Do you forgive too fast?

Do you like to taste a victory? This sweet feeling when you know, you won the game. That means another side is defeated and now you can celebrate. Winners are many kinds, so you are a merciful or ruthless winner. If you are softhearted, that is not your advantage. That is your weakness. You might […]

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Did you meet a perfect jerk?

If you ask some women did they met Mr. Perfect, for sure there will be stories to tell. Who is Mr. Perfect and what he represents? Do you remember a guy who always has the most expensive clothes, fast car and all women are on knees, some of them are screaming when he appears because […]

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Play hard to get

You think that guy is so hot, but unavailable to you or at least you can’t keep him more than few days. Women will say play hard to get, but not everyone knows how to play that game in the right way. This is a big dilemma, will he understand our signs? It is not […]

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Every breath you take

You can’t hide real love no matter how much you try, because signs will reveal your secret. Also, you can’t pretend that you love someone if you don’t feel it , because sooner or later heart will expose your intentions. When friend asked me how she will know that somebody loves her, i said that […]

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Love and honor

Once upon a time there was handsome knight who fought for honor of ┬áhis lady. If someone insulted lady of his heart, he started a battle, with intention to win or loose his life. As time is passing by, we forgot values of honor. Nowadays we have different choices, and we will not ask our […]

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How to recognize your own hero?

Why women like heroes and why man fall on women in troubles? That is instincts from ancient times, when man was hunting beasts to protect and feed his family. Fragile woman waited him in cave with his children who were proud on their dad. Time has changed, but this phenomenon stayed as factor of attraction […]

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The impossible love choices

    Sparks are in the air and our heart made choice. Every romantic soul will say: “Listen the sound of your heart. Heart know the best.” The heart is not always wise and choices made by heart are not always in harmony with logic. We can fall in love as teenagers or mature persons, […]

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A cougar woman

He is the sweet and young guy, every muscle in his body is tight and hard. She still looks good, but easily you can see some wrinkles on her neck, her makeup cover lot of secrets and she is fighting with time. Young guy and older woman are trend couple. This slang word exists from […]

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