How to get over a jerk?

  There is a quote: „Time heal all wounds.“ Well, this statement is only partly correct. The truth is life is going on and life circle is full of changes, but what missing in this proverb is the bad experience from past. In another hand, we must sow new plant on the problematic ground,  we […]

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How strong is your libido?

Do you feel excited today? If you feel hot, horny and you want only one thing with a special person, your libido is at the top and you are ready for the action. Even in 21th-century people are sometimes ashamed to say that they are horny because it could be wrongly understood. When the man […]

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How to get over the infidelity?

Love has the unpredictable ways and one of them is a curiosity. After some years with a partner, you look at that person with different eyes. Sparks are still here, but your cheeks are not blushing anymore when you want to kiss him, you will not grab his shirt and tear on small pieces every […]

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