Book for all women who lost hope in finding partner

You can find it here for symbolic price: I would appreciate review. I wrote this book , which is indeed collection of my best blog posts accord this topic, for all women who are not self confident. Lack of trust in yourself is the main barrier to find a partner . This book is […]

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How to deal with toy boy?

    Playing with feelings is very cruel game. Someone loves you, and you define path of this relation. So, it means, you will reply on message when you wish, you will date with person when you wish and you will break up when you wish. This is advantage when you love less or when […]

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Judge me by my outfit

How many jokes we heard about blondes? What is on our mind when we see Chuck Norris? That is beginning of every stereotype. Blonde woman is so dumb that if policeman stop her car and ask her identify card, she will look in the mirror and say “Oh, we look like twins.” Indeed jokes are […]

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