How karma works overtime?

Do you believe in karma? When something bad happens to the person you did not like, do you feel like you got an award? Many people afraid to confess that they thought bad about someone when something unexpectable happens, cause it is not nice to wish bad things to anyone. Just, some energy exists in […]

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How to face it with treason?

Face it with treason is hard kick in the ass. That moment when you realize that trustful person is traitor, someone in your life with whom you share trust, confidence and give part of yourself is indeed mole, discovery of treason is great shock. That Caesar and Brut story can’t leave us calm. What is […]

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Did you stuck in ghost relation?

After breakup, relation is dead. It doesn’t mean that feelings are dead. The same is with rejections. Just because someone rejected you, it doesn’t mean that you stop immediately your feelings for this person. In both cases, this is ghost relation. We are bonded by our addiction, sadness, broken ego, and it can’t have nothing […]

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Female rivalry

It is great to have friend and share all secrets, troubles and joy with this person. Such friend is indeed right hand and you will never feel alone. If you are lucky to have few friends of the same gender, you got the most wonderful treasure. Female friendships are really fragile gifts, as crystal glasses. […]

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