Are you a supportive friend?

  A grumpy person is not a desirable friend. It is normal to be moody, but people who are constantly sad, angry or depressed are not welcome. If you pass a hard time, you will wish to be in company with someone who can make you smile. A cheerful friend will lift you up, and […]

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He is the loyal one?

When you meet a guy, what is the first thing you notice? His good look, his tolerance or his material status? A good-looking man will attract you at the first sight, but how long you will keep him if you realize that he doesn’t hold your side? Loyalty is one of the basic elements of […]

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Introducing my followers – part two

Today I continue to introduce my favorite bloggers who helped me with comments, reviews and collaboration. I am proud I met many talented people who inspired me and motivate for further progress. Jasmine P. Antwoine Indie author who writes science fiction, a poetry and novels. Many emotions in her books and blog, an interesting view […]

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7 threats in your marriage

  Once upon a long time ago, a beautiful girl got married for a handsome and rich prince charming. They lived in a fairy tale with adorable kids.  The princess was always beautiful with a gorgeous smile, and the prince could not take eyes from her, so he never noticed another woman. If you read […]

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Did you meet a perfect jerk?

If you ask some women did they met Mr. Perfect, for sure there will be stories to tell. Who is Mr. Perfect and what he represents? Do you remember a guy who always has the most expensive clothes, fast car and all women are on knees, some of them are screaming when he appears because […]

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How to face it with a treason?

Face it with treason is hard to kick in the ass. That moment when you realize that trustful person is traitor, someone in your life with whom you share trust, confidence and give part of yourself is indeed mole, the discovery of treason is a great shock. That Caesar and Brut story can’t leave us […]

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What we say in silence?

I am talkative person, but once when i get silent, i can be numb forever. With years i learnt about power of silence, especially in situation when someone hurts you. Before i thought that silent people are weak and fragile, and i underestimated silence as tool of cowards. Recently one person hurt me. We were […]

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Did you try to provoke jealousy?

Your beloved man is cheating you? Doesn’t he pay enough attention to you? Or, he is just passive and sleeps as Sleeping beauty until you wake him up? Here is simply cure, make him jealous. This is usual recommendation when you need to save your relationship. Also, this strategy works out if you are on […]

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