So called kindness

Use lovely smile and sweet words, talk kind and you are on the half way to get what you wish. Many times such behavior will make our view misty, especially when we reveal the truth. This woman was so sweet and kind, who would tell that she is indeed a bitch? That is in human […]

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Are you a heartless woman?

Feelings are not automatic buttons that we can press right ones to act as we wish in this moment. It would be good to press delete or shut down in some opportunities because it would spare us from pain. Modern woman will say: “I can make love with a man and after this, i will […]

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We could be immature forever

  Immaturity is not basically connected with ages. You can be serious and mature in 20, and foolish in 60. It doesn’t make difference how old you look, what kind of job you have or which is your position in society. Remember Silvio Berlusconi and his Lolita fetish girls. He is enough old to be […]

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7 bad habits at workplace

  When you hold key of your privacy, lock the door. In these modern times, when “Big Brother” and bunch of reality shows rape our privacy, real art is how to hide your intimacy from unwanted trespass. One of the most dangerous area is workplace. Have you ever experienced, that you bring your job into […]

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Hide your dirty secrets

  Human instincts are as wild animals, without control they will cause damage and danger. Sometimes words are faster than minds, and acts are faster than words. People who have power to control their basic instincts are masters of their life. What happens with the lowest human instincts?  What makes us different from animals? Your […]

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We are not in the same movie

Did you ever wonder why is so hard to find common language with some persons? Here is nice quote : “We are not in the same movie.” It happens on the first sight or during years, when people change their city, work, or they simply live in different circumstances. It is the same feeling as […]

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