Are you loser between winners?

If you have mentality of winner, you will wish full taste of victory. In this case you are aware that victory is not just an opposite from defeat, this is indeed confirmation of your strength. If your rival is weak, injured and dead, if he lies on the floor, it is not funny to hit […]

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Did you meet emotional vampire?

Imagine that you are sitting in your favorite chair, in warm room and you are ready to watch your favorite movie. You have popcorn, coffee or juice and you feel relaxed after hard working day, and your beloved partner is next to you. Suddenly your cell phone rings and this is beginning of nightmare. Crying […]

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Reality check and illusions

People use to say: “You live in illusion. ” “You need reality check. “ What is indeed illusion? Absence of real beliefs. Flying on cloud instead of walking on the ground. Too big expectations. Impossible aims. Reality check is cold shower, something what people need when they fly too high. There must be a difference […]

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How to face it with treason?

Face it with treason is hard kick in the ass. That moment when you realize that trustful person is traitor, someone in your life with whom you share trust, confidence and give part of yourself is indeed mole, discovery of treason is great shock. That Caesar and Brut story can’t leave us calm. What is […]

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