Why some life stories never end?

Some situations in life stay unsolved forever. Unfinished college, unhappy love relation, betrayal in friendship. Stories marked with words “to be continued” or “stay awake” are the most dangerous, because fake hope will fly over us, as stardust, without real value. Things we always wanted and could not get, the person who stuck in our […]

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Nostalgia is seductive liar

It was better before. I remember how we had fun and smile. These times will never come back. If you use any of this sentences, it means you are nostalgic. You regret for past times and you want jump into time machine to be there again.   Usually, people became nostalgic by ages. When someone […]

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Reality check and illusions

People use to say: “You live in illusion. ” “You need reality check. “ What is indeed illusion? Absence of real beliefs. Flying on cloud instead of walking on the ground. Too big expectations. Impossible aims. Reality check is cold shower, something what people need when they fly too high. There must be a difference […]

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4 steps how to be selfish

Selfishness is a trap without bottom. Everyone will fall into this seduced by own desires and wishes. The main difference is in control, how much are we able to resist and fight against this demonic feeling? Every human relation will consider selfishness as enemy. Mother can’t be selfish, friends can’t think only about their needs, […]

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He was temporary in your life

Knife in the back is the most painful tool of suffering. That is double scar: we are betrayed by someone who had our trust and we are fooled by our visions. Don’t blame yourself, you are not the first neither last who experienced this. Once i meet someone who gave me love, at least it […]

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