Did you meet perfect jerk?


If you ask some women did they met Mr. Perfect, for sure there will be stories to tell. Who is Mr. Perfect and what he represents?

Do you remember guy who always have the most expensive clothes, fast car and all women are on knees, some of them are screaming when he appears because he is irresistible? Also, he is son of his father, rich entrepreneur who has factory, firm or some private business and he has everything to be proud of?

The problem with such guys is because many of them think world is under their feet, and they just need to grab this. Thomas is son of familiar local gynecologist and when some girl would get pregnant with him, he sent her to father, on abortion. He is not ready to have family, yet. Thomas really get bored because everything is too easy for him, on the palm. Sexy women, lot of money, many opportunities for job, and he is dying for challenge.

Another story comes out from Andrew. His father has apartments on the sea, few coffee bars and Andrew doesn’t need to work, he is just having fun in one of that bars, by teasing poor waiters who work for him. Every weekend Andrew finds woman for sex, when she is enough drunk, he takes her into his flat, which is near bar. Another day, Andrew pretends that nothing happened and he doesn’t reply on phone calls. One day he finished in bed with Iris. She was not type of easy woman, she spent days in studying for a lawyer, but one exam was very hard and she was very stressed. She get drunk in Andrew’s cafe bar. They had sex and as usually, another day Andrew did not notice her. Iris was hurt and she cried a lot, she called him on phone, and he replied after many calls, with one sentence : “I am rich, i can do what i want, so leave me alone. “

After one month two guys, friends of Iris, visited Andrew in his favorite bar, to speak with him. One of them said : “Listen jerk, she got pregnant and you are the father. So if you will not speak with her i will break your nose. ” Andrew was in fear so he called Iris to ask her what is going on, but she did not reply on his call. He had nightmare because she was silent next days, and her friends were watching him from every corner. Finally, Andrew approached her in night club.

They talked and Irish said to him : “Listen idiot, i am not pregnant, but you are piece of shit and this is lesson for you to learn about respect. Now, get out from my sight, because i don’t want to see you never again. “

What money can’t buy is clear conscience.
Andrew was so perfect guy, handsome , rich, popular, but he did not see nobody else except himself. From that day, he started to think different, because he felt unpleasant. Something rock his perfect world. Until then, he was main star with fun club.

When we think that we have everything, someone will remind us that we still miss something, especially if we are so cocky, selfish and superficial. Egomaniacs forget that wheel of fortune is spinning, and some day they may be on the bottom. Will they find way out to the top again ?


Play hard to get

You think that guy is so hot, but unavailable to you or at least  you can’t keep him more than few days. Women will say play hard to get, but not everyone knows how to play that game on right way.
This is big dilemma, will he understand our signs?
It is not easy to play role of ice queen once when you fall in love in someone. When you don’t want someone, that is much easier.
When woman is not interested, her signs are obvious.
She doesn’t reply on messages.
She will find any excuse to reject your invitation for date.
She will not care about her outside look. Hair is not clean, dress code is casual, and socks are with holes, so who cares?
She will be surrounded with her friends. More female friends around her, the less this pest will annoy. She will create own wall.
She will be busy even with watching movie or reading boring book , just not to talk with you.
Game hard to get is more complicated. She is into you, but she doesn’t want to admit this. This is cold war. Guys will be confused, but often this game will give good results. She is something worthy of try. Relation with her would be very interesting.
Signs are next:
She will reply on your messages, but not immediately, with delay. 
She will talk with you and suddenly disappear from inbox because she wants to catch your interest. Or her cell phone will ring in the most interesting moment.
She will date with you, but you are the one who must call first after this date.
She will be sexy for you, pretty, elegant, accord occasions. 
She will be alone and focused to you. Her friends are not desirable when she meets with you.
When you start something new, this is risk on both sides. Men are afraid not to be ashamed or hurt by ignorance. They will risk pride and dignity, and rejections are not comfortable especially if guy get burned before. Women will risk their dignity and self-respect, especially if they accept sex and after that he disappears. Both sides can lose and win, depends on situation.
If you play hard to get, you may confuse your man, but at least he will respect you. If you call him all the time, if you follow him everywhere, and more worse, if you accuse him why he is silent from you, he will run very fast. Force and despair are the worst enemies of every possible romance. Man is hunter, and let he miss you. Where is she and what happened with her? Do i have competitor?
Some women will use old trick to be in company with handsome guys, just to make bigger price of their values. As in cave, the stronger man will get woman, when he uses paddle to beat competition. That is in human nature, our ego wants to feel special. If man says “Nobody wants me” he will dig his own grave. Indeed all women will chill out. Women don’t like to break the ice. Virgins and cowards are not desirable match.
No matter if you are man or woman, hard to get is always desirable game. That is in human nature, as people like to compete for better university, workplace , car or house, the same they will wish better woman or man.
As much we don’t want to admit it, love is kind of victory. Our heart won in that race. We got subject of our desires.

Every breath you take

You can’t hide real love no matter how much you try, because signs will reveal your secret. Also, you can’t pretend that you love someone if you don’t feel it , because sooner or later heart will expose your intentions.

When friend asked me how she will know that somebody loves her, i said that she must follow signs. 

Which are signs that somebody has crush on you?

He follows every your step and he talks much in your presence, just to be noticed by you.

He will tease you just to pay attention on him.

He will listen you even you talk without sense, because words came out from your mouth.

He will laugh on your stupid jokes.

If something is not alright with you, he will ask you what happened.

He is jealous on his competition, no matter are they your ex boyfriends or friends.

He wants to be in the same friend circle where are you, to make his approach easier.

Women will often make mistakes about words i love you. Such words are not proof of love if actions can’t support them. 

The most often misleads about love signs are next:

He said i am love of his life. Bullshit, especially if he says this at the start of the relation. This is too serious statement for someone who just met you.

He said bad words to my ex boyfriend. He broke nose to my friend. It’s because he loves me.

Violence and bad manners are not signs of love. That are signs of insecurity.

He talked bad and dirty about his ex girlfriend. It must be love.

If he talked nasty things about his ex girlfriends, you will be next topic. Next whore, slut or bimbo will be you.

He buys me so many things, and he doesn’t let me to pay his drinks or tickets to cinema and club.

When someone try to buy your affection, he wants to mark his territory. Later he will not let you to go out without him, in dress which he bought for you.

He said that i am the best woman he had in his bed.

Sex is not measure of love, because be sure he said to other girls before you , the same things.

He confirm everything what i say.

That is only sign that he has no attitude.

Couples in love will be noticed at first sight, even they are not kissing and hold their hands every time you see them

Harmony is like sun, it simply glows. Pamela and Sam often finished their sentences, they have common interests and they help each other with problems. They are not kissing in publicity like crazy, but when Pamela broke leg, Sam was every day in the market to buy food and make lunch for her. 

Theresa and Ted were working in the same office and they had debates all the time. They were always on opposite sides. But one day someone saw them after work, they were kissing in coffee bar. 

On other hand, Leonard and Rhoda were in long relation, but they were always quiet and formal. So after few years they separated. Leonard prepared this end for a long time, but he did not want to hurt her, even everybody knew that something is not alright. His eyes were always somewhere else, and Rhoda was alone in this relation. 

So, if you not sure is somebody return his feelings to you, look at his eyes and you will find answer. Men world is maybe cruel, because if he did not choose you, he can be rough. You will know that you are not this one, and don’t try to push him because you will cause disaster. At least, elimination of one choice always leads to others. 

As Stings sing : “Every step you make, every breath you take, i’ll be watching you.”

Be my Valentine

14 February, time to open your heart and let Cupid to hit you with love arrows. Hurry up and buy candies, roses, perfumes and all stuffs which can make your beloved partner happy. Imagine that you don’t buy gift and her friends got bunch of various flowers, how much your darling can be sad.

Someone marked this day as holiday of love. 

Sweetheart’s parade and opportunity for salesmen to earn money on romances. Open radio and you will hear songs as “I will always love you” (Whitney Houston), “Nothing compares 2 U” Sinead O’ Connor, and maybe some death metal band will make naughty sarcastic song about this holiday too.

If you did not see “Romance in Seattle” or “When Harry met Sally” now is a chance to watch this movies. Or you can see “Case of you” with Justin Long, sweet boring movie about guy who wanted to be prince charming made by wishes of his girlfriend.

Girls, prepare for surprise, that you will maybe not find red underwear in malls, because someone grabbed this before for this special day. Guys will run for red roses and chocolates in hope to get something special for this day.

Gary and Martin had this conversation last year.

Why you spent so much money on this perfume and roses?

– Because finally i have chance for sex with my girlfriend.

Red rose is good ticket to other’s bed. Bring bottle of champagne and you wishes can be realized. Also, if you had fight or breakup with your girlfriend, ask Cupid to help you with apologize. Every girl will check her inbox at Facebook to see how much messages she got.

Secret admirers are also welcome, who did not have guts to declare love during year, now is Valentine, and perfect chance to say what is in your heart.

Husband who insulted or slap his wife will also see chance in this holiday, so his wife with black eye can get bed of roses with promises. Next day her other eye can be black too, but why not to enjoy in Valentine?

If your name is Valentin or Valentine, you are the most popular person. You will be living legend and symbol of love.

Seriously, every day should be day for love

Show your love with acts, honesty and devotion. I think about men who have wife and mistress. They are in bad position. Which one will get a gift and when? And how about both? Poor man will spend a lot of money.

If woman has lover, also she should be present on both places, husband and lover. That must be very organized person. All in the sake of love.

Valentine has advantage, maybe free drinks or bonus gifts in markets? Maybe your boss at work will melt with rose in her hands, or you will see witch who did not get nothing from her workers?

Be careful this 24 hours. People show more than they wish. One rose can talk more than words and one candle can bring you message about intentions of your partner.

Relax and close your eyes. If your relation is real and stable, Valentine will not change this. In opposite, don’t blame this day for misunderstandings.

Love and honor

Once upon a time there was handsome knight who fought for honor of  his lady. If someone insulted lady of his heart, he started a battle, with intention to win or loose his life.

As time is passing by, we forgot values of honor. Nowadays we have different choices, and we will not ask our men to die for us. But together with past times honor became something old fashioned. Some men will think: “My woman knows how to defend herself, she is swearing and drinking more than me, so what should i do, to stay without teeth because of her? No way.”

What happened with feeling of dignity and honor? And why guys loose respect toward women in some situations?

Here are examples.

1. woman opens profile at social network.

If she is not traditional, big chances are to loose respect, to be invited on camera for striptease show or to be insulted. But different attitude  doesn’t means always that she wants sex or that she is promiscuous.


2. woman has sexy private video with her boyfriend, but when they split, jealous guy decide to publish that.

Nobody will ask is that private or only for him. Good example is Croatian singer Severina, someone stole her video with ex lover and she was subject of many public judgments and discussions. But everybody wanted to see.


3. in Saturday night young girls take bag with big bottles of alcohol and walk in the street without shame that someone can see them. Of course, guy will think about his chances  for one night stand.

4. too open and provocative clothes can also give wrong signs. Walking alone in the middle of the night in short skirt , so you get surprise when maniac is stalking you?

Women will get surprise if men will not stand to defend their honor. But it is not easy for a man if woman makes his position hard. If you want knight who will defend your honor, you must be worthy of his efforts.

It is necessary to understand man too. It was easy to defend lady from the castle, but to stand up for a rights of promiscuous women is really not easy task. This pressure is bigger.

Every guy has choice to make his own list of values. What is honorable and respectable woman for him? This is individual. Some guys will value women accord her past relations, others will not care about past, just about present and future.

One thing is for sure, feeling of respect and dignity is bonded with feeling of love. And that is a difference. If guy wants you for one night stand, he will not care about your dignity, respect or honor. The other day his duty is not even to say hello to you.

But if guy want you for a lifetime, or at least for serious relation, than you must think about your behavior, make compromises with him. The same as we don’t want guy who cry more than us, guys don’t want women who swears and fights more than them.

How to recognize your own hero?


Why women like heroes and why man fall on women in troubles? That is instincts from ancient times, when man was hunting beasts to protect and feed his family. Fragile woman waited him in cave with his children who were proud on their dad. Time has changed, but this phenomenon stayed as factor of attraction between genders.

Let me ask you something, women. Would you love guy who always save your back? Would you fall for friend who is here for you even you hurt him ? Would you start to get close with man who accepts your failures even others stay away from you?

Now the same question for men. When you see lady who constantly get into troubles and fight with windmills, is this attractive to you, at least that you want to get her into your bed?

Woman who stuck into troubles is indeed dangerous. She asks for troubles because she know that here will be always kind of guardian angel who will save her. She also enjoys in this adventure because she is adrenaline addict. Did you look on this way? Imagine girl who runs in high heels and fall . Imagine how she got late on bus and stuck in the traffic. Imagine how she pick wrong people who try to stab her into back because she gather lot of attention. Some will call her drama queen, but this kind of woman wants to find her place under sun. She is often victim of misunderstanding because only strong man will deal with her. It is easier to pick plain, boring woman who will not cause mess. Little trouble girl is causing mess, but also good show.

When Diane went to night club , she had intention to find her lover Peter. Things between them were not good a long time ago, so she wanted to face it with him. She found him on bar’s chair, in company with other woman. She started to talk with him, but he felt like in trap. Before 3 days he got laid with Diane, and now he is sitting here and drink with another woman. Diane did not want to stop this awkward situation, she started to talk with a woman. “Who are you and what are you to him? ” Other woman was shy and introvert, so she just said that she is a friend and left her place. After she has left, Diane took glass with drink and spill it over Peter. He was so furious that he almost slapped her. On the other side in this club, another guy watched situation. He knew Diane from before and he heard lot of rumors about her. His name was Arthur. They involved few weeks later. She was irresistible for him. The way how she was talking, walking and expressed herself was stunning for Arthur. Diane was also charmed by him.Arthur was very strong but also calm man. Rarely something would make him to lose control. He was listening Diane, and offered her advice. Also, he criticized her without limits. Diane was angry at first, but she realized Arthur was the right one. The one who make her calm and feel worthy, and the one who will not let her to get drown.

When you meet your hero, you will recognize him because he doesn’t care what others think or talk. He pick his woman and work on her to keep her. He likes challenges and he will kill the beast for you. Just to keep you , he will break fence.


Prince charming without tools


Once you met a guy who made your voice tremble. His kisses were the best you ever tasted, and he was realization of your dreams. You hold his hand, he buys you gifts and his words are poetry, suddenly you feel as you are on the top of the world. He was perfect, but your romance had black side.

That was story from fairy tale and Tracy experienced this. All her friends were jealous on her, they envy because Albert was really gorgeous and well mannered guy. When Tracy came grumpy on birthday party of her best friend Sally, she asked her:

Come on, what is going on with you? Troubles in paradise?

Tracy could not be quiet anymore , and she discovered her secret. Her prince charming Albert was bad lover. In fact, they just tried to make love, but every attempt fail. Tracy was six month in nightmare, because she felt like she is not desirable anymore.

Albert had impotence problems. He was angry and sad in the same time, and as time was passing by, he started to avoid sex with Tracy. It was like prison punishment for him, because he knew he will again be embarrassed, weak, all what every man is aware of. They talked, and little by little, Tracy found out his problem. He had sexual experiences only with escort ladies and prostitutes. Tracy was first normal woman he wanted to have sex, because he loved her and he respected her. But, he used to deviant skills in bed, and Tracy was not professional as prostitute. Albert separated love from sex, and indeed sex was something dirty for him. Why to make dirty such pure feeling as love is? They visited therapist to help them, and Tracy had much patience. Albert was indeed new in this world where sex and love are not separated, he need to learn that making love and feeling love are connected things.



Impotence is big problem for couple in relation. Woman will feel undesirable and she will be suspicious, and man will feel without power and without tools. Some couples simply doesn’t fit in sex and it can be reason for breakup.

There are more kind of impotence, because every guy can be in situation that he sometimes fail. 

What makes difference between temporary impotence and impotence? 

Sometimes, men will not feel hot. 

This are examples:

if guy is cheating his girlfriend with another woman, he can feel guilty and he can have problem in sex

– when guy is drunk, it can cause problems

– if guy is not experienced, he can have fear that he will fail, especially if woman has more experience

– when man don’t feel hot accord particular woman, simply because that woman is not attractive enough for him ( some men are sensitive and they will get cold if they don’t like woman body)

– dating with prostitutes can make different perception, as in Albert example

When man has health problems, as diabetes, it can cause permanent damage in his sexual life. Smokers are also in risk group. Accord scientists, smoking can make problems in blood wrists and it has influence on erection.

If you and your partner are not in harmony as lovers after long time of trying, what to do? Decision is only yours, and don’t let that others involve in your personal problem. He can take pills as Viagra, but it is question how much it can damage his health and this is also not natural instinct. Like you force man to desire you.

This decision is not about moral question, if you leave your partner because he is not good lover for you, this is your choice. 

Sex is as money. Only sex can’t make you happy, but if you are without sex long time, you will not feel happy too. Some women find lovers, others stay in such relations, and some simply leave to find man who will please their wishes. As quote says : Carpe diem – Enjoy until you can.