How to face it with a treason?

Face it with treason is hard to kick in the ass. That moment when you realize that trustful person is traitor, someone in your life with whom you share trust, confidence and give part of yourself is indeed mole, the discovery of treason is a great shock. That Caesar and Brut story can’t leave us […]

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Did you stuck in ghost relation?

After breakup, relation is dead. It doesn’t mean that feelings are dead. The same is with rejections. Just because someone rejected you, it doesn’t mean that you stop immediately your feelings for this person. In both cases, this is ghost relation. We are bonded by our addiction, sadness, broken ego, and it can’t have nothing […]

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How to get a girl?

Love doesn’t come by force. The main mistake which inexperienced guy can do is to push or force girl to date with him. That kind of guys are or bad mannered or violent and every girl will escape from them. When you like someone, imagine would you be happy to be with that person without […]

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