Status: the bachelor

The magic of love connected them in few moments. Sparks are around this couple, and she felt that is time to settle down. She asked him an important question: “Would you like to marry with me?” Suddenly, fireballs stop to spread lights, and everything turns into ash. He is numb because he has no answer […]

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All shades of jealousy

That sting will pinch you right into your heart. Your beloved partner is staring at another woman, and she is young, sexy and stunning. How do you feel? You wish to slap him or to make her vanish? Simply, you will swallow this bitterness or you will make a fight with him? No matter how […]

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A forbidden love with a spouse

Many articles talk about women who fall in love with married men. They are considered as victims, delusional or marriage breakers. Words are not saved, so slut, whore or bitch is not rare name for mistresses. What happens when the situation is opposite? When a single man falls in love with married women, how society […]

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How we categorize people?

Society likes marks because it is easier to categorize people. When we ask for our identity, society offers us a label. For example: “old maid”, “reactive woman” or “divorcee”. Mistress, whore, slut, all that beautiful names for a single woman who is not married and did not give birth. Moral majority will offer us the […]

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