on social networks and make yourself important for those who wish to see.

I remember girl before 13 years who lost job, all friends and broke up with boyfriend. Girl was very sad and she was writing her thoughts in notebooks. That girl collected 30 notebooks with her thoughts. That girl did not have Internet. It was me.


Book for all women who lost hope in finding partner

You can find it here for symbolic price:


I would appreciate review. I wrote this book , which is indeed collection of my best blog posts accord this topic, for all women who are not self confident. Lack of trust in yourself is the main barrier to find a partner .

This book is divided on three problems:

Women who think that some men are out of their league.

Women who are desperate for being single.

Women who think that persistence in searching men is a value. 

Seducing is not just outside work on hairstyle, makeup and suitable clothes. Seducing start with mind and control of desires. Why to put all cards on the table immediately if you saved ace in the sleeve? How to seduce guy on internet?

Answer on all questions are in the book.

How to deal with toy boy?




Playing with feelings is very cruel game. Someone loves you, and you define path of this relation. So, it means, you will reply on message when you wish, you will date with person when you wish and you will break up when you wish. This is advantage when you love less or when you don’t love at all. Women will complain on cruel men, but we also have horse for race. With years, every woman learns how to deal with players and it is not hard to become a coach.


Imagine that you are in life period  when you got all what you wanted. Marriage , kids, successful job , but still some things from past are unsolved and you want to heal old wounds, even to get revenge for the time when you were humiliated. Now is the right moment, because you are strong enough, you have background and little girl who cried on every harsh word died.

Roberta got married before year ago. She loves her husband but she still did not heal some bad experiences from the past. It was something what bites her inside, like injustice stands on her way to feels happy. Name of her bad experience was Jared. It was guy who was playing with her emotions, and hurt her a lot. Recently she got his message, where he wrote that he miss her. Roberta closed her eyes and imagined every passionate moment with him. Then she remembered her husband, who shown her main ingredients of love : respect and appreciation. She replied on his message with cold sentence as ” i am good and busy” and she accepted his invitation to drink coffee in coffee bar, at lunch pause . So, when she saw Jared again, she lost her focus but she did not forget all pains what he did to her. For example, his favorite fun was to flirt with her female friends and to gossip her in front of them. Roberta was listening him, his words of regret and sadness. How he wish to be a better man. After this, she spilled her coffee right into his lap. It was embarrassing, but she could not sustain smile.

Sometimes, women are in phase when they don’t know what they want.

If you decided to play, not to love, here are some candidates:

Married man who cheats his wife. 

Perfect choice for game. He will get what he asked.

Too young boy. 

Also good choice, if you are 40, and play with boy 20 or 25 years old , game could be exciting.

Man from another country.

Distance is cool reason to play, not to love.

Stranger from internet.

So many jerks from chat site are good for game.

Ex boyfriend.

If he did this too you, now is your turn.

If you are woman, be aware that rules are different than in man world. Society with judge you, friends might turn you back and men will hate you. When man is player, he is the main boss. His friends envy to him and they ask advices from him. When woman is player, she is slut. Her friends avoid her, and they gossip her too. If you have your aim, if you really don’t care what others think, choose your target.

On which way women play?

They smile to their targets and invite them on coffee.

They make love and don’t call again. If you call her, you will get excuse.

They don’t introduce toy boy to their parents and friends.

They are sometimes ashamed of their actions. 

Bad side of this strategy is that woman can fall in love in toy boy. He is sweet toy and he can make your heart melting. He might fall in love in you and you will feel as monster. In this case, you know where is your red button. Game got serious, time to let go. Sometimes, two broken souls meet and try to punish each other because they don’t know how to love again. They will play game of love with possible victims.

Don’t regret nothing after all is finished. Experience is part of love and passion. Some passionate relations are condemned on death penalty. Simply, when you destroy each other with feelings of doubts, jealousy and hatred, this can’t survive. Real love is indeed something else. There is no need for game, just loyalty and respect are mutual.

Judge me by my outfit


How many jokes we heard about blondes? What is on our mind when we see Chuck Norris? That is beginning of every stereotype.

Blonde woman is so dumb that if policeman stop her car and ask her identify card, she will look in the mirror and say “Oh, we look like twins.” Indeed jokes are funny, but also offensive. If we can consider every blonde woman as stupid, soon stupidity will be recognized by the color of hair. Look at Sharon Stone, her intelligence is over 140 and she is almost genius. Ivana Trump is successful business woman and Hilary Clinton is politician.

These are only examples how people judge us by the look. Why such approach? It is superficial and not complete, but this is easier. If you have business interview and you put too much make up or you are dressed as you go to football match, you can miss a chance to get job. Unfortunately, your employers can judge you by the look.


If you have big breasts and style of Pamela Anderson, you will not be welcomed in business circles. Simply, people will not get you serious. Glasses will made you more intellectual, straight hair more serious and if you add black suit and tie , you are perfect for business meeting. Try to copy style of Linda Fiorentino in “The last seducing”, and you will have an authority.

In many situation people don’t want to dig under surface. Impression which you leave with your clothes will be unforgettable. This is unfair, but stereotypes are in every corner of life. You don’t need to obey, but it will be easier to understand why you are not accepted in certain circles.

Many women want to look younger . Also, this will bring you some negative points. If you are in 40, and you look like 25, really young guys can approach to you and annoy for flirt. You are boss of department and your male partners can treat you as kiddo. Try this look of Ellen Page in business meeting. People will put you in kindergarten.

As glasses don’t make intellectual person and blonde hair don’t make stupid woman, mustaches will not make man from you. But, some details can deceive people. What lawyers recommend to criminals when they come out in front of jury? Wear serious and decent clothes. Let your hair be smooth and tidy. Don’t put too much makeup, wear black or grey. Lindsay Lohan had this nerd look when she was in court.

Imagine victims of raping. Their lawyers will not recommend them high heels or short skirt in the court. Accord prejudices, they will be reserved and their clothes will be conservative.

You want to impress guy on first date?

For sure, your breasts will not jump out from the shirt, unless you  want sex for one night.

Or, your panties will not be visible when you cross legs.

Or you go without panties and wish to be taken seriously?

Some stereotypes can be useful, even you don’t feel as person you represent, it will help you to be step forward.

As in Canadian makeover show Style by jury, people will see side you represent. If you wear casual, untidy clothes, you will be rejected in some important events . If you are elegant person with good manners, door will be opened to you.

Stereotypes are chains, but you can use it to unlock secret gate. It will be fun to see some faces when you show that you are not so stupid as you look like.

Why women should not propose their partners?

Not everyone is thrilled by idea of marriage. Men especially want to prolong this time, until they can. One woman since death till us apart, that sounds terrified for many men. Especially when proposal did not come from him, man will think that he lives in nightmare.
Long relations are danger zone. After 5, 10 or even 15 years, woman will ask where is she standing. Or, where this relation goes? In kind of despair, woman will get an idea to propose his man, because he did not do this. I would say, don’t do this , ladies.
Here are 5 reasons why you should not propose your man.
He will feel as half a man.
You do his tasks? You took things in your hands? Well, be sure he will not be fascinated if you buy ring and ask him : “Yes or no?”
You will lost part of your dignity.
Every woman should know when to step back. This is in that case. Instead of force your man, back off.
He might say yes, but later this will be main reason for your conflict.
“This was your idea, not mine, remember?”
His friends, mother and his ex girlfriend could laugh to you.
This kind of things always swims out. Who proposed whom? If that was you, it will be subject of jokes.
You will lose this magic moment to make him in uncertainty.
So you will not see him what he really could do if he is afraid of losing you.
Women have vision about guy with ring who will crawl to propose them. It will not be always like this. Cool proposal, without much noise, is good way for every man who doesn’t want to sound as cuckold. Ask her is she ready to spend life with you, kiss her and wait for reply.
I understand women who were many years alone or in frustrated relations, until their friends got married. Always maid of honor, never bride. Well, you can make influence on this, but you need to know the way.
If you decided to make him rush with proposal, do it on next way.
Make it as joke.
Tell him, you look gorgeous in white dress and his mother adores you anyway. If he is silent, don’t force this conversation. He will understand the point.
Don’t go directly. Make it as indirect way to proposal.
Tell him that you got many compliments from colleague, but that you said him about your serious relation, which leads to commitment.
Make a sentence : “once when i will be married for a guy”, and wait his reaction.
Men are not blind. They understand hints and symbolic way. They pretend that they are dumb, but be sure your man knows what he should do. If he doesn’t do this, he has a reason, because he is not sure.
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What is the worst thing you can do?
This is proposal on internet. You can make yourself ashamed, because this is something what others see. It will not be erased so easy. Especially, if your man is someone you did not meet for real.
Leslie did this with Douglas. They met online, on chat. They had virtual relation for a few months, and she felt this is it. Leslie was single so many years, she had some failed relations before, and she was lady in certain ages, over 30. So, what can happen worse? She proposed him on his page. She thought, it will be cool and she will make an impression as independent woman. Ooops. Douglas said short yes, but after this, he did not talked with her. He became silent as someone who got punishment. He was little boy in the corner, terrified from his older teacher. Of course, he was younger than Leslie.
Remember, what is so cool for us women, is not the same for men. You might think you look as Cat woman, Lara Croft  or some other  action heroine who took things in her hands. In his eyes, you look as kidnapper. Someone who stole his power to decide. You deserve to go away from him.